"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. Tbh, all I really want from advance trilogy modding is just putting all the levels from each game into the other two and seeing how they play.
  2. Shaddy the guy

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    That, and freedom from screen crunch.
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    Would love to see them get remade with hand drawn sprites from Uekawa. They would instantly become the most stylish Sonic games ever, assuming they aren’t already.
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  4. Metalwario64


    If not, I wouldn't mind fan remakes using my Uekawa styled sprites that I'm making for SRB2:



    Man, I really wish there was a set of Advance (2-3) styled sprites in scale with the Genesis ones with the Genesis style. That would be the best look, and I'd love to see those modded into the new decomps and 3 AIR. It'd be really cool to se Advance styled mods for the classics.
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  5. I think they already are. Iirc the genesis and advance sprites are both 16 bit, so you could literally just put advance sprites on the genesis and call it a day
  6. Metalwario64


    Yeah, but they're smaller and the styles clash.

    Just whipped this up:


    Well, I can even one-up that with some work:

    I'd love to do a full set of animations with all of the same frames as Advance, but as far as I know at least with 3 AIR you can't really add animation frames, at least not yet.

    Anyway, this has gone far enough off topic. If I make more I'll post them in the fan works section. :P
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  7. Frostav


    The Advance trilogy would need a mania-tier unfucking from all the DIMPS level design, to be frank. As well as completely restructuring various things like the special stage rings in Adv2 or the whole hub world system of Adv3. At this point I'd rather have an Advance 4 with 3's tag-team mechanics and proper level design--preferably by the Mania team, but we know that ain't happening.

    And a tiny chao garden that links with the chao garden that the 2021 Sonic game is clearly going to have or the Adventure remakes, obviously :eng99:
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    Wow, how much talk about a rumour and the usual talks it lead to and usually pop out in threads no matter their original topic. It took me various runs to read everything before posting.

    To put it simple, I don't care what they release as long as they do a good job, solid and decent enough to be enjoyable instead of being a big fail first and something else second. A 2D game featuring Modern Sonic only says it's a sidescroller with the current aesthetic, it's no news about its engine or design. That's what Sega should have learned from Mania, that making a solid product that knows what it means to be fun is what grants them the biggest success.

    About the 3D side of things, I'll repeat something I already said a couple of times in the past: when I 100%ed Mania, my automatic first thought was "That was great! Now I need another Adventure game!". Classic and Adventure may have been totally different, the comparative quality for the time they were released might not be the same, but that was good stuff that I want again. What I don't want it is to be fucked off again, like when I played Shadow's game and thought both "Great! We're back to the Adventure gameplay" and "This game makes very hard to want to replay it with a gameplay this broken". It's always a matter of quality, not a playstyle or art style one.

    Let's use this example: I "played" Secret Rings just a few seconds, saying "I don't want to play this" as soon as I noticed it was on autorun. That's exactly the opposite of what I want in any game, acceptable for the minigames the special stages are, but that's all. Boost may be as stupid as it may seem, but it at least has a button you may choose not to push, so it beats Secret Rings every time; if Black Knight didn't autorun, I instantly find it better than Secret Rings without having played it.

    And yes, Advance games need remakes, it would be great to listen to their music with real sound and not GBA grating screeches (agreed, the real screeches where in Sonic Chronicles) plus and engine improvement, of course, but sorry, I don't buy flat Uekawa artwork in a Sonic game, that may be good for box or menu artwork but using it for characters' sprites that run through 3D-imitating level graphics is quite out of place.

    Oh, and seeming generational wars and fanbase fracture is again a thing here, info about me for the record: 40 years now, about 11 when Sonic 1 came out, about 21 when SA2 came out, I prefer the classics over later games, I prefer SA2 to SA1, I had no real gripes with any kind of voice acting, writing orstorytelling in general (Shadow using machineguns is OK), the first main game I skipped was Sonic '06 because I needed to buy a new console for that and critics had already panned it for me to try to get it, and like Lost World more than Colours, though I still haven't finished either of them and haven't played Forces, so the final boss that always comes back is still unknown for me.

    In short: fuck all that absurd toxicity, it has nothing to do with Sonic, just with lack of both goodwill and maturity. Offend when you develop the games, not when they're someone else's fault.
  9. Dark Sonic

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    It seems like we're there for Sonic 1, 2, and CD though, and these are some great looking sprites I'd love to see more
  10. SystemsReady


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    and special stages that aren't the literal worst
  11. Azookara


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  12. Sid Starkiller

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    That could go either way. I'm betting they wanted 3 Sonics because 30th, but since Boom crashed and burned they couldn't use him, but still needed 3 demonstrably different Sonics.

    But, you know, we'll find out for sure sooner or later.
  13. SuperSnoopy


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    Y'know I haven't allowed myself to be hyped by any of these news so far, but it's getting harder and harder to deny all the signs.
    We might ACTUALLY get some Adventure style games in the near future. I seriously can't wait.
  14. Azookara


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    Worth noting classic Sonic does not have a new render here; he and the background are just the sprites.

    Sonic 1 is usually tied to representing legacy for them. Probably representative of that rumored collection.
  15. Its probably reading too much into things, but it does align with Zippo's leak a bit; a Modern 2D game, a Modern 3D game, and a game collection of the older games.

    This doesn't confirm or deny anything, but it is conspicuous that they didn't use an updated Classic render.
  16. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

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    If you look closely, you can see a new illustration of Green Hill Zone behind the panel with the 2D Modern Sonic.
  17. Azookara


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    Higher res shot of the image reveals it is 2D art, possibly traced from the Generations GHZ in a similar style to the compilation released recently.


    The simple style also seems to reflect the way the other artwork from Sonic's JP Twitter has looked lately: lineless cartoony art that's almost painterly in texture.
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  18. Josh


    Plenty of new artwork on these, too:
  19. Laura


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    I know this might sound sad but I'm looking forward to hearing about future game announcements. I haven't been excited for a Sonic game in years. Mania and Forces came out when my PhD started and now I'm near the end and we only had Mania Plus and Team Sonic Racing. Will be fun to get mildly excited about something new, even if it isn't amazing. After Mania I think I won't be so bothered if we get something which is just mild fun.
  20. Gestalt


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    I've seen these drawings before though, except for the Classic Sonic with a chilli dog one. Check this out.
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