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Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Lambda


    I'm optimistic. Either way I'll be seeing it on opening night, so whether it's good or not doesn't really matter. :specialed:
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    me neither lol

    In all honesty, I'm with you guys freaking out about this, in my heart. But I just don't have the capacity to actually get mad about shit like this anymore. You can only yell FRANCHISE RUINED so many times, especially when there's precious little there to defend in the first place. Regardless of how many Sonic games you think are great, you can't deny that the grand majority of them are anywhere on the spectrum from Okay to Unplayable, and don't even get me started on the supporting media. There are high notes here and there (Robotnik in AoStH being the highest, Ian's run on the comic taking second behind that) but it's hard to root for a franchise whose track record is so CONSISTENTLY just "good enough", or "well if you ignore X, Y, and Z aspects of it, it's okay". I've come to realize that the fleeting golden age of undeniably good Sonic games that were there right at the beginning, what I REALLY loved about the franchise, is gone and dead and buried outside of Taxman and Stealth's efforts to bring it back. Someone earlier in the thread said that just because it's a kid's franchise doesn't excuse it from mediocrity and he's right. But as long as those kids keep buying these games and seeing this movie when it comes out, and Sega keeps rolling in enough money to keep the company bobbing along, then why do they have to try harder to make a better experience, be it a movie, or a game, or a TV show, toys, what have you? It's good enough. So whatever. Sega doesn't care and neither should we at this point. It's not worth the angry message board posts. A shrug should suffice.

    Of course if you DO enjoy what they put out, then do enjoy it by all means.
  3. Machenstein


    It's frustrating because this isn't what the franchise needs after how polarizing Lost World was. The series needs more good main series games to regain any positive momentum Sonic had with Colors and Generations. It didn't need to enter another "experimental" phase with this strong push for spin-offs, cartoons and movies. It was so nice to experience another Sonic renaissance just for it to end so abruptly again. For that brief period in the early 2010's, it was cool to like Sonic again.

    I'm glad you agree with my previous statement. I just wonder why Sega cared enough to appeal to their older fans not too long ago, just to pull a 180 and go, "Okay, party's over, we're aiming strictly for the 6-11 crowd again." They cared enough to make a solid 20th anniversary outing, commission Taxman to port Sonic CD, have Sumo Digital make a couple of great racing titles, and even green-lighted that Mega Man crossover comic. Best of all, people loved it, both young and old. Did they learn nothing from their winning streak?
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    I felt like (and an admittedly loaded question in that gamespot Wii U gameplay video posted on the Sonic Boom thread kind of confirmed my suspicions) Sega's trying to shake us loose. They want us old fans to go away so they can focus on their core demographic without having to deal with catering to us anymore.

    Yeah, we support them with our wallets when the games are good, but that comes at the price of us actually expecting quality and above-and-beyond levels of "just okay" in the games we play. Parents buying games for their 6-11 year olds don't come with those strings attached, and are generally less fastidious when it comes to quality. That means they can throw some money and dev time at something and get a decent return. It's a pretty pessimistic view, but it's not secret Sega is in dire financial straits right now, and are probably just looking to get products out the door, make some money back, and keep afloat for another fiscal year.

    It's sad, but I guess that's what we get for being passionate about what essentially boils down to a very commercial IP. Eventually we just don't fit the bill anymore.

    I still believe expecting quality isn't too much to ask, but it's obvious that's not been Sega's goal for a while now.
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    The Sonic movies are going to be spin-offs and Sonic Boom is a spin-off as well. Sonic Free Riders didn't ruin the franchise, this won't either.
  6. Samurai Echidna

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    I'm probably the only one who welcomes a CGI/Live Action Hybrid movie. :colbert:/>

    Yes, the infamous fanfilm sucks, but that never swayed me from wanting to see a live action Sonic movie. It's something I've wanted since the Adventure days. And as the cutscenes in the games got better and more detailed, let's face it, the games all ready played out like a good scifi movie or a solid b-movie. And when the textures and character models are as detailed and high def as they are these days, they tend to feel live action all ready. Well... except when they go full cartoony like in Unleashed or Boom.

