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Who Can Test On Hardware?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Quickman, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. casted_dreams


    The following SEGA systems I can currently test on:
    VA6 Genesis Model 1 (US/NTSC) W/
    Mega Everdrive X5
    Sega 32X (US/NTSC)
    Sega CD Model 1 (US/NTSC)
    Sega Saturn Model 1 (US/NTSC) W/
    Pseudo Saturn
    Sega Dreamcast VA1 (US/NTSC)
    Sega Nomad
    I have the Stunner & Arcade Racer peripherals for the Saturn. For the Genesis I only own 3-button controllers.
    I can also test on the following non-SEGA systems:
    Game Boy Color w/ EZ-FLASH Jr.
    Game Boy Advance w/ EZ-FLASH Omega
    Nintendo 64 (US/NTSC) w/ Everdrive X7
    Sony PSOne (PS1 Slim) (US/NTSC)
    Nintendo Gamecube (US/NTSC)
    Please PM if interested!
  2. Steelrush


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    I have a model 1 Saturn that I can test on, complete with an RGBs video connection. :3

    If you want me to test something, feel free to provide a PM.
  3. ezra


    or "Fuzzy" Member
    I've got an American Genesis + 32x and a Mega EverDrive Pro with CD support! Willing to test stuff.
  4. JayKuriN


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    • 2 Japanese Model 1 Sega Megadrives, board revisions VA4 and VA5
    • 3 American Model 1 Sega Genesis systems, board revisions VA6.8 and VA7
    • An American Model 2 Sega Genesis, board revision VA 1.8
    • A Japanese MegaCD-2

    Willing to test! Got an Everdrive x3 (upgrading soon)