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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. LukyHRE


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    Yup. Sonic Mania's OST will come up on vinyl.
  2. Vinyl's neat, but I want a CD. >.>

    Also, part of me kind of wonders if it's being delayed because they're taking a bit too long trying to cram all of this awesome stuff into one game.
  3. Personally I wouldn't have minded if they delayed until fall. I want this thing to be monstrously good and to stand the test of time as a true classic
  4. Adamis


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    Did they release the new posters's art online yet ?
  5. Overlord


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    That Flying Battery video is gorgeous. My favourite part of the whole stream.
  6. I agree, what's a few extra months... I can wait.

    Although when it drops I wanna see a sequel the following year ;)

    Also, that vinyl - mine
  7. Ravenfreak


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    That Flying Battery Zone remix is amazing! I can't wait to see what other levels are going to return in Mania! I'm also glad that they're taking their time, no need to rush. I'm glad Sega finally are getting back on their feet and delaying games if need be. Still it would have been cool to play the game in May, but no worries. It'll definitely be worth the wait!
  8. I'm looking forward to how this zone develops, since the footage we've seen makes it seem almost as "tame" as Green Hill Act 1. Certain parts look like they're taken straight from the original layout. It looks absolutely amazing, though.

    - Our second example of moving rings! This one works better than the one in GHZ1, I think.
    - The electric shield being affected by magnets will hopefully lead to some secrets.
    - That music, oh my god :D
    - I like how that front layer of cloud stays attached to the bottom of the screen while you're outside, it looks great.

    Poor Lava Reef ;_;
  9. Blivsey


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    God, people brought it up when Green Hill was first shown, but Flying Battery's art looks so dated next to the fancy Mania Sonic sprite. Even more so with that junk pile looking extremely out of place.

    ...Still so pumped.

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  10. XCubed


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    That Flying Battery Trash Chute is something else. My question is how are they planning to top the Egg Container mini-boss? You can only do that type of fake out once (or twice if you count the Crisis City sign post in Generations).
  11. Zephyr


    So, Aquatic Ruin possibly confirmed?

    Back in the reveal trailer, the three "Classic" Zones that are shown are Green Hill, Aquatic Ruin, and Flying Battery. I was already thinking that it was hinting at the latter two being in the game, and Flying Battery's reveal half confirms this.

    Which is great, because Aquatic Ruin was my second choice for a Sonic 2 rep (behind Mystic Cave). :v:
  12. Beltway


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    Can't say I'm surprised about the game being delayed to summer. Given how they were still tight-lipped about the game up to this point, a delay seemed inevitable. Shame, but oh well. If it gets the game the necessary polish it needs (and isn't a Sonic 4 PR spin of delaying the game only to do mostly jack shit), that's fine with me.

    Flying Battery being confirmed looks great, but I do share people's concerns that it looks very similar to the original zone. Taxman said Green Hill was supposed to be the tamest of the reimagined levels, so this isn't a great outlook in my opinion. It does look good though, really like the recycled badniks and the Lightning Shield now having magnetic properties with the level. Hopefully more footage/screenshots of it comes soon that shows more differences that aren't on the subtle side. The new game artwork and poster looks absolutely fantastic, though, I really do love it. Hopefully we can get those posted in HQ.

    Like what was revealed for the most part, but the amount of content revealed was very underwhelming to me. Way too little, especially if it's coming off the game being announced to be pushed further back. Still excited for the game, but I really do feel those responsible for marketing the game are now going all-in on the starving dog technique (drip-feeding tidbits of information during droughts), which is personally rather disappointing to see; especially as the Sonic 4 Episode I hype cycle was all about milking this technique for its worth.
  13. Deef


    Well spotted if so. I think MCZ is a better fit/more likely otherwise but definitely wouldn't mind and probably prefer ARZ.

    But I'm thinking it's GHZ, MCZ, HZ, and FBZ. If Sonic CD gets a zone I'm not sure
    ... SS would be my first choice but I'd guess CC or QQ would get it.

    Actually I'd prefer the drip feed.
  14. After having dealt with the drip-feed bullshit for Destiny for three years, fuck that.
  15. XCubed


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    I would say that Aquatic Ruin is a throw away zone to use From Sonic 2, but we can't use:

    - Emerald Hill as it's already a re-hash
    - Chemical Plant as it was in Generations
    - Casino Night as it was in Generations and re-hashed in Sonic 4
    - Hill Top, just no. It's the most throw away level IMO
    - Oil Ocean, re-hashed in Sonic 4
    - Metropolis, re-Hasse in Sonic 4
    - Sky Chase + Wing Fortress in Sonic 4

    That just leaves really just Aquatic Ruin and Mystic Cave. However, one can even say Sylvania Castle has many AR elements.

    Aquatic Ruin still pisses me off as they just threw Dust Hill's music at it and called it a day. Now it's been stuck that way since 1992. See: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Main Theme and now Mirage Saloon for proof.

    But riddle me this, now two Zones are going to have the same GBU main theme whistle in the music's intro??? Or did I just prove that the Aquatic Ruin part of the trailer was only a Red Herring? Since we know that the new stages are truly new stages and are not serving as an extra act of a classic stage.
  16. Adamis


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  17. Blivsey


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    What is that gorgeous thing

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  18. The difference here is that Sonic 4 was delayed because the fans were calling for blood. They had to delay to save face, since the whole game had been leaked. On the other hand, the reception to Mania has been universally positive, so there aren't any fans to placate by this. If anything, it's going to agitate the impatient ones.
  19. Adamis


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    A poster they gave away. This one is a scan.
  20. Blivsey


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    Nice! That's something I'd consider for my wall if I was a poster kind of person.

    So on the topic of "ghz and fbz were in the first trailer so maybe aquatic ruin will be a level too", do you think maybe they'd include other levels that showed up? Such as, you know, the 3D ones like Seaside Hill and Tropical Resort? There's no 2D art for them, of course, so it seems unlikely, but hey. Don't hate a dreamer.