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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Ok now that's just awesome. Both things. GHZ Act 2 looks great (although I think I saw a tree floating, that didn't make sense). Being able to burn that spike bridge with the fire shield is a lovely touch. And the modified EggRobo is fantastic. Of course the GHZ Act 2 video has to stop right before the boss though (even in this video below) :v:/>/>

    Yay new things!

    EDIT: That glitch where you run through a spiral from right to left still exists in this build.

    EDIT 2: You can run on the flames from the burning bridge in some strange ways as well (3:20 of the commentary video).
  2. Guhhhh GHZ act 2 is hot fire. And act transitions. Yass
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    Hm, same music. I was really looking forward to hearing an Act 2 remix. Music is often among the last things to get finished, so I'm hoping that it's just not done yet. (We saw that with Big Arm and Mushroom Hill 2 in Generations 3DS.) Everything else about the S3&K structure - the best one IMO - is back (mini bosses, seamless transitions, new gimmicks and background in Act 2, hidden special stage entrances) so that'd be a real missed opportunity.

    Everything else looks great! I can't wait.
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    About that:

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  5. Well there it is. Mania confirmed to be perfect sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles
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    It's been confirmed before now that Act 2 remixes are in - presumably the remix for Green Hill is either unfinished or just not implemented in this particular demo build to save the surprise.
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    Aaron, did you really just say that the Genesis classics ran at 30fps? You of all people should know this is wrong.
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    Fantastic. I figured that was the case, but the confirmation is a relief.
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    Oh my god, water is no longer global. There are actually pools of water! I was astonished by this.

    Also, the art. The level art, the fireball art... it's just beautiful.

    EDIT: In the commentary at 2:26, Aaron confirms some of the art is a reference to prototype content, as an easter egg.
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    You said Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the PS3, all I was saying was that Sonic 3 & Knuckles technically doesn't exist on the PS3. You're free to criticize me for being pedantic or ignoring your main point (though I see Covarr has beat you to the punch! =P), but that was all my post was referring to. ¯\_(?)_/¯

    On a more serious note, you won't get any dispute from me from the latency / quality of the Backbone ports. I think the fact they weren't able to get the lock-on stuff working on SUGC says a lot about their craft....even the Sonic Classic Collection for the DS, crappy as that port also is, got that right....

    OT: Green Hill Act 2 looks amazing. Really love how the background in particular, when you continue moving upwards, reveals the whole level isn't underground and has mountains. The level design really open-ended too, with the assorted platforms and springs. Hearkens back to the style of more "playground"-ish level design of Sonic 2 that you IMO don't see much in Sonic 3&K.

    And wow at all of the neat little additional touches. The rotating log of spikes burning when you have the flame shield (believe it was hinted in the PS Magazine preview, but still cool to see), the hidden barrier wall that can be busted through with the air dash, and the pockets of water near the second act (and echoing LukyHRE's amazement that water is not global). Just incredible to see.

    The Hard-Boiled Heavies (that name, reference to the Heavy badnik from Chaotix?) also look great, can't wait to see a Studipolis Act 1 boss of that Heavy Gunner in action. Really digging the new artwork in particular, it fits right alongside artwork from the Genesis era. I really hope we'll see more artwork for Mania in that vein from the artist.


    FourScore64 pointed out on Twitter the mountains in Act 2 are actually based on the mountains in the background from the lost Sonic 1 Tokyo Toy Show prototype.


    This game, man.
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    Sonic has an after-image when he gets the speed shoes, but there's no after-image when he goes onto the zip-line, regardless of the speed shoes.


    Also, the music should be dampened when entering water like it does in Generations (and my hack Sonic 2 Recreation, but that might be personal preference =P).
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  13. Blue Blood

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    The lower part of the background in GHZ2 really reminds me of the mountains in Utopia. Probably a coincidence considering they're both adaptations of the same source material, but cool nonetheless.

    And as always, looks bloody fantastic. Release date can't roll around soon enough.
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    Do not want, do not want, do not want. I want to listen to the tunes without some low pass filter over them when taking a dip.
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    Wow, I absolutely love the art in this game! I'm really loving everything that I'm seeing and hearing. I love the fact that they are taking Beta elements from the games and utilizing them in some fashion. Those Act 2 mountains look absolutely beautiful. I love the assorted little details in the background and I love how Act 1 ends in a cavern and Act 2 starts in the cavern and then you pop out of the ground into a whole new background with mountains. It really does give the player the feeling and sense that they are traveling through some location. I love that they took all of the best elements from the classics and put them into Sonic Mania. You can see all of the heart and soul that was put into this game. It's really turning out more and more amazing with each new reveal they show. This truly looks like a Sonic game that was made for the Sega Saturn.

    I like that we have level transitions, Big Rings, and Act 2 remixes like in Sonic 3. I also really like the zip lining gimmick. The level design is really nice too, I can see a lot of fun routes to take and I love how there's actual areas with water in Act 2. I wish we could have seen the sprites for Tails swimming. Seeing how nice Act 2 looks for Green Hill makes me really want to see how the other re-imagined stages are going to look in their second Act's. I also love how you can now burn those spike logs to reveal new paths and secrets. There's so many nice details and little touches in this game.

    I also love the new Egg Robo's! It's funny, over in the Sonic Twitter Topic I was thinking the artwork preview was either Metal Sonic or another type of robot but Egg Robo was the last thing that I was thinking. Now that Twitter comment really does make perfect sense. Egg Robo Cop is the most perfect thing I've ever seen! Lol! :) I love all the creativity in this game! I can't wait to see the Hard Boiled Heavies in action. I also really love that name! I also like hearing that boss fights in Sonic Mania are going to be a little bit different and possibly more challenging. It changes things up from the original classics that we are so used to playing. I also really love the new classic styled artwork for the new Egg Robo's! I really like how they can mimic the same art style and painting style as the original classics. I can't wait to see more classic styled art for Mania! If one didn't know any better, they could think that Sonic Mania was a classic 90's game. I can't wait to see what they show off on the 16th. I have a feeling that it's going to possibly be either the Special Stages, Green Hill Act 2 Boss, or Studiopolis Act 1 Mini Boss - The Heavy Gunner. I also really love the music theme for the Speed Shoes. It sounds very Knuckles Chaotix-ish to me.
  16. After what we saw so far, is there any reason to be still worried about the release of Mania?

    If such transition of acts will be applied to every classic zone, I think the word "rehash" should be ultimately turned down. This makes these zones fresh nevertheless.

    I wonder if each zone will have individual "palette" for their underwater section, like Genesis did.
  17. big smile

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    Oooh!! The backgrounds in Green Hill Zone 2 are beautiful. So much so, that I kind of wish the foreground elements had also been changed. But I've got full faith in Taxman and Stealth and I am sure the finished game will be awesome.
  18. I fucking love this.

    This Green Hill reminded me a bit the 8-bit Green Hill zone from Master System. I guess the main reason was the pool of water.

    I'm curious about that Studiopolis mini-boss too, and I wanted hear the mini-boss once again.
  19. I suppose it's still kind of awkward for me to hear the S3 Extra Life theme in Mania, considering I'm so used to everything from S3 being verboten.
  20. Blue Blood

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    S4 used the S3 1up jingle, act the Act Clear jingle has stuck around almost consistently too.