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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Generations 3DS at least demonstrated that even if they can't do great level design nowadays, DIMPS at least understood how to make Sonic play well in terms of controls and physics after working on the handheld games for so long. Hell, you can say Sonic even controls better on the 3DS version of Lost World than he does the Wii U version. But then the terrible level design kicks in.
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    tl;dr I thought it was a decent enough game 6 years ago, my opinion hasn't changed since. Read the link for more.
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    I largely prefer the 3DS version of Lost World because I HATE the physics engine to Lost World Wii U. The physics felt so awful in the Wii U version that it pretty much ruined the game for me. I've never played a 3D Sonic game in my life that felt less like a Sonic game than Lost World Wii U. Did modders drastically improve the physics to the PC version?
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    Sonic Generations 3DS seems to be a celebration of Dimps' worst moments: Cheap hits, bottomless pits, bland level design. They seemed to struggle with Classic Sonic, as the MD levels were lazy copies of the originals, while for the Modern era, they had to give Classic Sonic a homing attack. The level selection was bizarre as well: Nothing from the GBA games and only a single level that was exclusive to the DS games, yet they include Radical Highway and Biolizard even though Sonic never originally played those stages. The final Boss for the DS era was from Sonic Heroes, while the Metal Sonic and Silver bosses are set in levels that have nothing to do with those characters. The mission mode is horribly repetitive and they locked it behind Play Coins, so you have to spend all day running around with the console in real life to play the levels.

    Classic Sonic in Emerald Coast is awesome and there's a few other good moments, but it doesn't have any of the affection that was put into the console version.

    It's strange but having to design levels for the original DS' dual screens somehow forced Dimps to up their game. With only one screen, they seem to flounder.
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    The main problem with Generations 3DS, for me, is that the classic sonic stages for the early zones reuse the level layouts wholesale from the old games. It's already light on content, and that decision makes the game feel really, really short. Also, the "modern sonic" was basically Sonic Rush, not really the 3D sonic from modern games. I like sonic rush, so that's not a big deal to me, though.

    The little bits that are unique in the game, however, i really enjoyed.
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    Generations 3DS mushroom hill classic, best example of copy paste level layouts. They included a check point just before the goal post (originally there was a boss), and they changed the giant rings to a ring shaped out of rings.

    Yet they knew not to model Knuckles' layout. I know, I've glitches through the loops to check. There's nothing there unfortunately.
  7. Another "I'm on an overnight train, have some thoughts" post.

    I would be incredibly surprised if Mushroom Hill made an appearance in Mania. Even putting aside Generations 3DS, it's just too similar to Green Hill to be worth it. The walls are essentially the same with different patterns.

    Elemental shields repel projectiles as with S3&K, but I haven't seen what happens with the standard blue shield yet. Will it function exactly like the classic games, or will that be too confusing for new players? I'm curious.

    Some people seem to be assuming that the original layouts will be mostly preserved for all the 'reimagined' zones, but I wonder about that. With Green Hill it makes sense because it's probably the most memorable zone layout of all the classics, and there's plenty of room for new elements (I absolutely love the new GHZ2, incidentally) but with zones like Flying Battery does anyone really want the original layouts with 'enhancements' rather than a spiritual Act 3/4?
    I'm hoping I'm right in thinking that the remixed zones will be entirely new layouts, but the Flying Battery reveal trailer was a bit worrying. It's even more of an issue with the CD level(s) because even the best levels from that game are clunky and weird. I want to see QQ and SS done RIGHT, with S3&K-tier level design.
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    At the same time, Sonic CD levels are the only ones where the designs really splash out into playful weirdness, for worse and for better. While unlikely, I think it would be a nice touch to have the Sonic CD zone showing a deliberate craziness in its design, or even just a number of set pieces; chunks that don't provide direction so much as they provide ways to just muck around.

    My favourite example is probably the bunch of half pipes in Collision Chaos. They're narrow but massive, and really fun to play on since the level lets you soar a good 3 screens high before falling again. You don't get that kind of undirected goofing off in the other classics, where you can experiment with unplanned connections to such an extent just because. In Sonic 3 that kind of thing almost doesn't exist at all; everything comes with direction. Overall it creates the better levels, but yeah it would be neat to see Sonic CD's Mania zone acknowledge the overall style of Sonic CD's zones.
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    IMO Mania's zones are already showing influence from CD's level design. Mirage Saloon whilst fast often opens up-there's not always a clear direction where to go, it doesn't always hold your hand which is good. It's got pinball flippers and those "Egg Robo" guns which can propel Sonic in all sorts of directions fast which is very CD-esqe. Studiopolis has lots of multiple routes which are often very close together, sometimes routes connect with/cross other routes which can be a bit confusing, very much a CD design. Also has really fast sections where Sonic can achieve crazy speed whilst changing direction quickly which reminds me a lot of Collision Chaos half-pipes and Stardust Speedway. The same can be said for Mania's Green Hill act2 where the new layouts have Palmtree Panic vibes. I think a combination of Sonic CD/Sonic 3&K stage layout would be perfect for "Mania level design".

    I do find it frustrating the way fans (sometimes mindlessly) shit on CD's level design whilst completely ignoring the most glaring issue which was the charge-up physics in the original version which played differently to Sonic 1,2 & 3. CD's stage design has it's flaws, but the remastered version overall plays a lot better thanks to the improvements to the physics made by Taxman, which makes some of the trickier level design easier to navigate, even Wacky shitty Workbench. Speaking of WW, even if it's not in Mania I hope they bring back the angel statue which gives out rings. That was cool.

    With the better visuals, level design and possible animated cutscenes, Mania for me almost feels like the spiritual sequel to Sonic CD, which sounds a lot better than Sonic 4 being a sequel to CD :V
  10. /dev/sr0


    I'd be surprised if there wasn't a bunch of cool stuff like that in mania.
  11. Xilla


    I'm guessing the Sonic CD stage could have time travel too, purely as a cosmetic bonus.
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    Unless Sonic gets launched up to Little Planet for one zone idk how it would make sense for a CD stage to return.
  13. Josh


    I mean, Crisis City was in Generations, despite the fact that '06 ended by erasing the entire plot from the timeline. I don't think anyone's going to mind if a CD stage is in there. Heck, maybe Wacky Workbench can ALSO get evicted from canon! :D
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    Sonic games don't need to make sense as long they are enjoyable. :)

    I mean seriously, Lost World was a 'main game' and made NO SENSE at all!
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    While this is true, I think the fact that animated cutscenes are 95% confirmed at this point plus having specific classic levels re-appearing indicates there will be a pretty pronounced reason Sonic and co. will be revisiting these areas.
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    Sonic Mania to get nice merchandises!

    Also, in a few hours, there will be new footages of Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania
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    Here's hoping we see some new acts for Mania! Or at least more of Flying Battery Zone. :)
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    So that Sega stream was literally just a recap of everything we saw at SXSW.

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    If there are new acts/bosses/enemies please iSpoiler them. Seeing as Mania is the return of our lord and saviour I want a good chunk of the game to remain a mystery even if it's classic stuff. I already had the surprise of Flying Battery ruined for me so I don't want that to happen again.
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