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***Tech Demo Second Release!*** (postbugfix)

Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by LOst, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Ah... for the most part your bug report is good, but I must call into question a few of them that you listed:

    Ah... this is caused by a difference between the Sonic 2 and S3K movement engines; the exact behavior you described occurs on the moving platforms in Marble Garden (although it was hard to test due to the platorms' speed!), but it does not occur in Aquatic Ruin in Sonic 2.
    Of course, the former behavior occurs in Knuckles in Sonic 2.
    I really don't know what to suggest here.
    This sort of happens in the original game; I couldn't get close enough to the edge to reach the "flailing arms" animation, as being near enough to the left edge while the platform moved left (or right edge as the platform moved right) for the balancing animation to start caused the Sonic to fall off the platform!

    Ah... I don't think I quite understand what you're saying here.
    I think that you're saying that if you time your jumps right, you can make the bridge barely move. This is normal.
    The "if your timing is good, you can repeat this indefinitely" makes me unsure, though; after about a minute or so of trying, I still couldn't get it to work a second time.
    Of course, it's entirely possible that my timing sucks! :E
  2. LOst


    Tech Member
    About it not working in Wine, I am truly sorry about that. It was expected from my side since the new tech demo uses pixel shaders now. Even if it is supported by your computer, it may not be emulated by OpenGL. Direct3D9c is needed, sorry.

    Yes, it would happen sooner or later as the graphics quality increases. It was a matter of time before all of you with less that 50 FPS will suffer even more D: The system requirements suggest, you need more powerful graphics card to run such high res textures.

    General graphics:
    I can't do much about graphics. It is the bottleneck. I have proof, see demo in 4X resolution, as it is the heaviest (that will ever be in the final game) calculations.
    Graphics is the key to this project. As I have heard many times from the project lead, this is an art project. The "HD" resolution factor can't be taken away, or optimized for lower quality. So it is out of my hands.

    So about the list of bugs. I am surprised all of them are in the original game as well (oh didn't you check? Ouch). But this is what is great about it: We have the power to fix them! But I have to be careful, as many of the bugs have to do with jumping onto a path. Changing such a thing will throw this game off the Sonic 2-3K chart. Is that something people want? Then I will do it. An example is time attack, where in the original, you can boost your speed by jumping in special angles, to reach paths more quickly without losing speed. It will constantly slow you down if the path must be entered from above, or the full player height.

    To sum it up:
    If you are getting bad performance, even at the license screen, you simply need a 3D accelerated graphics card (we are talking new genration here, not Voodoo 4 or Geforce II). It won't get faster, the further we get into the project. The resolution will widen up with widescreen HD. There will be at least 1 more layer of high texturing. See it as neededing a Dreamcast to run a game, now you need a 3D hardware accelerated graphics card to run this game.
  3. Ollie


    I find it very odd how I've just played this second release and it runs at 2-4 fps, so I was thinking maybe it is my computer since the last one ran at 55-56, so I tried the first release again and it's still playing a that speed. Does this ow mean that people with normal "Family" spec'd computer can no longer play the game?

    Family Specification computers, I mean by a normal sized ram for XP (512mb) and a not an amazing processor (2.0ghz)

    Is there something that I'm missing here that makes it so it needs high specification. :S Because the last tech demo ran fine, I was rather impressed, I'm just wondering why this release makes it so unplayable.

    Oh so we all need to go out and by top of the range stuff. Maybe we don't have the money too? You do realise just how many people will not be able to play this game now. =\
  4. LOst


    Tech Member
    No, absolutely not! The project lead will discuss this issue. This is a community project, and it won't work unless most of the people here are happy.
    The issue is definatelly the pixel shader at this moment. To me it is normal to have pixel shaders in game. But if this game is targeted to the family range of computers, it can be taken out. Quality of effects will be counted out though which is sad. But hey, they did the same for the original Sonic 2 and it worked out fine (ripple effects was taken out, still Chemical Plants runs slow).