    When I came here to this message board, I was quickly made aware that I'm probably the only one who doesn't mind Sonic being in a more live action setting. And I also cannot stand being around the pessimistic crowd that is afraid of every new thing and only sees the potential for how it could ruin Sonic completely. I'm not saying I'm a completely trusting fool, I know it's better to expect the worst and hope for/be pleasantly surprised at the best. I just put more emphasis on the "hoping for the best" part rather than just automatically assuming all is lost.
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    I think this is a brilliant idea. I actually want it to be a horrible trainwreck. Laughably bad movies are good fun, and I could use a good laugh.
  8. I want to know the sweet sadistic joy of seeing my absolute favorite franchise of my childhood torn asunder on the big screen. Dragonball Evolution wasn't bad enough, it was too enjoyable for me to really feel that dirty joy. I need to see my favorite characters engaging in the most cringeworthy of activity. The Super Mario Bros movie wasn't cringeworthy enough, it was too much a product of it's time. This though, this Sonic concept, might truly be the film that's so bad, so terrible, it could possibly be like watching 9/11 happen all over again. And I will sit in the theater and I will laugh, and I will feel the pleasure that the trolls who trolled Jesse Slaughter felt when her dad got on camera and said "consequences will never be the same again."

    Sega will not troll me with this movie, it will be me trolling them. This is going to be the most fun I'll ever have at the movies. Trainwreck? No. I will be Ozymandias watching the giant squid explode, killing millions of people. The ultimate troll.
  9. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I can't help but feel that yet more splitting of the brand is a good thing at all though, and I'm worried that as such this will have more to do with the SEGA games in the long run. I can deal with Boom (the show genuinely has exceeded all expectations so far), but these movies are probably going to be damning.
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    How could one movie a year POSSIBLY be that bad, considering entire seasons of CG animated cartoons can be done in that time.

    Y'all mothafuckas need some Jesus. Grab some popcorn and watch how it plays out. It'll be interesting if nothing else.
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    Hope it's not Sonic Adventure: The Movie. Don't get me wrong, I'd have loved it when I was younger, but I want more than just nostalgia. =P
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    Regardless if this is good or not, you're going to look like a creepy little fuck if you're above the age of 12 and go to see this in theaters.
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    This is exactly how I want a Sonic film to be though, after seeing the fan film. CG Sonic characters with live action actors. I know it's unlikely they'll use SATAM characters, but I hope whatever they come up with is a good substitute. Maybe Flo could make an appearance.
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    It shows that they don't really care about the people making the movie putting that much effort into it and that they just want to milk this thing. That's why it's a bad thing.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Sega, you've lost me. We're not on the same page anymore and I have no idea what the fuck you're doing.
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    Hey, if I can see The Lego Movie in theaters without getting weird looks, I sure as hell can sit through this piece of shit.
  17. TimmiT


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    No you won't. If people won't find it creepy if you go to a Pixar movie, they won't find it creepy if you go to something like this.
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    Leave it to this website to shit out an aneurysm over a description alone.

    This is almost as pathetic as everyone screaming over Sonic Boom. Please, educate me. Whenever there's a new IP out, do you scream at the top of your lungs that this is an outrage? That a game that isn't stellar/really all that good, or a movie commercial that pops on doesn't peak your interest, is cause for endless diatribe? I'm pretty sure in those cases you just go "game/movie looks like shit. Not buying." And yet here we are, seeing a concept we don't agree with not affecting the core media at ALL, and we all collectively lose our MINDS. For this AND Sonic Boom.

