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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Dark Sonic

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    I mean the PS4 controller D-Pad seems good enough for me. But I'll be able to play with my Saturn controller soon enough. Who knows, maybe it'll arrive prior to launch. But with a physical bundle I can't be sure so if it comes to it, PS4 controller it is.
  2. I'll be sucking it up and playing with a 360 controller on Steam, unless I manage to pick up a Genesis-to-USB adapter or a Saturn one in the interim.
  3. Crappy Blue

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    I'll be playing with keyboard controls.
  4. Mania got me thinking... This'll be the first game in a long time that I'll be curious what the level select code is and what other codes and easter eggs might be hidden in it. 19, 65, 09, 17 is a long way back, but you know there's going to be something like that in here...
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    So, does anyone know if the Mania panel from SDCC is being streamed and what time would it be for U.K. fans?

  6. They've said that they aren't permitted to stream but that video would go up shortly after.
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    When is the panel actually? (UK here). It's this weekend correct? So roughly when will any news be dropping?
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    So Switch users are sorta' screwed then... The regular Switch Controller has signal intermittency issues, and the pro-control is inaccurate for platforming. At least I'm not playing on a keyboard, I guess...
  9. MykonosFan


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    Mania's panel is Saturday, 7:30 to 8:30 Pacific Time. I imagine there will be someone there livetweeting anything that happens. I've seen that they (SEGA) can upload a recording of the panel after at least 24 hours have passed, so if no one has shared anything by then, that's the earliest the rest of us will find out potentially.
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    Those nice-looking 8bitdo gamepads everyone gushes over have the same issue. It's baffling to me Nintendo would fuck up something so intrinsic to their DNA, especially when they got most everything else right on the Switch, designwise.

    I guess the good news, for me anyway, is that it turns out I actually really like the D-buttons on the joycons. For things like Tetris they're a step above even the best D-pad for precision. I should have a good time playing Mania with them. But I could probably play Mania on a Colecovision controller and still have fun. I got through Sonic 1 with an iPod click wheel, so the sky's the limit.
  11. qwertysonic


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    What is the best (or at least a good cheap) genesis to USB adapter? I have a genesis to gamecube adapter and a gamecube to USB adapter which have worked, but I'd like a real Genesis to USB adapter. Any suggestions?
  12. CollectiveWater


    Mayflash makes both the best Genesis to USB and Saturn to USB adapters.

    A Saturn controller with a USB converter will not work on the PS4, sadly. The only "simple" way to use a Saturn pad with a PS4 is to have a SLS Saturn PS2 controller (special Saturn pads made by Sega Logistics Service in the early 2000s which have a Playstation logo, select button, and PS2 connector) with a Brook PS2 to PS4 Adapter. But that would be costly as hell if you don't already happen to have a SLS Saturn PS2 pad--they go for $150-300 used.

    So if you don't already have a SLS Saturn PS2 Pad, then your best option would be to just buy a digital PC (Steam) copy of "Mania" (or wait for your Collector's Edition to arrive) and play with either a SLS Saturn USB pad (again, special Saturn reprint pads made by Sega Logistics Service in the early 2000s that have a direct USB connection to easily use with PCs--legit ones of these are even harder to find now than the PS2 one and go for around $80-200 used/new) or an original Saturn pad (Model 2 in the U.S. or the original Japanese model--these are easier to find for more reasonable prices, used) with a Saturn to USB adapter.

    Hope any of that helps y'all!
  13. Or just get a Hyperkin or Retrolink controller for ~$10.
  14. Josh


    Worth noting that neither of those issues are particularly widespread, especially the signal issues. There seemed to be a bad batch of JoyCons when the Switch first came out, but Nintendo's warranty will fix those, and newer pads have (as far as I've seen) been working fine.

    As for the Pro D-Pad, I've had one since launch day, played tons of Shovel Knight and Puyo Puyo Tetris with it, and never had any issues.
  15. I've heard the Mayflash adaptors recommended the most, so I'll be picking up at least the Genesis one before release, as I don't currently have any Saturn controllers anyway. (Though that may change before relase.)
    I've also never heard anything good about Hyperkin. Never had any issue myself with Retrolink though.
    For real. I'll be trying something like 20, 17, 08, 15 first, but I imagine it will be way more creative than that.
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    Well, Sonic 2 used Naka's birthday, Megamix used Tweaker's birthday, so I wouldn't be surprised if Mania uses 19 79 08 11 :U
  17. MartiusR



    I also would like to play... But I'm afraid that so far there was only confirmed that competition mode will be available locally (on Steam there are not present categories charactestic for online multiplayer, only "local multiplayer", "local cooperation" and "Split-screen").

    And I'm not going to take day off... Because 15th August is National holiday in Poland - lucky me :)
  18. Xiao Hayes

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    I need one of these (the Genesis ones), or else...

    I'll probably do this too, since...

    My XBox-like controller works worse with emulators than my 12 years old, non-Dual Shock PS1-like controller, and I suppose I'll notice this problem also with Mania.

    I won't be inmediately buying it though, I can't afford it right now and it's not essential to try the game, but I need it for everything else related to playing classic Sonic on PC. Meanwhile, with Mania, I'll try everything I have at hand (see above :v:).
  19. LewiG


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    Modding game controllers to be self contained gaming units.

    When I modded my Mega Drive controllers to be usb I used a website called retro

    I was able to solder an old controller with their chip.

    See my video

    However an easier way would be to get this adaptor and you can use a 3 button or 6 button controller :)/>/>/>
    Genesis usb adaptor
  20. Dark Sonic

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    Here have some live Studiopolis
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