    So don't worry. I have the power to remove the pixel shader in 5 seconds, and upload a that version. But it is not up to me alone to make that decision. I just press buttons, other people are in charge :(

    EDIT: I have uploaded a 70 MB Xvid video of all stuff I want people to see ( It's kinda fun because I can record videos of the game without any slowdowns. My specs:

    Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz
    2 GB RAM
    ATi Radeon X1950 512 MB

    Pretty basic computer today, I bought it for around $400-$500.

    And when this project is finished, trust me, computer will be faster, even for the home thanks to Windows Vista forcing pixel shaders into most graphics card.
  5. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox

    Hmm. I'm curious, what the pixel shaders are used for?
  6. Ell678


    Am I Annoying You? Member
    Barrow, England
    Sonic Incursion
    Something you may want to think about is duel / quad support. I had my Logitech G15 showing the performance monitor on the LCD screen, and the second I booted up the demo, one core immediatly filled up and the other did nothing. Just a suggestion, it may help with performance for those with more powerful CPU's than GPU's, it might not.
  7. Elratauru


    Little Shiny Emurralds Member
    Special effects, shading... As the name says, shadings at each pixel... For example, HDR is a pixel shader effect... Bloom needs for example Pixel Shader 2.0 If I remember... or for example, that sun haze when looking at it...

    More here:

    Mmm Yup, Lost, the Ps is killing my old 6200... and I got a 3.0 enabled card...Well, I Love the 2nd tech demo, the emerald hill tiles now are awesome... and by the way, good job.
  8. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox

    Um, I was asking what are they used for in this demo. It looks the same as the first one, but lags a lot. Is there something I'm missing? And what will they be used for? Ripple effects? Something else?
  9. evilhamwizard


    Actually, the second release worked fine for me with Wine (Ubuntu 8.04.1 AMD64):


    Great work. :(

    fyi: I'm using verson 1.1.5.
  10. Tweaker


    Would it be possible to edit the launch program (where you can change controls and stuff) to have a list of graphical effects that the user can turn off to try and improve speed? I think that would be the best way to handle making the game work for as many people as possible.
  11. LordOfSquad


    bobs over baghdad Member
    Winnipeg, MB
    making cool music no one gives a shit about
    Ah, awesome. This is much better than the last tech demo. I love Chemical Plant's music, that bassline is great. Kudos to all of you! :(
  12. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    Well, in any case that explains why my integrated graphics chip screamed in horror as I began to open the program.
  13. Mad Echidna

    Mad Echidna

    Gone Oldbie
  14. NioZero


    ConcepciĆ³n, Chile
    Tornado Sky Fighters
    you can use Vuze to upload HD videos...

    the video is really fun...
    about the game.. its run fine for now... I have the same specs than before..
    Geforce 6800 512MB
    1 GB Ram
    Athlon 64 3000+
    Windows XP SP3
  15. GerbilSoft


    RickRotate'd. Administrator
    That's great. Except if you actually bothered to read the error in question, you'd see that the problem was in DirectInput8Create(), which has nothing to do with shaders.

    HRESULT is 0x80070057, which indicates that an invalid argument was passed to CoCreateInstance(). Can you make sure that the correct value is specified?
  16. Endgame


    Formerly The Growler Member
    I'm loving these tech demos, but I'm sorry to say that the EHZ's 'trumpet' is starting to grait on my nerves after a while.

    I do hope you're going to change the trumpet to something better on the ears before the final release. >.<
  17. GARY M 9

    GARY M 9

    I just used WinAmp to play Super Sonic's music and Emerald Hill Zone 2P's music and I like them both, especially EHZ_2P's.

    Can't believe no one's said anything about those yet.
  18. Vincent


    Sonic 2HD - Project Leader & Chara Member
    Sonic 2 HD
    You can't spoil secrets features like this, you know.. ;P
  19. GARY M 9

    GARY M 9


    Also, I have no idea what I did in the open 4x stage, but the chain on the bridge broke on me. (The last two chains didn't align properly with the bridge.)

    Attached is the S2R file in .rar format that was recorded with this bug.

    View attachment 2393
  20. Sciz


    That was my line of thinking. It's worked for PC games for well over twenty years now, so it ought to suffice here. The downside being that any art that was explicitly meant to be handled by shaders (such as the liquid in the Chemical Plant tubing, IIRC) would need to be redrawn properly for low detail mode.
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