    Try and disassociate the word, or even character "Sonic" from all of this for a minute. In fact, don't even think of Boom or the films as relating to the same thing or even each other. You know why? Because you're not suppose to. They're SPINOFFS. They're high budget experiments to see what will happen if they try this. are you really going to cut off the hands of scientists for dabbling with unholy materials or concepts? You're no better than the Churches when they didnt want Gallileo to prove the heliocentric model.

    Now yes. A bad concept can be disliked, I'm not saying otherwise. Someone once suggested a Batman series where Michael Cera was casted as a teenage Bruce Wayne who was awkward as fuck and always clumsily tried to stop bad guys. While that would be funny, probably, I identified that to a friend as effectively shitting on Bob Kane's grave. Because really, that's not Batman (though one would argue Batman was intended to be a joke character anyway, but I don't think at /that/ level).

    But would something like that existing be a problem? No, unless they were redirecting Batman as a whole series. And the same goes for these films and Boom. What we've seen of BOOM has been underwhelming to outright annoying, but fixable to be something interesting yet maybe not stellar. We haven't even seen the films yet. We already know cartoon characters in the same world as live humans and animals looks flat out wrong, but they might be able to play this off right. MIGHT. If they don't? Another piece of evidence that denounces that idea's ability to actually /work./ if they do? Excellent! Something I can watch later. But as a whole these two things are SPINOFFS and do NOT AFFECT THE DIRECTION OF THE SERIES. That is, unless they're successful, and looking at the backlash they won't be. So you get your wish. Woo. No need to be shitting up a storm the second a blip on the bullshit radar shows up.

    Seriously, what are you all so upset about anyway? You don't want the series to go that direction? If it doesn't work, it won't, so calm your fucking tits and don't be an idiot assuming the worst ALL THE TIME. You don't want this to worsen the brand's image? The series is a joke to begin with. This will only be more material to go on to confirm that if that's true. It really can't get worse than people laughing at 06, it really can't. That was an INHERENTLY BROKEN PRODUCT.

    One last thing. I love the Pokemon games and watch the OVAs on occasion but I haven't sat down to watch the anime in years. love, appreciate, and hate the material described in that order. Do I hate Pokemon as a brand? No, its very successful on some fronts, its handheld series primarily. I support that, so I put my money into it. I don't support the anime so I don't even watch it on CN or even the subs on crunchyroll or what have you. Now do I hate Sonic as a brand? I wouldnt say hate but I definitely don't agree with a good amount of its spinoffs or even some of the core games. There are some games I like! So what do I do? When I find out everything I can about it, I buy what interests me and don't throw a shitfest when the game isn't up to par. Because really the series has been mediocre at best. Want a horrible game? The shit AVGN screams at can sometimes fit that bill. Anyone remember Big rigs? False advertizing is something to be miffed with, not a shit idea.

    tl; dr, none of this affects your precious main series games. Calm the FUCK down and don't watch the movie if it ends up being shit. We don't even have any *VISUALS* yet.
  19. ^ Um... what this guy said.
  20. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Thanks for the wall-of-text. If fan reaction bugs you so much, you could always go somewhere else for a while, I guess. Fans of a particular piece of material are going to be fairly opinionated, man. Asking Sonic fans to calm down and stop taking announcements so seriously is pretty dumb, considering this is a series known for being led in bone-headed directions. And that's not just because they're Sonic fans.

    As for me, I'm just confused at what Sega's overall plan with Sonic is. We've got a TV show, two game tie-ins, and now this. Spinoffs are all well and good, but I think just one at a time is enough. And this is a spinoff with live people in it. Which means it'll be like almost every other movie with cartoon characters and people in them. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not. I can't know that yet. After all, Space Jam was and will forever be The Shit©. But I can and will express how utterly befuddling this all is. There doesn't seem to be a place where all of these different things come together for a cohesive, long-term plan. It's almost as if their plan is to throw a bunch of different Sonic things at the wall and see what sticks.

    Which is stupid and a disappointing strategy if you ask me.