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***Tech Demo Second Release!*** (postbugfix)

Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by LOst, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. LOst


    Tech Member
    Tech Demo Second Release Download

    Needed D3D DLL Files

    Please note this is pre-Alpha, so all the current art is in WIP status and it wont reflect the final aspect.


    Video of all the action (in case you are lazy):

    Youtube videos: (How to become Super Sonic)
    ... more to come later ...

    3 things have been changed to this post-update release:
    1. The bug where two chains were stuck to the swinging platform's platform has been fixed.
    2. The bridge has been updated to produce a smoother bending process.
    3. The 2x stunnel has been updated so that Knuckles can't jump over the spin attack forcer.

    Things that haven't been changed to some people's disappointment (sorry):
    1. Pixel Shader is still there wasting GPU.
    2. Keyboard is still producing debug replay files.
  2. SephyUK


    WHY SO CURIOUS? Member
    Some Freakishly Long Anime
    Hell yeah, downloading now.
  3. SillyJonna


    rhymes with iguana Member
    Orlando, Florida
    Kickin' Rad!
    Aside from the loops, are there any other differences?

    Oooooo, that bridge looks nice!
  4. There's a red spring somewhere that wasn't before. And some new music in the folder.
  5. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    I found myself walking on the ceiling in the climbing stage and there was no way to get back.
  6. Tweaker


    Loving the new Emerald Hill art—especially the tree! Glad to see there's been more progress towards getting the actual stage in. :(
  7. GerbilSoft


    RickRotate'd. Administrator
    Seems to be broken in WINE:

    Code (Text):
    1. fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no instance created for interface {bf798031-483a-4da2-aa99-5d64ed369700} of class {25e609e4-b259-11cf-bfc7-444553540000}, hres is 0x80070057
    2. err:dinput:DirectInput8Create CoCreateInstance failed with hr = -2147024809; Try running wineprefixcreate to fix it.
  8. T.Q.


    The Sims 2, Tim Drake [Robin] Member
    Very good work on these tech demos. I too encountered walking on the ceiling in the "Super Climb stage". I haven't had problems with the "Multi Bridge stage", but the way the bridge articulated up and down was choppy, specifically if Sonic was walking across it (whether it's fast or slow). So maybe the bridge can be more flexible so it's less noticible (less choppiness).
  9. Lizam


    Lizam Member
    Mario & Sonic: Worlds Clash
    The gravity auto changes once you reach the ceiling, then changes back once you make your way back on the floor again.

    Hahah, Sonic's invincible. I wasn't able to squish him between two of the blocks on the stunnel loop stage.

    Awesome work again, LOst ^^
  10. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member

    Ha, so I'm not the only one who tried to do that.
  11. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    I yet didn't test it, but why weren't the system requirements fixed? I thought it has been proven that they were too high >_>
  12. Baby Ghost

    Baby Ghost

    Put Tails in every game! Member
    Is there no easier way to restart the demo besides quiting it completely?

    Otherwise, AWESOMENESS.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    While this looks awesome, this tech demo rapes my computer more than the last one did (That one ran perfectly).

  14. SANiK


    Tech Member
    Yeah - major slowdown for me as well in this build.

    Like 17 FPS from 47 FPS
  15. GHFan


    Awesome, but it sucks up every bit of my computer's RAM (and then some... stupid laptop...stupid Vista)
  16. Skaarg


    The S loops are a little bit better in this version, but I still feel they need a lot of work.

    The bridge is also very nice if you're running or spindashing across, but if you walk slowly across the bridge lowering is very choppy.

    Also for the ARZ loop if you go to the right side and try to spindash back through the loop you will go flying off the one of the little humps before the loop about 90% of the time.
  17. NioZero


    Concepción, Chile
    Tornado Sky Fighters
    mi pc also is running more low than before... maybe the disk acces to generate those .s2r file are the reasons...

    some quick notes...
    - 3X: sonic can walk downside in the left side (its this fine?)
    - 2X: sonic can't be squashed by the squares and I think the gravity is a little lower..
    - 2X: sonic can jump to the higher platforms without collisioning... (nestled loop 2x size stage)

    the chemical zone song is really good... and the graphics improvement too...

    looking forward for the next release.... :(
  18. GARY M 9

    GARY M 9

    I love how the chain bridge looks in 4x, but not how Chemical Plant Zone's music sounds. D:

    Also, the processor system requirement should probably be lowered to around 2.21GHz since this comp runs it at full speed on full screen on 1-4x.
  19. Vincent


    Sonic 2HD - Project Leader & Chara Member
    Sonic 2 HD
  20. Canned Karma

    Canned Karma

    S2HD Project Manager Member
    Sonic 2 HD, various 3D work
    You wanted a bug report, here's some 'light' reading for you:

    With Sonic:
    Tube area still has 'suction' in ball form. Especially obvious when standing right next to the lower entrance at a standstill, and going into a roll. Sonic is slowly sucked in, and then half a second later, accelerates a little ways up before rolling back down.

