Bashing Sonic 2: Electric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dek Rollins, Jul 24, 2020.

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    and the masa demo has an ending as opposed to looping. It was never intended for level music in any form.
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    We don't know that it wasn't a level theme for certain.
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    Ok, I was wrong, it's not impossible, it's just unnecessarily cruel and hard.

    Btw, using savestates for easy retries is cheating on any game, so getting the emeralds that way or through level select shenanigans doesn't count (still more merit than never getting them, though).
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    • Sonic's sprite is ugly. No idea why people prefer this one to Sonic 3's.
    • No real differentiation between Sonic and Tails.
    • Multiplayer is gross looking. I hate the screen squish so much.
    • Emerald Hill is just an inferior Green Hill.
    • Special stages aren't terribly fun. They're better than Sonic 1's, but that's not saying much.
    • Game difficulty feels pretty inconsistent. Chemical Plant is definitely more difficult than Casino Night or Hill Top.
    • Speaking of Chemical Plant, the left trapdoor part in Act 2 immediately before the fight is stupid. It will kill you at least once until you learn to jump there.
    • Hill Top uses Emerald Hill assets. And the "lava" is ugly.
    • Mystic Cave Zone has two real hazards - instant kill crushers (why) and the Flasher badnik, which exists purely to kill any sense of momentum.
    • Sky Chase is terrible. Somebody above said it's just a cutscene. Agreed.
    • Mecha Sonic is ugly. The final boss is disappointing. It's frustrating that you don't get any rings, either.
    ...Still a much better game than Sonic 1, though. :eng101:
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    Did Taxman and Stealth make them easier in the remake? Because I got it there.
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  6. Another thing I forgot to mention: I deslike how Death Egg is just a Chemical Plant floating in space (funny because Hill Top is just Emerald Hil lwith lava)...

    I wish it was a whole stage. I know Sonic 3 & Knuckles fixed that, but still...
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    There was a plan for that, at least.
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  8. Yeah, even more sad it looks pretty cool on concept.
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    I honestly always liked Oil Ocean, both level and music. Yes I hate that goddamn seahorse, and I know it's not a fast paced level design, but still. When Oil Ocean was confirmed in Mania I saw people complaining and I was "what?!".
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    This got me thinking. They always choose Chemical Plant from Sonic 2 in these things but, what else is there? Casino Night Zone sure but doesn't some laws in Europe make that level hard to release? The only other super memorable like Wing Fortress and Death Egg are usually represented in some smaller way. I would have loved to see Aquatic Ruin Zone or something in one of these but I get it. Oil Ocean was a weird choice but pretty much any choice from 2 that isn't an early level would have gotten a !? response.

    3 and Knuckles is the first game in the franchise where every level is memorable to some degree. Thanks for making me realize it.
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    Sonic 1 and Sonic CD had a stellar cast of zones before S3&K -- you may hate on this or that zone but yall love to hate them and that still counts as memorable.
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    All the classic Sonic zones are memorable in some way.
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    They're memorable but I wouldn't want to see them return. I'd love to see Starlight Zone again but that's it. Most of CD's stages are just trippy versions of 1's anyways.
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    Probably why Mania chose Metallic Madness over Scrap Brain, even though it used Final Zone's boss. It's Scrap Brain but wackier.

    But Green Hill is Green Hill and that must transcend all :V
  15. I honestly don't think Oil Ocean is that bad. Far from begin the best stage, but I think it's a fine one. Definely better than Metropolis and Wing Fortress, in my opinion.
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    I think Starlight Zone is one of the least memorable, it's dull green blocks against a black backdrop. I'd say Labyrinth is the most memorable after Green Hill. Spring Yard has a good aesthetic but is beaten out by Casino Night. Scrap Brain I think is similar, in that there have been loads of industrial Eggman stages which are more detailed.

    As for CD, I don't think much of it is memorable because it's so similar to Sonic 1. Stardust Speedway is great and I like Quartz Quadrant, but mostly because of the music.

    Sonic 2 has Chemical Plant, Casino Night, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Sky Chase and Wing Fortress. Way more memorable levels which would become staples of the franchise going forward, even if some like Oil Ocean are dull.
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    The Oil Ocean -- Metropolis -- Sky Chase -- Wing Fortress -- Death Egg sequence is the best part of Sonic 2 to me because it's the only time the game shows any semblance of progression, which in turn gives off a feeling of adventure and dreading what's ahead. It's aided by the fact that it's an actual challenge, with difficult enemies and bosses that make you reflect on what you've been through so far.

    Also, Sky Chase is fantastic. If Sonic 1 completes itself in Scrap Brain as a wave that recedes after breaking on the shore, Sonic 2 simply goes on. What comes next after the nature-industrial progression has completed? Sky Chase is filled with anticipation. It's the perfect interlude to the real showdown. Being "a cutscene" was the best choice, because a full-fledged zone would never have that effect.

    That said, and because I haven't done any real bashing of Sonic 2, that's what I don't really like about the earlier half of the game. It's just... there. Not only there isn't any sense of progression, the stages feel... shoddy? Bosses are the best in the classic games, and tied to the stage's elements, but the stage elements in themselves are kinda half-baked sometimes. I have a hard time even noticing the arrows in Aquatic Ruin.
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    I kind of agree, but I think the reason people complain is because it can only really have that effect on you the first time. Every other playthrough is kind of "OK can I get to Wing Fortress now?"

    I think Mirage Saloon is a bit more effective as a breather level because it comes mid-game, and gives the player a chance to relax when they still have 4 1/2 whole levels left. That, and the music kicks all kinds of ass, whereas Sky Chase's is only OK.
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    I'm not proud of it, but yeah. It helps to play as Sonic only. Doing it with Sonic & Tails increases the amount of rings you need to get, on top of Tails being able to lose some of your rings.

    Edit: Woops, should've read the whole thread before posting this was already addressed lol. Honestly I don't really have anything unique to add that hasn't already been said. I suppose Tails not being able to fly when you control him kinda sucks; would've been a nice way to add in an easy mode to the game.
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    Not to mention there tends to be more going on in Mirage Saloon, what with the train chase and the enemy placement being a bit more creative, while Sky Chase is maybe a bit TOO relaxed and slow with not a lot going on.

    With that said, I don't really begrudge Sonic 2 being a more streamlined and lax game because, not only do I feel it doesn't do this to the point of being bland, but I also think it makes the game really fun to do on passive playthroughs. As reviewers like the Geek Critique have pointed out, Sonic 2 is really a fun game to play when you just wanna be alone with yourself and your thoughts. I like 'chill out' games.