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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. I personally prefer to split my thrill in 2... I love the feeling of seeing a screenshot of a new Zone, and I'll love when I finally get to experience it. It also helps with the anticipation, seeing new things makes it seem like we're closer to the game's release.
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    Just to clarify, since I didn't pick a side in my previous post while presenting the options, I'm ok with the spoilers. Of course I don't want to see a full playthrough before the game is released, but what we've seen so far isn't excessive at all.
  3. It's not really about that, I think it would be better for the franchise. And what JcFerggy & Blue Blood said.
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    I think spoilers here are okay, especially when the game is released etc. but they should be in spoiler tags.

    I had Sonic Generations ruined for me by a good 2 or 3 people on the forum who gave the whole plot and most of the Easter eggs away because they didn't use spoiler tags. It was mere hours after the game was released. Needless to say, if that happens again, especially with Mania. I will lose my god damn mind.
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    People, if you do not want to be spoiled, do not come here. Period. Wait until the game is released and you have your play-through, then come back. We are going to discuss anything and everything here that has to deal with the game. I will not feel compelled to put a spoiler tag when I discuss Megaopolis Act 2's cutscene where each Hardboiled Heavy is destroyed by the Master Emerald (Just an example I made up). This thread is about anything and everything Sonic Mania related. Seriously, what is the point of coming into a thread to discuss Sonic Mania if we cannot discuss Sonic Mania to it's full extent and show pictures/video of our mutual discoveries. This is akin to watching a Football game and not wanting to know the score until the game is over. The anticipation is part of the discovery are part of the fun.

    You have the control, use it. Turn off Twitter, Turn off Facebook, Turn Off Instagram, Turn Off Snapchat. If you want the true "90s" experience with Sonic Mania, do this so you are not "spoiled." It's not like you are receiving spoilers by PMs, email, mail, or pigeon carrier. You are actively coming here.

    But what about knowing the release date you say? IGN.COM and have you covered.

    I didn't have this shit in the 1990s, let alone the internet. I found out about Sonic by going into the stores, seeing the damn game, and realizing I liked it. Simple. As. That.

    Those of us that want to know up to the minute pixel by pixel progress will be watching from various platforms before, during, and years after the release.

    If you do not want to be spoiled, why are you here? To discuss speculation? Spoilers come with the territory. It is a discussion about one topic, Sonic Mania and I'm excited as hell.

    Anyways, what are you looking forward to the most about Sonic Mania? Personally, I'm interested in the story and the music.
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    XCubed, while I do understand and respect the point you are making, I don't think I 100% agree. While it is up to us in the end if we want to indulge in trailers and press material or just the social media postings, it still is up to Sega what goes out and what is posted.

    Using a recent example, Sony's Spiderman Homecoming is a movie I'm looking forward to, but that I already feel like I've watched just from viewing the trailers. They show off so many set pieces and key plot moments in the trailer that I feel I won't be surprised by much. It's unfortunate that Sony has done this with its previous Spiderman attempts too.

    In compassion, Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 recently released and I watched the trailers for that as well. Those trailers did not give much of anything away, just showing quick action shots, while letting people know the theme or style of the movie. No major plot points or pieces were shown of.

    Now I understand that the compassion to Mania isn't the same, plot isn't that big an element in Sonic, but there is still stuff that could be shown that could spoil some moments. If we are getting to be getting more press and trailers, I hope it is more like Marvel. Show some quick scenes cut together over fun music. Don't show overly long moments or major stage gimmicks, and don't show bosses or any cutscenes.
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    Neat suggestion. Mind sharing your tags (or a screenshot of your settings)? I am having trouble figuring it out. Thanks! :)
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    I think Sonic Mania was announced too early, and given the delay we're all getting kinda antsy. So some want more information and others are doubling down on having nothing shown. But let's look at what we've seen so far:

    95% of GHZ
    Like 55% of Studiopolis
    45% of Mirage Saloon
    1 minute of FBZ
    A blurry screenshot

    For a game announced almost a year ago that's really not a lot. We still don't know the plot, we've only seen 1 boss and it was a midboss, we haven't seen a special or bonus stage, we don't even have a release date. Can you blame us for wanting more info? We've been drip fed for 10 months now and if all went as originally planned this game should have been out by now.
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    RE Spoilers:
    I can't really comprehend it, spoilers don't bother me and they never have. Probably due to never really getting anything at release date until well into the 2000s. Tell me how a show ends and it doesn't spoil it, tell me about a level in a game and it doesn't spoil it...

    But that's me and other people are wired completly differently and I really feel sorry for them since the way media is evolving seems actively out to "spoil" things for people who actually get spoiled.

    Despite feeling sorry for them, it doesn't change the nature of how modern media is presented and expecting everyone to tiptoe for you just leads to pointless negativity and bickering on both sides.


    RE Screenshot:
    I really like the concept, it certainly does seem like something that would be more at home in Sonic Rush but I guess we can't say for sure until we see more. I hope it has trains in it, it looks like it should.
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    Shenmue 3 was announced 2 years ago and everything they've shown to backers (with the exception of 2 still images from December) is from the first 5% of the game. Not the best example, but I don't think you should be expecting them to spoil the entire game ahead of time and then complaining about it when they don't. The two zones playable in the demo were done in time for the demo, so I don't think it was announced too early.

    It's not unusual for developers to refrain from showing an entire game in advance. Just look at MGS2.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    MGS2 is not the most...honest example :v:
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    The page also says there's "Shared / Split Screen Multiplayer" in addition to "Cooperative Multiplayer"; so it sounds like we may have a 2P competitive mode in addition to Sonic + Tails co-op. Both are local only though (no online), but I'm absolutely pumped we have a competitive multiplayer mode as it is.

    That release date is closer to the end of summer than I may had hoped for (count me among those who would had liked a June/July release). But I'll still take it over being left in the dark or seeing yet another delay. At least we can finally stop wondering when the game will release.
  14. The page outright states it's got a competitive mode.

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    August sounds good to me, gives them the chance to polish all the little graphical glitches we have been seeing and make a really good polished product.

    Also, the two points I really wanted to know about have been confirmed: competition mode and the release date.

    I really want the rest of this game to be a surprise, especially the Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic CD stage. For that reason, I'm going on a complete Sonic blackout until August!

    See you guys after I've beaten the game!
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    Those first three screenshots have to be mockups, I refuse to believe they took a screenshot of the same frame of Sonic running three times in a row.

    Which reminds me, this game is absolutely lacking a promotional image of an off-center Sonic in a level that isn't in the final release.
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    Local co-op is cool and all, but where am I gonna get 12yo friends to come over to my place to play it with me and not be ashamed of playing Sonic games + - and also not look like a pedo   ?
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    Funny thing, I was just on the steam page a couple hours ago searching for Sonic no avail....and here it is! But waiting over a year for a 2D Sonic game (that we've known about) certainly just set a new precedent! This better be HUUUUUGE. So needing to suffer through 3 more months...UGH. I'm thinking about getting a controller for my laptop and getting Sonic Generations in the meantime. I completely forgot that I could have had it by now.
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    Say has anyone noticed that 2 Genesis era levels that were confirmed so far, had their original versions in the premiere trailer? Anyone else thinking that launch trailer could be telling us what stages could be in the game? (Sonic 2's Aquatic Ruin maybe?)
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    I don't see the trailer on the Steam page, was it taken down?

    Starting to think they messed up showing the release date...