    With Knuckles:
    Same issues as with Sonic. When gliding near to the ground near the lower right ramp, Knuckles will slide up along it.

    2x STunnel
    With Sonic:
    Sonic clips through the blocks.

    Same double suction issue as in the 1x S tube.

    With Knuckles:
    Spindashing up off the ramp on the right side of the screen puts Knuckles into the same vertical flipping animation as if he'd jumped off a spring.

    I was able to get Knuckles to reverse direction inside of the tube for half a second before going back up in the right direction.

    Now onto the truly crazy stuff. If you approach the S tube from the upper entrance and glide into it then immediately jump, there's a good chance you'll be able to break the constraint making Knuckles keep in ball form. Once you've done this, he'll flop around from surface to surface in his standing pose trying to walk or run on either of the tube walls he's closest to. Gravity is still in effect while he's in this state, but he cannot jump or roll into a ball unless you crouch again at the bottom (before exiting the tunnel) and charge up a spindash. Releasing a spindash will put him back into the correct sequence for it, e.g. always being in ball form in that area.

    I had to screenshot this happening a few times as proof:
    Sorry about the coloring on the top right screen, I accidentally hit Enter+PrtScrn just as I was doing the screencap, booting the demo out to the YOU CAN HELP TOO page.

    Knux also can't get any distance while gliding if he's above the 'line' where the grass on the topmost hill would extend across the screen. You can test this by trying to glide after jumping on the right block moving up and down when it's near the top of the screen. Knuckles will float down vertically, and after crossing this invisible barrier will then start moving to the left or right depending on which direction he's facing.

    2x Test Stage
    I didn't find anything out of the oridinary in my tests with Sonic. With Knuckles it's a little different.

    When you glide into the middle part of the half loop on the right side, he'll instantly transition from the gliding animation to the running one and continue to run up the loop and along the ceiling if you keep holding right. **Later note: after trying this on other areas in the demo with ramped areas, it looks like Knux will do this on every one of them. Was this part of the original game physics being recreated and not a bug after all?

    2x NestledLoop
    With Sonic:

    This area was bug city compared to the other stages in the demo. The craziest bug I came across was one that caused Sonic to teleport through a floor onto the one above him. To do this I was trying to jump at the left pillar on the bottom floor in the center to make him clip through it to the left like he'd done a couple times already. This time he went straight up through the floor to appear on the ramp leading down.

    This also made Sonic change layers (?) to the darker background ramp in the center area.

    Various momentum based bugs for the area:
    With Sonic standing at the left side of screen, run forward until you come to the first dip in the ground. At this area there are two flowers in the background texture. Just before Sonic hits the first one while he's running, jump. For me, this made him jump up, roll diagonally right down a surface that doesn't exist, and hit the ramp in a way that Sonic immediately transitions to the walking animation and walks up the right wall of the ramp. I hope that explanation made sense. This could just be a part of how the physics engine operates, but it looked incredibly odd to me.

    If you stand right at the point of the dip I described and jump to the right, you'll see Sonic clip through the pillar and walk down the invisible diagonal ramp. I was able to repeat this easily.

    3x res Super Climb w/Sonic
    **After reading the thread, it looks like this issue's already been covered**
    When Sonic is walking toward the right side of the screen and jumps toward the straight diagonal area, he will flip upside down and walk directly on that surface for a moment or so. This also happens on the diagonal on the lower left side of the middle block - on this one I was able to run left along the floor, jump up immediately beneath it, and make Sonic walk backward along the diagonal. Jumping from a standstill directly up to that surface also makes Sonic run partially upside down along it.

    If you spindash into either of the ramp areas, Sonic will remain in ball form and spin in place along the corner area for a couple seconds before gravity kicks in again.

    4x res Open Stage w/Sonic
    On the swinging platform I ran into a couple curious things:
    I had Sonic walk forward and roll into a ball when at the top of the platform's swing on the right side while he was walking left. As the platform swings back toward the left side and Sonic is moving in rolled up form, he'll temporarily get disconnected from the platform and roll in place in mid-air before falling back to the ground. I also tested this coming from the left side with the same effect. It almost looked like Sonic was running into an invisible wall that extended out from the blue orb the chain is swinging from. If Sonic isn't rolling far enough for his momentum to take him off the platform, this will not happen.

    A variation of this effect happens if you move Sonic toward the edge without rolling into a ball. It will look like Sonic is walking on a flat horizontal plane for a moment before gravity takes hold and pulls him back to the platform again.

    If you have Sonic in his arms flailing at the edge position on the left side of the platform as it's swinging to the left, it will dump him onto the ground when it reaches its highest point on the left side.

    4x Multi Bridge Stage
    With Sonic:
    More of a fun note than anything, but if you jump on the bridge and hit jump again just before it seems like Sonic is going to come into contact with it's bounding box, it will look like Sonic bounced off the bridge without it moving at all. If your timing is good enough you can repeat this indefinitely!

    That's all the testing I'm doing for tonight. Another fine job LOst!
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