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Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Ignoring that, the games just aren't sustainable for a big budget film; Ratchet and Clank had a whole ass movie based on its 1st game, and even if you want to argue the details it missed from the original, the end result is that the movie tanked. The movie that we want for Sonic doesn't necessarily mean its a movie that everyone else will like; I know its hard to think outside of own little bubble, but you gotta remember we're not the only individuals who like this series.

    There are multiple versions of Spider-Man, Superman, and almost every other comic book character. You wanna argue about divergent versions of the same character, Comic book heroes have it worse than Sonic ever will. At some point you just gotta accept that different people are gonna like different versions of the same character regardless of how you feel about it. Don't think there weren't Mirage TMNT fans who weren't mad that the 80's cartoon is what everyone knows about, but guess what, they had to hold that.

    So if movie Sonic is popular, then you gotta accept that.
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  2. Josh


    I agree. An adaptation has to be careful with how it weaves in iconography without alienating audiences. Make them significant within the plot, don't take for granted that the audience will be familiar with them, and don't resort to conveying that information through exposition. I think (end of first movie spoilers)
    Tails' cameo is a perfect example of acclimation done RIGHT. Most audiences will know he's Sonic's sidekick. But his intelligence and tech wizardry haven't existed in every continuity, and aren't nearly as well-known regardless. So the first thing he does is pull out a fancy high-tech gizmo and say, "I found him," the implication being that he did this himself. For fans, this personality is right in-line with expectations. It's fanservice, but it serves more than just that. If someone walks in with absolutely no idea who Tails is, this effectively and succinctly conveys it. It's a fantastic scene.
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  3. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Spoiler tag to not ruin the scene I'm gonna comment to a potential watcher who could enjoy that very moment as much as I did:
    That moment when those guys dare to call him "Modern" was brilliant not only for the fun of it, but also because it had some "timeless" trait: if you're a classic Sonic fan who hates 21st century stuff, the insult is right there, but, if you're a modern Sonic fan, you can see those guys as the usual classic fans spitting on your 3D games. While you may argue is not good to throw more wood to that fire, I actually think having that moment serves to give some relief and approach it as some friendly rivalry instead of a war between different factions of the fandom.

    That aside, I'm ok with Sonic being a bit generic in the film if at least he still sends a similar message as a hero, same for Robotnik. I agree Sonic is usually more self-confident and a wandering soul, but it's not like he doesn't explore the place he's living in or the surprises the road gives him, and he's quite overconfident dealing with his very first badnik enemies. I mean, it's not the Sonic we'd want, but doors are not closed to get to that point. Let's see what happens with the sequel, and let's hope he was carrying the chaos emeralds all the time with himself to excuse the Flash clone thing, which was the part I could hardly bear with (not just because it's something he hadn't before, but also because his speed would have been enough excuse to lead to some incidents and attract government's attention without adding anything else).
  4. BadBehavior


    Basically this. Modern audiences are gonna look at the stuff we're familiar with like the Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic and the Death Egg and think "wtf is this shit?" Or think that they're just blatantly ripping off Dragon Ball & Star Wars respectively.
  5. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Which they did. XD
  6. Dek Rollins

    Dek Rollins

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    What scene is that? I don't remember anyone calling him "modern." Unless you mean the part in the bar where the guy calls them "hipsters."
  7. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Yeah, I meant that moment before they start fighting. I bought it on DVD when it came out and I've confirmed it the word swap between dubs.
    So it was some "lost in translation" thing. Such a shame... I guess that makes the spanish dub better than the original, then. :V
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  8. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

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  9. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Limited Collector's Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital + Exclusive Mini-Posters) released ‎November 24, 2020:

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Bonus Stage Edition Steelbook (4K UHD + Blu-ray + Digital):

    Seems this new one only has two new things to it? Outside of it being a steelbook.

    I'm not buying this a third time. Though I guess if you've never bought it before this is the one to get as it combines the first two releases with three new items.
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