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    I've run into a bit of a problem when trying to rearrange tiles through drag-and-drop with the 2pcompat flag set.

    In the attached example, I've swapped tiles 4 and 6 on an otherwise unmodified EHZ. While it looks like they've been swapped just fine under the tiles tab, selecting either one will show the original tile in the art editor. In other words, the tiles weren't actually moved. Also, tile 2 somehow got messed up in the process, even though I never touched it.

    I can get around this by deactivating 2pcompat and moving the 8x16 tiles as two separate 8x8 tiles, but it's not exactly comfortable...

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    i'm trying to import this background into labyrinth zone, however it comes out crusty and tiles are broken, is there a way to opimise the amount of tiles created? or is there an alternative way to not have it broken?
    0.png (i dont have the broken bg screenshot sadly, however it uses other art tiles from the level, like the conveyor belt and such)
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    Is there a way to alter the Sonic 2 animated blocks in SonLVL? I made the OOZ Pulsing balls use PAL2 in game, and there's clearly a file that outputs the animated tile block onto SonLVL (AnimatedBlocks.bin), but no way to alter the files from my knowledge. And yes, I know that altering said files wouldn't effect the in game version like Sonic 1 and 3k, it's just that having the option would be nice
  4. Huh. So SonLvL just suddenly decided to delete itself off of my computer again. This is 2 times now. Anyone know what's up?

    Edit: looks like my computer thinks it's a virus, when I've been using it just fine until now. I'm trying to download it again, but the only links are a loop between MainMemory's site and Sonic Retro. No downloads are working :/
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    I personally have the same problem. My antivirus sees it as malware and refuses to let it install.