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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Pretty sure that the Switch is completely region-free in both carts and downloadable content.
  2. I still owe Team Mania $40. I pledged before this game released that I would buy three copies for support. Since I am absolutely positive that they track and listen to every word I say and/or type, I am deeply sorry and do not intend to further disappoint :eng101:

    I just don't have a console system yet. I had to wait 2 weeks for the PC release (that was painful) but still think I'll own a PS4 and Switch at some point. Since I'm visiting family out of town for the holidays, I'm going to buy another copy for my brother's PS4 when I get there. And If a physical release comes I'll get that too. I want to spend at least $40 more on this game. Including the PC version and the vinyl, I've spent $60 thus far.
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    Odd that they supposedly need to re-register a Switch C.E. when the Switch C.E. been available and sold for months now.

    More odd that the re-registration only covers a Switch C.E. and not the C.E. for the other platforms.

    Even more odd that this is specifically about the Switch version, which has been been rumored/reported/teased to specifically have a Mania physical release for months now.


    Requests for a physical release have been there since Mania's unveiling and Mania has proven itself to be a critical and commercial success to support the idea. Just give the people what they want already.
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    They would be completely optional and wouldn't need to be collected in a single play through.
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    I feel like even if we weren't trying, most of us would play the game enough times to stumble upon all the hidden medals by chance.
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    I don't buy it, because wouldn't the CE have to be re-registered with all the consoles? why just the Switch? was it not rated the first time the CE released?

    Something seems off about this, unless someone can come and explain this clearly as to why only the Switch CE is getting re-registered then I'm keeping my suspicions.
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    Finding collectibles/special stage entrances in many Sonic games annoys me because of how easy it is to pass them given the speed I'm moving, the number of branching/intersecting paths, the size of the stages, and points of no return, but I'm surprised to see that you're not fond of Yoshi's Island because of them. I didn't see the challenges associated with the collectibles to be much different from what I'd be doing to get 100% in most Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, and Metroid games, though finding red coins and hidden clouds could be aggravating at times.

    Going back to Sonic, I'm not sure what method of unlocking things I'd prefer. I've already stated why I don't really like finding things tied to unlockables in the stages, but as much as I like Blue Sphere, I got burnt out on it in Mania. I never even finished the Mania mode stages. While the sheer number of them is probably the main reason, I think not having the ability to simply pick the stage I want to play contributed a lot to it.

    It probably wouldn't have been possible to do, but I think it would've been nice if other games bonus and special stages were also remixed for the sake of variety and rewards were also given for simply playing well in the main game, like finishing stages within a certain time frame or with a perfect Cool Bonus.
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    Looking at any multiplatform title and you'll see that Switch versions are rated separately. Sonic Forces has its own unique ESRB rating for the Switch version. L.A Noire has a separate listing as well. Fifa 18 also received its own entry but that may have to do more with the fact that it's a different game altogether.

    You're reading way too much into whoever was in charge of the Twitter account that day had to say. When asked for further questions, the twitter account had nothing to say other than they only do ratings and have no further info. It's possible that they just didn't bother to tweet the Switch version's summary list until October.
  10. I made a few more of my dumb Mania videos today:
    A very minor glitch in Press Garden 1:
    An observation about the last phase of the Metal Sonic fight:
    A very strange bar stool in Mirage Saloon 2:

    On the subject of the ESRB rating: having looked at the website, there's only the original "PC/Xbone/PS4" and "Switch" ratings, done at the same time. I have no idea why that Tweet was made two months after the game's release, but it doesn't appear to mean anything.
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    So they haven't found the shortcut yet, heh. Thanks for sharing!

    Tell them who da boss yo!
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    Well, I found this fucking hilarious (NSFW I guess):
  14. Wow, I totally forgot about him! I remember seeing his Sonic 1 and Ecco the Dolphin reviews a few years back and never recovering from my aching sides. It's cool to see that he's going for a mix of comedy and being informative rather than just full on comedy.
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    So, I managed to get a quick runthrough of Mania yesterday, and personally, I feel my favorite way to play that game is to use Sonic and Tails, as using Tails to use the shortcuts in Flying Battery and Lava Reef and make things shorter kind of prevents me from burning out at the game and just wanting to take a break. But that's just me, I feel FBZ, OOZ, and LRZ overstay their welcome a bit to me unless you use shortcuts, which could be good depending on your viewpoint. But it's not as fun play only as Sonic.

    Also, due to that weird explanation of the Phantom Ruby in Forces, it makes Mania a bit more confusing, as to whats real and whats an illusion. I prefer to just view what happened in Mania as the Phantom Ruby being a mixture of a Chaos Emerald and Time Stone, as that's basically what it acts like in Mania. Something that changes forms and alters time and reality.
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    The way the boss songs are named seems to imply that the Phantom Ruby true power is that of illusions. It can project anything the holder imagines into others.
  17. I did a Sonic + Tails playthrough last night with a friend - me playing as Tails - and I unearthed a ton of new (to me) bugs.
    The most glaring one is that the 'background' sections in Metallic Madness Act 1 are broken:
    Another is that Tails can't seem to enter the Oil Ocean Act 2 submarines.
    There's also a lot of inconsistency in what Tails can/can't interact with. He doesn't make the Green Hill Act 2 ziplines or Flying Battery hanging handles move, but he does make the purple sticky platforms in Chemical Plant 2 move. He can spindash through the breakable walls in Lava Reef Act 1, but not Lava Reef Act 2 or Press Garden Act 1.

    At this point, I'd like to formally request Sonic Mania DX: Director's Cut become a thing. Put it back in the oven for another few months, SEGA.
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    That face when even Adventure Tails likes Mania Sonic better.
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    Except really though, he did.

    Tails stopped giving a shit about modern once classic arrived... just like most Sonic fans :v:
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    Maybe Mania sonic being there reminded him of the good times of when he was a playable character?