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    Sky Chase’s music never really felt... right to me. I mean, it’s a decent track and I guess it works, but it’s so obvious it wasn’t intended for that level which just sort of distracts me.
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    I have to disagree on this, Sky Chase's music is spot on, in my opinion, it's slow and calm, and what's slower and more boring than an autoscroller? With that kind of pace you really can't expect any different music, try to imagine that stage with (say) the Athletic music from Super Mario Bros 3, which often occurs above the clouds as well, it would completely be out of place.
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    I like Sky Chase a lot thematically. Gameplay-wise I don't mind it and I'm always fine with the breather.
    Mirage Saloon 1 always annoys me. It might be the upbeat music making me impatient.
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    I like Sky Chase. It's a relaxing easy stage after frustrating Metropolis. Doesn't overstay it's welcome. It's also "the calm before the storm" story-wise. The progression; sky - battleship - then space station finale is kind of exciting, and appreciated since there's no story between Emerald Hill and Metropolis and the zone progression between EH & Metropolis makes no sense.
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    I have a great fondness for Mystic Cave Zone honestly, probably my first introduction to a "cave level" in video games. I wouldn't have minded that showing up in Mania alongside Lava Reef even (god knows we have several silverish metallic zones in that game, so why not another cave level?).
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    I tend to lose steam around Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean on a light play, which is odd because, besides maybe OOZ's boss, neither of those levels are particularly tedious, just I think the first five levels are the highlight (yes, I love Hill Top).
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    I'm pretty sure datamines found Hidden Palace Zone (the Sonic 2 one) was considered for Mania, so, that.
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    never heard this and need proof
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    assumption was that both scrap brain and hidden palace were considered for mania as they had their spritesheets ported from their respective remakes, separate from the blueprints sheet
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    I'm thinking they were just ported over because they found other weird stuff from the remakes in Mania that weren't used either.
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    Sky chase is a great zone, and putting it before Wing Fortress was definitely a good move. Even on repeat playthroughs it both acts as a breather after Metropolis and a build up to Wing Fortress and the ultimate finale of the game. And the music is perfect. I actually don't like Mirage Saloon in comparison, partly because of those stupid twirling birds that never let up.

    I always refer to the Metropolis-Death Egg sequence as "the story levels" for fairly obvious reasons, though it's true that it does sort of start with Oil Ocean. I would argue that, while the previous zones have a rather wacky progression, I don't think it's all that bad. Moving Chemical Plant would help.

    I think it's worth considering that, aside from the sheer ambition behind the game's development, Sonic 2 has more zones than Sonic 1. It was maybe difficult to juggle everything into a coherent thematic narrative once the time travel plot and the unfinished zones were scrapped. It looks like they were mainly trying to keep each new zone fresh and interesting, rather than putting all the grassy zones next to each other and risk the locales becoming a bit monotonous. That said, something should be judged for what it is.

    It doesn't bother me that much, because the story elements that are in Sonic 2 are wonderful, along with all the little things that make it special. I love that silver Mecha Sonic is a perfect antithesis to Sonic; a lifeless industrial recreation (and he looks cool as heck). I love that you can see the Hill Top mountains in Emerald Hill.

    I also think that the art style inconsistencies, while present, are sometimes blown out of proportion. Aquatic Ruin is the only zone that feels particularly out of place, since of the grass zones, it's the most detailed and realism-driven. Hill Top was meant to capture the polygonal style they used in Green Hill (I think Yuji Naka said this), and of course it shares assets with Emerald Hill. I actually remember noticing the inconsistent mountains in Green Hill and Marble Zone in Sonic 1 as a kid. But every location feels unique, and I like that. I really wish Hidden Palace made it in, because that's some pretty level art.

    I can't remember if anyone mentioned it in this thread, but I've seen a misconception pop up every once in a while that the sprite in Sonic 2 follows the mohawk design, when in fact it does not. All his proper spikes are visible in his '3D' animations, like the corkscrew in Emerald Hill, and his idle animation shares the correct shape from the Sonic 1 sprite. I just wanted to bring it up since I was thinking about it.
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    Oh man. Unpopular opinion time. Finding the bashing threads was a mistake. Even back in the day though there was a lot that didn't feel right about 2 to me after 1. This will be a bit cathartic since I never got to complain about the things wrong with 2 since back in the day I was just happy there was a 2.
    • 2 acts. What the fuck?
    • Soundtrack nowhere near as good as 1's. There are some great tracks, of course but I mean ffs what is the deal with Oil Ocean Zone? Wasn't that good at all in places. Don't get me wrong. Chemical Plant is amazing among others.
    • On that note: Death Egg had a decent track that was just thrown away. It was a short loop, but that eerie buildup didn't even have time to happen.
    • Death Egg in general could have been more fleshed out. Great bosses, though.
    • Small nitpick but the spike feature was fine.
    • Hill Top.
    • Super Sonic was a mistake. Fun but very few games have used him well. Really cool reward to discover but he is game breaking. Also that one spike pit you have to wait to die if you fall into if you are Super Sonic in Mystic Cave.
    • Overall art style just isn't as nice looking.
    • Didn't like the half-pipe special stage, especially after the freaking awesome dreamlike special stage of 1
    • Metropolis zone was somehow both better designed and more boring than Scrap Brain. Also one of the tracks I wasn't a fan of.
    • Tails. Literally. Why? I mean okay P2 but just no. My friends and I would joke Tails was an annoying curse that Sonic had to run away from.
    • Edit: Nearly forgot, never liked the spin dash animation and I've always had mixed feelings about its addition. On one hand it is great to have a way to shoot to top speed from the get go. On the other hand there is a lot of fun in the feel of mastering the spin attack and learning to use momentum to your favor with it, and this takes away the necessity of that. In general I think Sonic Team typically goes to extremes with mechanics that make things easier. Homing attack much later on being the worst culprit.
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