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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Davether


    • Sonic 1: Toggling 7 chaos emeralds and then playing through the game until you reach the 7th special stage naturally (A.K.A, not entering the stage through the level select), will often crash the game. Seems to only be an issue on the Switch version.
    • Sonic 3&K: activating the cheat code that changes the title and zone cards to only display "Sonic 3" will cause the game to crash if you enter the slots Bonus Stage. Again, seems to be only a Switch version issue.
    • Sonic 3&K: the 12th special stage (grey Super Emerald) rewards you a blue Super Emerald instead. It gave the proper grey one in the genesis original, so its definitely not intentional.
    Minor nitpick: The Sonic/Tails "all Super Emeralds" ending will show a brief scene of Knuckles looking up to Sonic and Tails in gratitude after they returned the Master Emerald to him. In Origins this scene uses the new turning sprites for Knuckles, but that means the iconic "smile" from Knuckles isn't seen anymore. Very trivial, but how else can the player know Knuckles is on good terms with them now :(
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    Knuckles' gameplay canonically takes place post-S3&K, and it's pretty obvious he's on good terms with him at the end of that. :V They save him in the Tornado and he smiles and gives them a thumbs-up before they fly off and send Angel Island into space.
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    I never thought that was him grinning more just staring off at them, which I feel like this new cutscene sprite better conveys
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    You're right; I just took a look at a sprite sheet for Knuckles and that "smile" sprite is actually just a part of his 360 turning childhood memories lied to me :argh:
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    He's still smiling, though. Knuckles looks quite happy in a lot of his S3K sprites. He either smiles or loses his mouth.
  6. A) The Sonic 1 crash you stated only occurs when you do a Sonic & Tails run (whether going for 6 or 7 emeralds), but yes this is a Switch exclusive issue that I reported to SEGA (no crash occurs for me on the PS4)

    B) The Sonic 3&K crash with the slot machine bonus stage and the Sonic 3 branding cheat occurs on all platforms (it also happened to me on the PS4) and I also reported this to SEGA.

    C) I did not really check the emerald when beating Special Stage 12 so I’ll be on the lookout for this one when going through Sonic 3 again

    Also I don’t really care for the Knuckles smile in the good ending.. it originally signified him just looking out at Sonic and Tails in the distance so that extra sprite work in Origins is much appreciated in my opinion
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    Thanks for the clarification! If I may ask, what's the best way to report these issues to SEGA? I feel like I am better off sending it over to them instead of just posting them here, specifically the issues that haven't been reported yet.

    There you go.. you just have to navigate a little bit to find the link to submit a request.

    You're going to get the generic answers from whoever replies to your tickets; for me, they actually requested that I submit 10 second clips of the crashes in question, which I did.

    I submitted 4 tickets total listing different bugs and gameplay oddities so here’s hoping that they take the feedback seriously for a future patch/update.
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    CORRECTION: The 9:59 Time Bonus IS in the game, it is just inaccessible in Anniversary mode due to the removal of the 10-minute time limit in that mode. I was able to obtain the bonus in Classic Mode.

    Between this and the lack of "I'm Outta Here!" In CD's Anniversary mode, it makes me wish we could play Classic Mode games in widescreen :(
  10. Well doesn’t it make sense that “I’m Outta Here” is not in Anniversary Mode considering, y’know, unlimited lives and no game overs?

    They really should have made that a toggle to play with limited lives in widescreen… perhaps in the physical version if there is one?
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    Still can't believe that sort of thing is hard locked to the game mode.

    But hey it's sega and sonic, like mixing oil and water at this point.