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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Retro_Stew, Jul 11, 2011.

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    I like how that Classic Sonic looks, good face on that fellow.
  2. I was at Walmart for the first time in ages yesterday and I spotted Good2Grow kids' snacks with separate Sonic and Tails toppers, as well as Kidrobot two-figure packs: one with Sonic & Knuckles and one with Eggman and Metal Sonic.

    I did not purchase any of the merchandise, but I did get pictures from all four sides of each thing as well as the top and bottoms of the figure packs. I'll upload the pictures to the wiki later when I'm in front of a PC; editing a wiki on mobile can be... challenging, to put it nicely.

    Edit: Okay, so on looking up Good2Grow's website they offer drinks with character toppers under the "Spouts" collection and a second set under their "Podz" collection that come in sealed pods. They also offer "Baked Oat & Wheat Snackers." I'd previously gotten a picture of a Sonic unit of the "Spouts" collection at a convenience store while travelling. Based on the website there should be Sonic and Tails variants of the Spouts (my previous picture was just the Sonic variant), Sonic and Tails variants of the "Podz" (haven't seen them in stores, but I also don't frequent stores that carry these), and Sonic and Tails variants of the snacks (I have pictures of these, I'm deciding how to name and uploading them now).

    While my pictures of the products on shelves are better than nothing, I do wonder if there's a source for higher-quality images? Good2Grow's website has a "collection" feature, but they want you to create an account and I don't plan on actually collecting these things.

    I'm also not sure how we want to classify the Kidrobot toys on the wiki? From a quick search we currently have a few under the "Merchandise" article, but from the talk in this topic I think maybe there's enough knowledge of these action figures here to warrant their own article? I just have the 90s McDonald's toys from my childhood kicking around, but them and "also other action figures exist" is the extent of my knowledge on the subject.

    Edit 2: Okay the Good2Grow thing is a whole rabbit-hole I'm going down. Created a Collector or whatever account and there are different rarities of the toppers. This feels weird since you can just see them in the store's cases and they're not obscured by foil or whatever like trading cards are? Anyway, they have higher-quality images of just the Spouts drink toppers so I'm going to appropriate those images for the wiki. There is also a section for the Podz, I may end up appropriating them as well. There doesn't appear to be one for the snacks so my "this is the product rotated to different angles on a shelf at a big box store" pictures may have to do for those? The Spouts toppers have rarer Knuckles and Shadow variants so it is possible that there are additional variants to the snacks beyond the Sonic and Tails ones.

    On to the vinyl figures, Kidrobot's website has a whole page dedicated to their Sonic offerings, their official product pictures are going to be much more useful on the wiki than my pictures of the products on the store shelves. I'll keep the pictures in my personal photo album in case this turns out to be incorrect at some point in the distant future. I may end up adding these to the wiki as well after I get the Good2Grow stuff sorted, but no promises. If anyone else is up to the task then feel free to start without me.

    Edit 3: Okay, the Good2Grow products are updated on the Merchandise page! I also grabbed images of the character two-packs from Kidrobot's site and ran then through a webp-to-png converter and I've added them as well.
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    I have all the Spouts toppers. Shadow too. Didn’t know any were considered rare. I’ve seen them multiple times.Also have 1 of the Sonic snack cups and 1 sealed POD that’s Knuckles.
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    I noticed they were selling these Easter themed classic Sonic toys in Target the other day:


    My wife collects novelty bird decorations based on each season and holiday, so I bought an Easter Sonic lmao. Do they do this for every holiday??? I'd genuinely like to collect these. They're cheap and inoffensive to decorate around the house.
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    They've only done Christmas and Easter. Easter is entirely new. Christmas of 2023 was a mix of new figures for that year and repackaging of some of the old 2022 Christmas calendar set.
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    I love the Egg Robotnik. Eggman? Eggrobo?
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    What does Super Knuckles have to do with Easter?
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    Don't you mean Knuckles with super powers?
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    I love that they made Super Knuckles merch completely by accident
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    Finally found the 2.5 inch Classic Knuckles yesterday at Walmart. I always found it strange how scarce he was in comparison to the other main characters, Classic or Modern. Without going for surplus prices online, at least.

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    I will say that they are ever so slightly different. Sonic is the same across both, but they switched Knuckles hat to red (instead of green) and Tails shirt to blue (instead of green)


    As much as I like the Jakks lines, they're also kings of figuring out the cheapest way to repackage something. Christmas Shadow is just Shadow with some "snow" on him.

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    I saw Rouge and modern Eggman in the check out lanes the other day, rouge was boxed which was my first time seeing them boxed which is actually unfortunate because it makes it hard to check for errors like the Amy with the wrong arm I got a while ago.