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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. It's actually real. Oh my god, that's hilarious. Hands-down the best layer manipulation trick in the series
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    If the retro engine worked well on 3DS we would have the amazing Sonic 1 2 and CD ports on it by now.
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    They do. Both New 3DS and OG 3DS. I think their lack of availability the 3DS is less to do with the engine and more to do with the M2 3DS ports of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 already existing. The Sonic 1/2 remasters were only also allowed to be released on mobile games due to the Nintendo partnership deal.
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    Oh shit, so it exists but we can't have it. That is such a damn shame. The Taxman/Stealth remakes are the best versions of those games imo. The only issue is the touch controls and having it on 3DS would fix that.

    They still have a chance to get those games on the Switch and I'd totally buy them again. Maybe lump them together into a pack including that S3&K remake that Taxman showed off a while back.
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    You made me check.
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    look on the bright side, we're getting a switch version, and with the switch Mania is both a home and portable game.
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    Don't know if this was posted yet, but this is pretty interesting. There's a brief moment where the level select screen pops up, and we can see that Flying Battery appears to be in between Studipolis and Mirage Saloon. Perhaps the level distribution's more intriguing than we first thought. We might get a brand spanking new zone earlier in the game than anticipated. Also, it shows off a lot more of Act 1 (mostly the lower route), and while there's noticeable pieces of layout from the level, there's also a ton of surprisingly new things. It also looks like the Metallic Madness pipes are now standard addition for the level.
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    Stimil Rc.

    I know that route was supposed to be hidden, but I'm really not a fan of how they put an unavoidable booster right before the split. The player has to go against the direction the game is shoving them to even have a chance at noticing the other path. Plus, that wall looks no different from several other impassable walls, at least going by that map.

    That's actually something I'm not fond of in older games. If just making a wall look different is too obvious, I'd rather go through a tricky platforming sequence or solve a puzzle than stumble upon an obfuscated path by blind luck or counterintuitive behavior.
    There's technically also pocket gaming PCs like the GPD-WIN.

    Even if I had a Switch, I'd still want Mania on the 3DS. While I'm willing to buy handheld versions of digital only multiplat games to complement the PC version, I can't see myself using the Switch as a handheld very often.

    Now that I think about it, I'm sort of surprised that amiibo support isn't a thing for either of these games.
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    I've mentioned this before, but I definitely would love to see a 3DS port at some point, even if it's post-launch (to get the most purchases out of the big platforms before releasing on the smaller one with a decent amount of easily-enabled piracy).
    I'm already sorta planning to double-dip and get both the Switch and PC versions, but I'd probably triple-dip for a 3DS version, honestly.
    If nothing else, I'd triple dip (after iOS and PC) for a 3DS port of Sonic CD too, frankly. I can understand not doing Mania, 1, or 2 (because of the M2 ports), but CD would probably be really easy money... Just saying.
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    Because of the exclusivity deal, I thought they would have wanted to release the remasters on the 3DS (in place of the M2 ones), especially as making the M2 ports was no easy task.

    Out of interest, do we know if Mania (or Forces) will have stereoscopic 3D? Sonic Team included for Generations, but they seem to have stopped using it after that (outside of the M2 ports).
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    That's the point. It's a reward for avoiding automation and exploring.
    Yes it does.
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    Stimil Rc.

    But the player has to arbitrarily decide to do so at that point. The wall the player would have to go behind is out of sight when they would have hit the booster. Expecting the player to go against the automation to explore every time they have the opportunity to is akin to expecting the player to bomb every possible surface in a Metroid game just in case there's a hidden path or item. Later games improved on this by giving the player some sort of indication that there was something near by to give them some incentive beyond "If I do this every time, I'm bound to find something!".

    Despite my complaint, I'm not all that bothered by it since it's essentially a shortcut intended to strip the game of its difficulty.
    Well, maybe I'm just an idiot. Since I couldn't tell what makes it different going by the map alone, could you point out what makes the wall look different from the others? The wall everyone is referring to is indicated by the number 4 on the map, is it not?

    Edit: Wait, I just now noticed the difference between the fake walls and the solid ones. Guess I really was just being an idiot.
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    sonic breaking the 4 wall
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    Falk, any chance of an OST release after the game comes out?

    Even if it's digital, would be nice to have those in flac!
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    I can't answer that.

    Try asking Sonic social media.
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    It is different, but...


    What a troll it was.
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    I think I visited that path once or twice, maybe with Knuckles the only time I played Sonic 2 as him. I think i was really surprised by my discovery and I neither remembered it nor tried again to find it. It's a troll wall, indeed.

    However, I used to play like that 20 second video (sans the ghost ramp crossing); I thought it was the only nice way to get through that, and it made the ascension much easier because there was no under water physics that way.

    I also don't understand the guy complaining about the pipes, they helped me finding additional paths and led me to find the way to change route when in them. You know, you could use the D-pad on those twisting machines midway of the pipe paths to take a secondary route. I used to enter a direction pushing frenzy, though, as I never knew which direction was the right one or when was the right time to do so. :specialed:
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    You can't control the direction of the pipes in CPZ, they're driven by the second counter in the timer: you take a path on odd seconds, you take the other path on even seconds.

    Also, I never knew about that path in the regular game, but I was forced to find it during one of my playthroughs of Knuckles' Emerald Hunt because there was an emerald up there. I'll be honest, though. I had no idea on how to get up there, and I had to look at a level map.
  19. I would throw money down right now if a physical OST for Mania was announced.
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    Retrace his steps. It's real.