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"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64


    Sega has informed investors that it plans to release multiple new Sonic games in 2021 as part of the 30th anniversary celebration. It says:
    And I dunno about you guys, but
    Knuckles' Chaotix HD is definitely coming. I can feel it.
    In all seriousness though, without getting into wishful thinking... this news does make me a bit more optimistic that we might get Mania 2. And you have to wonder what this "tailored licensing program" they're talking about is.
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  2. Here we go.. the speculation begins :D the only thing I can predict with confidence is a Sonic Mania 2 with all original stages.

    Wishful thinking for me will be a “Sonic the Hedgehog All Stars” with the Taxman versions of the classic games including Sonic 3 in some form for modern consoles.. hey a guy can dream right lol

    Everything else regarding 3D Sonic is completely up in the air and I have no idea what will happen there.
  3. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    I honestly don't care unless it's a game by EveningStar, which I'm not entirely sure is coming. Even then, they'd have to bring their A game and do even better than they did with Mania.

    Sonic Team haven't made a good game in almost ten years and Forces was by far the worst game they've made since Sonic Unleashed (I really dislike Unleashed), and if not that, then since 06. Even Team Sonic Racing was middling, despite being inoffensive.

    Now that Mania has released I'm just not that invested anymore, since I feel like I've been satiated for all things Sonic. I had absolutely no interest in the Sonic film and haven't played Forces. I'm not even that interested in the fandom anymore. I've had a good Sonic game which I hadn't experienced since Generations and that's enough for me for the forseeable future.

    Sonic is just one series I love out of many which have been dormant or have been sub-par for a long time. In fact, it has been more successful than them for having an excellent game and DLC for it release in the last few years.

    So yeah, if we get a Sonic Adventure Remake I couldn't care less (I'm very disinterested in remakes) and if we get some boredom inducing Boost successor than I won't be that interested. Generations was a great game but it's ten years old now and it's starting to show it's age. What impressed me in 2011 isn't going to impress me in 2021, especially if they degrade on the formula as they did last time.

    I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way, but if they are just going to go through the motions by repeating 2011 and doing a predictable anniversary title then they can count me out.
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  4. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

    Virginia, USA
    Paying off student loans
    Gonna go with Laura here. If it's not Mania 2, specifically by Evening Star, and all or at least 90% new, I doubt I'll care. I guess an Adventure remake might be neat, if the physics are improved, but it won't excite me.
  5. Cynical Toast

    Cynical Toast

    Resident Gamer Member
    I don't know, maybe I haven't been punched in the face by this series enough but I'm cautiously optimistic about this. SEGA would have to be stupid not to do a Mania 2 (So it's definitely not happening.), and I haven't been that bothered by Sonic Team's track record recently. I mean, Forces sucked, but other than that it hasn't been that bad(Lost World was underrated tbh. Not great but decent for what it was.)

    So knowing everything we know, it's gonna be the Sonic ReBlasted triolgy: Featuring remakes of Sonic Spinball, Sonic Blast, and Sonic Labyrinth.
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  6. Turbohog


    The last year I remember a bunch of Sonic games being released was for Sonic's 15th Anniversary. And we all know how that turned out.
  7. Overlord


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    "Sega announces in shock news they're making Sonic games"

    It didn't take genius to figure they'd do something a little more effort-wise for the 30th anniv.
  8. James Smith

    James Smith

    If I were to guess to what these new games are its most likely a Forces 2, a bland mobile game and maybe a new sonic compilation. I doubt Mania 2 given how Sega practically dropped Tax's team into the sea after Mania's release cycle. A Sonic Adventure Remake would probably be too big budget and pandering towards the adventure fans. Remember they mostly focus on pandering towards classic fans. Given IDW's success a Forces 2 would make sense so they can have a excuse to bring back classic sonic in another modern game.
  9. Josh


    I remain, as always, optimistic about the future of the series. I mean, god damn, if my fandom survived Sonic Heroes, it'll survive anything. ;)

    I care way more about whether the concept is well-executed than what the concept actually _is_. So long as the gameplay is speedy, fun, and rewarding to replay a billion times, I'll be satisfied! That said, Josh's ideal 30th anniversary games would consist of:

    1) A brand new 2D game, created by the same team behind Sonic Mania, with plenty of promos (and opening/ending scenes) by Tyson Hesse. Whether it's pixel art, hand-drawn 2D art (think Sonic Freedom), or _I guess_ even 2.5D models, as long as it's designed to the same standard as Mania, it'll be one of my favorite games ever.

    2) That proper, complete, _focused_ follow-up to Unleashed/Colors/Generations that we never got. Combine the best elements of those three games, take this opportunity to modernize the boost gameplay, use the Avatar as a proof of concept for another playable character or two (Tails? Knuckles? VECTOR?), give me a slate of distinct zones, and if you're going to have any sort of _real_ story/character focus, get Ian Flynn.

    Neither game should feature any kind of throwback zones. References and allusions are fine, and I'm personally never gonna be _tired_ of nostalgic levels. But I _am_ tired of people whining about them, haha. And besides, the 20th anniversary was such a throwback, let's have the 30th set a new standard. So in lieu of looking back...

