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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    The original content in this level looks so cool that, in my opinion, it's a real shame it had to be Green Hill-themed rather than its own original thing.
  3. big smile

    big smile

    Agreed, the new background elements are so unbelievably gorgeous, but the reused Green Hill foreground elements stand out and spoil the immense beauty of the stage (I know the Green Hill assets have been redrawn, but they look too much like the originals).

    Sonic Team always seem to find way to sour the expeirence and I fear that their instance on including old bits is going to be the weak part of Mania. However, I've got full faith in Taxman and Stealth. Plus we haven't seen much of the game and I'm hopeful that their will be some feature that will prove including old elements is the right decision.
  4. Sean Evans

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    I dunno, that's personally what I like so much about them. With all of the tired recreations of Green Hill that have done nothing but slap "updated" versions of the original on top, seeing a new side of the level like this really reinvigorates the spirit of the stage to me. Like it's a part of Green Hill that we've never seen, and are just now taking time to explore. The fact that they managed to beautifully compile pretty much all of the original Zone in the first act really helps the feeling of a more expanded world. I don't think stuff like this would work as well if it wasn't Green Hill, since most of it works off of the established aesthetic of the level to begin with. That's part of why I didn't really have a problem with the older levels coming back, I was hoping they'd work some magic on them like this.

    The unfortunate side of this is that everyone outside of the fanbase isn't going to get it or really care, and will probably end up classifying it as a rehash. Which sucks, but I don't really care to much about, seeing as this is really going to be popular among the community anyway.
  5. Pengi


    Looks great! Guess they weren't really going for a cave setting after all.

    A couple of weird things though:

    What is going on at 3:23?

    And I don't like it when the Moto Bugs overlap. You could do things like that in debug mode, but the real gameplay tended to avoid it.
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    Sonic is running on the burning bridge as it is falling apart there.

    Also, keep in mind that the game is unfinished and that stuff is subject to change. Especially obviously unfinished bits and the more noticeable glitches/bugs.
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    I think it's some sort of bug when two motobugs are spawned instead of 1.
    Saw this two on numerous occasions in Green Hill
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    In the same area in GH act3 of the original version of Sonic 1 there are two motobug badniks close together. This is also the case in the Sonic 1 mobile remaster. So surely it's not a bug.

    The fish badnik which swims horizontally in the water section in act2, is it from Sonic 1 8-bit or is it an unusued badnik or a completely new design?
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    Here's hoping that these early builds are held onto by Taxman and company, for someday they will be interesting to look back on and compare to the final version of the game . XD
    (10 years from now: Oh look ! !! That level had a different background in build (date here) of the game, WOW ! ! ! * Posts random screenshots* )
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    Really looking forward to Sonic Mania! Everything shown looks amazing, so I can't wait to see the other stages! I personally was a bit skeptical about there being more remixed stages than new ones at first. However, Green Hill Zone Act 2 looks quite interesting, and GHZ is still the "tamest" of the levels. I also hear the ratio will be 60% remixed stages and 40% new ones, which is pretty good, if true. So yeah, I have no doubts Mania will be good.

    The only thing I can say I dislike is the Collector's Edition. It seems to come with very little (heck, the Freedom Planet IndieBox came with way more) and doesn't even include a manual or physical copy. I may still buy it just so I can have it, but I'm not too sure.
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    Hard boilerplate heavies. Sorry guys, I don't like nitpicking this game, but I'd been wondering if they'd really have the time to come up with 7 or more totally unique designs for every sub-boss like S3K did- evidently not. I do love Egg Robocop's illustration, but here's hoping the new zones aren't all just getting stuck with Classic Egg Pawn reskins. You can only cut so many corners before Sega's benevolence and goodwill in trusting fans with their flagship franchise starts looking like the sort of cashgrabs we're used to.

    That said, the level design in this game continues to impress me. Who on the team is largely responsible for these layouts? A lot of those ziplines are egregious time wasters, but the object placement allowing for things like that chainbounce gif, the little ambush with the two buzzbombers stacking up at the lip of a halfpipe, and the justification for the new pools of water with alternate routes for the fire sheild are all really exciting.

    I was THIS CLOSE to attending PAX this year, but my job threw a major assignment at me and fucked my schedule up completely. A friend had spare tickets to sell me and everything. If I thought we'd be getting a new Mania build I would've just skipped work regardless.
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    From what I can tell, it looks like the Hardboiled Heavies will probably be Mania exclusive levels only, seeing as we already know Greenhill's subboss isn't a Hardboiled Heavy.

    Though it would be an interesting nod to S3&K if they're Knuckles exclusive. :specialed:
  13. Drex


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    Check out thus at 3:33, Sonic loses his fire Shield immediately after hitting a 1-up box. From then on the amount of individual rings he collects is doubled until the player jumps into the spikes.
  14. Stealth


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    It's just an object placement issue; there were a few ring objects stacked directly on top of each other in that region probably due to some copy/paste stuff. The player's loss of shield and rings before and after "the effect" becomes apparent are entirely coincidental

    You might notice that after taking the ceiling curve and moving back to the left, the ring count suddenly becomes odd whereas it was even before- "one" of that set of rings was 3
  15. Hukos


    I have nothing to say about the game that hasn't already been covered to death (ie. it looks amazing) - but I have to wonder if Sega is going to announce the game's release date anytime soon? I'd love to give y'all my money but you know :v:
  16. Sappharad


    People have already complained about Aaron claiming the genesis games ran at 30fps, (he probably should have been more specific and said something like the animations) but has anyone pointed out the fact that he now says 2017 as release instead of Spring 2017? Doesn't matter too much since we'll probably know more during next week's presentation, but I think it'll probably be delayed.
  17. Spanner


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    Well he did say that the developers were getting as much time as they need so if they can't make the Spring deadline then that's what's happening. It's better to delay the product and refine the game instead of putting out a rushed buggy mess which used to be the case with many games before. After all, plenty of bugs have already been found in these demo builds, so more time may be needed in order to fix them.

    SEGA have clearly learned from their past mistakes, otherwise Mania wouldn't even be a thing.
  18. The thing about that though is that one would think they wouldn't want Mania and Sonic 2017 coming out at the same time, as it's entirely possible for one to overshadow the other.
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    This has made me more hyped for Mania than anything else. I love bounce chains like this. It forces the player to actually use their game knowledge to keep the chain going, and it's a very fluid and fun way to platform. Much better than just mindlessly spamming the jump button in homing attack chains.

    Hopefully these are peppered throughout the game in big quantities.
  20. Andrew75


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    The chains are something that I find very important! In fact I have been using them in AXSX in much the same way. Anyways I never knew you could chain off a spring, is that new or has that been a thing?