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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Jason


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    One minor piece of critique ? calling a composer terrible. Tee Lopes has consistently done great work for years. I just think it sounds better just a little slower.
  2. LukyHRE


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    I am still waiting to hear the full song :colbert:/> All we have is this little snippet. And imo is even better than Sonic 3's miniboss music.
  3. /dev/sr0


    Same. It's amazing.
  4. Not on board with calling this theme better than MJ's Sonic 3 boss theme, but I will say it is great enough to be to up for consideration.
  5. VectorCNC


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    Well, I've been really curious what sort of rituals or set-up you all will have for the first time you sit down and play the game?

    Personally, being as the game drops on a Tuesday, I'm considering either clearing my schedule for Wednesday, or else waiting to play it until Friday night. Then, I'm going to buy some extravagant desserts from this french bakery nearby, smoke some sativa (pot), set the lights just right and diffuse some scented oils. I don't want anyone else around accept maybe my husband so I have someone to point stuff out to...

    Oh ya, just remembered I have a pre-trial in a lawsuit against McDonalds on August 14th, so with any luck we will settle, and August 15th will be like my life hit the lottery! :v:
  6. I thought there was something wrong with me for not being mega hyped with Mania's music like everyone else seems to be (I certainly don't think it's bad, but nothing really stood out for me so far), but seeing now that the S3 mid-boss theme is also highly regarded by many just made me realize that we probably have very different tastes for music. I really don't care for S3's mid-boss theme (I actually kinda dislike it), but I absolutely LOVE S&K's mid-boss theme!
  7. Laura


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    I bet none of Sonic 3's music was actually by Michael Jackson. Far more likely that his team essentially composed all the tracks once he walked away from it early on.

    I'm not actually sure when he walked away from it :v: . But I think it's more likely his team had more input than a lot of people let on.
  8. Crappy Blue

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    Pretty sure she's talking about something else.
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    Doesn't the inclusion of Stranger in Moscow pretty much confirm his involvement? I see where you're coming from, it's likely his influence was less than many presume, but I think he had at least some input, given the similarity of his later releases to the Sonic 3 OST.
  10. Mr Lange

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    I'd say that's a pretty accurate representation of our reaction to Sonic Mania. In fact it's more or less how Sega depicted what our reactions would be in their advertisements.
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    Speaking of the HBH team, where is the complete picture? I honestly thought we'd see this before hearing the music. This needs to be revealed!
  12. Sid Starkiller

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    As of right now, my days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays, so if I don't get the new job I applied for I would have all "weekend" to play. Maybe I'll finally open my Sonic Nendoroid and have it watch.

    That's about all I can think of.
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    As soon as it's installed on my Switch, I'm bringing that thing to my living room, giving my younger brother (who has been my second-player-Tails for years) a joy-con, and playing through the whole thing in one sitting like we don't have save files.
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    I'm gonna be taking the day off for it. I've never taken a day off work for any game until now.
  15. LukyHRE


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    Same here. I had similar hype for Homeworld Remastered, but didn't take the day off. Don't know if I will take tuesday or wednesday, though. I still gotta go to a night lecture both days, so thats a shame for me, unfortunately.

    Any word on the exact release hour? Would be cool to know, I want to prepare myself to play this as soon it launches.
  16. The semester will not have started yet, so I'll be sitting at my desk littered with Sonic goodness and some herb day one on my pc. I fully intend to clear the game at least once on Tuesday the 15th. The new and improved Sonic 2sday.

    I'm willing to bet that at least the iconic mid-boss theme was composed/overseen by Michael. How far along he got into other compositions, aside from the credits that became Stranger in Moscow, is certainly a mystery though. So I would agree in chalking up many of the compositions to MJ's team instead of the man himself. Oh how I wish we just knew the full truth of the matter.
  17. I'm taking the day off too! Anyone wanna do "Competition Mode" assuming it's online?
  18. Linkabel


    Also, if you didn't watch the stream yesterday and saw the merchandise news.

    We're getting a new Mania shirt each week till the game comes out. One already came out this week.

    Another thing is that we might get something Mania related that's not clothing on the start of August. Maybe something like the soundtrack or toys, posters would be cool.
  19. NoNameAtAll


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    Oh no, I have to disagree. We'd be over-analyzing it regardless.
  20. Ravenfreak


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    Thankfully I already get Tuesdays off so I don't have to worry about that. :P I'm somewhat tempted to take the whole week off just to enjoy the hell out of Mania, and play as all three characters and maybe 100% the game. I have plenty of PTO I can put in, it'd be awesome to take a paid vacation just to play a video game. :v: