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Who Can Test On Hardware?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Quickman, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. casted_dreams


    The following SEGA systems I can currently test on:
    VA6 Genesis Model 1 (US/NTSC) W/
    Mega Everdrive X5
    Sega 32X (US/NTSC)
    Sega CD Model 1 (US/NTSC)
    Sega Saturn Model 1 (US/NTSC) W/
    Pseudo Saturn
    Sega Dreamcast VA1 (US/NTSC)
    Sega Nomad
    I have the Stunner & Arcade Racer peripherals for the Saturn. For the Genesis I only own 3-button controllers.
    I can also test on the following non-SEGA systems:
    Game Boy Color w/ EZ-FLASH Jr.
    Game Boy Advance w/ EZ-FLASH Omega
    Nintendo 64 (US/NTSC) w/ Everdrive X7
    Sony PSOne (PS1 Slim) (US/NTSC)
    Nintendo Gamecube (US/NTSC)
    Please PM if interested!
  2. Steelrush


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    I have a model 1 Saturn that I can test on, complete with an RGBs video connection. :3

    If you want me to test something, feel free to provide a PM.
  3. ezra


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    I've got an American Genesis + 32x and a Mega EverDrive Pro with CD support! Willing to test stuff.
  4. JayKuriN


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    • 2 Japanese Model 1 Sega Megadrives, board revisions VA4 and VA5
    • 3 American Model 1 Sega Genesis systems, board revisions VA6.8 and VA7
    • An American Model 2 Sega Genesis, board revision VA 1.8
    • A Japanese MegaCD-2

    Willing to test! Got an Everdrive x3 (upgrading soon)
  5. LockOnRommy11


    I can help out with testing here and there. I have an Everdrive X5 and the following hardware:
    • UK PAL Mega Drive Model I (TMSS)
    • UK PAL SEGA Mega Drive Model II (TMSS)
    • UK PAL Master System Converter
    • UK PAL SEGA 32x
    • Analogue Mega SG
    Additionally, I have the following controllers:
    • 8BitDo M30 (Bluetooth)
    • Retrobit 6-button (2.4ghz)
    • Original 3-button (wired)
    • Original 3-button arcade power stick (wired)
    • WKK 3-button Infrared Controller
    • SEGA Menacer
    All consoles (minus SG) can be tested on CRT/LCD display both RF and RGB output, mono or stereo.
  6. Kilo


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    Bit of a bump (Mostly just want to show off my new toy that came into the mail today :))
    I've got a US Model 1 (I think VA3 or 6? I was kind of scared of damaging it so I only got a look at the CPU) with an Everdrive X7.
    I've also got 2 US 3-button controllers. A European 3 button controller. And a third party 6-button controller.

    In terms of other consoles I could use for testing I also have a modded New 2DS XL and Wii U. I've got a PS3 Slim that I've been meaning to mod.
  7. DeltaW


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    I have an arsenal of consoles on me. Going from oldest to newest (they are all PAL/UK/European consoles):

    - Sega Mega Drive II (region bypass + triple bypass v2 mod) w/ Everdrive Plus and X5
    - PS2 Fat (need to look for the AV and get an HDMI cable)
    - Wii original model modded
    - Nintendo DSi modded
    - PS3 Slim (CECH-2003B) modded (via CFW)
    - Wii U modded
    - Nintendo 2DS modded
    - New Nintendo 3DS XL modded
    - Nintendo Switch OLED (most likely won't mod it and may consider selling it if Nintendo's next console is officially backwards compatible with Switch games)

    I'll be around if you want me to test anything out!
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  8. Hello all. Besides my modded New Nintendo 3DS XL (and a non-modded Nintendo Switch), I have the following array of Java phones in no particular order. If modding J2ME Sonic games picks up, you know who to message here.

    - Nokia N86 8MP (my main J2ME gaming phone)
    - Nokia N82
    - Sony Ericsson Cedar
    - Samsung GT-C3050

    And several others but they have various issues, while these are the best working ones I have, but if these aren't sufficient then I can see what we can do.
  9. OrionNavattan


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    Might as well throw my own hardware in the running. I have a full North American Sega CD setup, Model 1 VA2 paired with a Funai Model 2. Former has had caps replaced and the headphone jack preamp defect corrected; the latter has an FRAM mod that eliminates the need for a BURAM battery. I also own a Model 1 VA6, and a Sony Model 2 with a broken disc drive. Yes, I use composite video out, partly due to cost, and because I don't mind the noise introduced into the video signal. Only other things I'd consider having done is having the sync trace bypassed with a bodge wire to eliminate the jailbars, and possibly a switched region mod.

    mega cd.jpg
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  10. Devon


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    I have myself a VA3 model 1 Genesis, which already has a good preamp, but I heard that recapping of the filter caps can make the audio more cleared up. I also have the headphone jack connected to my model 2 Sega CD, with the stereo audio coming out of the Sega CD, into my mixer (for recording), and then out my studio monitors. I think it already sounds pretty darn good as is, but if a recap can help improve it further, then I should probably look into it.