    3) A 30th anniversary collection. I don't really want to say what it could include because who knows what the logistics are there, but if we could FINALLY get console versions of the Retro Engine remakes of Sonic 1 and 2, that'd be a nice start. (I'd also be very happy with Unleashed/Colors/Generations being ported to current-gen, all enhanced and running at 60fps.)
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  10. Eh, I don't really have any interest in what SEGA puts out for Sonic anymore. I'll just stick to replaying the classics and the Adventure games til death, I guess. :V
  11. Hivebrain


    53.4N, 1.5W
    My predictions:

    Sonic 3D Jam - a compilation of Sonic 06, Unleashed and Forces
    Sonic Mania Minus - a 2.5D platformer by Dimps
    Mario & Sonic at the Belated Olympics 2021
  12. Fred


    Taking a break Oldbie
    Sonic 3 Unlocked
    I realize this is meant to be a joke but out of these, the only one SEGA wouldn't bring back is Sonic 06.

    Oh, and Unleashed is the Wii version.
  13. biggestsonicfan


    Model2wannaB Tech Member
    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    Oh boy, can't wait for another Sonic and Mario and Sonic Racing games. Oh boy. :specialed:
  14. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    As an absolute madman who thinks the Wii version is better than the HD one, I'd be fine with this honestly :V
  15. Flygon


    Evening Star or Bust.

    Not gonna lie, the 3D Sonic offerings have very, very rarely interested me - and I suspect SEGA's always drastically underestimated the size of demand for 2D Sonic titles, given how much Mania blew up in spite of being drastically underpromoted compared with Forces.

    I'd love a Mania successor - especially one that's properly funded and not reliant on zone recycling.
  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    For 2D, I'd like a Mania esq game but with a new art style (like hand drawn) that only had original levels. For 3D, either Adventure - Heroes remake or something completely new.

    Either way for the most part, no rehash, and nothing lazy please, like no collections of ports of sadx and sa2b again.
  17. Frostav


    Honestly, I have no clue wtf Sonic Team is gonna do.

    Before Forces was revealed, the answer was obvious: a Generations sequel using the boost formula. It wouldn't be an anthology game with reused zones (somehow they managed to still reuse assets from Generations, though!), probably. Which is basically what Forces ended up being.

    Problem is, Forces was a mess and a borderline flop. Now, people are so down on the boost formula that Sonic Team might not go back to it. But what will they do? Their last experiment in gameplay style, Lost World, was a miserable failure gameplay and sales-wise. Some might say an Adventure remake, but Sonic Team has basically never remade games ever. Hell, they never even did things like true remasters of the Adventure era titles (I don't count quick rushjob ports with zero extra content or improved graphics on digital stores to be remasters). So I'm not so sure of that. SA3 is obviously out of the question (if that would ever come, it'd be after an SA1 remake to test the waters, and that's unlikely due to what I just said).

    I truly have no idea what the hell Sonic Team will do. I'm almost morbidly excited just to see what strange thing they do this time. Hell, if they keep on the Forces path that'd still be unprecedented! Last time they had a flop they changed the gameplay style completely--though admittedly, Forces wasn't quite as big of a flop as 06.
  18. SuperSnoopy


    I like Sonic Advance Member
    Lyon, France
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    I'm pretty excited to see what Sonic Team has in store tbh.
    With Forces' failure, I'm positive they're finally gonna get rid of the boost formula that overstayed its welcome since, well, Colours really.
    With project 2017, it was pretty obvious they were gonna do Gens 2. But now? All bets are off. An Adventure remake? A Lost World inspired game? Another attempt at a boost game?(dear lord please no) Something completely new?
    I'm so hyped to see what they've been working on for all this time. Is it gonna be great? Probably not :V, but as someone that enjoyed LW and Forces more than a big majority of the people here, I know I'm gonna have a good time with it regardless.

    Also, they're talking about "multiple new games" because they're gonna release a shitty F2P mobile game. We're not getting a Mania sequel, people.
  19. BadBehavior


    My predictions:

    Sonic Mania 2, but it's all Green Hill Zone, as well as different Hill zones in different shades of green. (Turqouise Hill Zone, Moss Hill Zone, Shamrock Hill Zone etc)

    Sonic Forces 2, but it's all Classic Sonic. But it plays like the unholy love child of Forces Classic and Sonic 4 Episode 1. If you try rolling down a slope, you are given a trophy called "As you truly imagined it" because this game is all about the memes.

    If you have 100% completion save data for both, you are given the opportunity to play Azure Sunrise, an awesome as hell proof of concept level from a potential Sonic Adventure spiritual successor, but it was scrapped to focus on the projects the fans really wanted.

    And if you beat Azure Sunrise, your reward is to watch the 1st episode of Sonic X, redubbed with the current voice cast.
  20. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    hey wiki you're so fine
    Green Hill and Chemical Plant Zones, now with ray-traced reflections.
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