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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. That wouldn't cover Act 2 remixes at all, though.

    Also just a reminder that Leila Wilson's Alternate OST exists - she has already stated that the tracks there are allowed to be used by SEGA.
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    Gave those tracks a listen. They're fine, but I don't feel they fit Sonic 3 and I think it rather presumptuous to put out such a statement.
  3. Yash


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    There’s also probably some more complicated legality behind using a fan’s tracks than going “well, she said we could use them.” The fans behind the Mother 3 translation said the same thing about letting Nintendo use their translation, but I believe one of them (probably Mato, who has since offered to retranslate the game from scratch for Nintendo for free instead) confirmed that it isn’t legally viable for Nintendo to go that route.
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    Edit: Never mind, I got sniped first. Keeping my post up for the sake of the links at least. I think her Ice Cap and Launch Base tracks fit well in my attempts at modded S3AIR playthroughs, at least.

    I've said this before, but I'll say it again... if Sega insisted on original music, and if stealth was smart, he'd actually contract Woolfe's Sonic 3 Alternate soundtrack as an option. I like her Ice Cap and Launch Base both quite a bit, and she is very good as a retro composer, and originally proposed these songs for that exact purpose back in 2014 when trying to get Sonic 3 Remastered off the ground.

    I suppose they could go back to Tee Lopes as well, but I'd love yet another fan turned pro composer to be brought in if they must.
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  5. Yash


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    Btw I just want to clarify my poo-pooing of the idea of using Leila’s soundtrack by pointing out I’d love it if they actually did. It’s very well-done, and feels a lot more inventive than just being pastiches of the original themes (thinking of the Lego Ice Cap theme for example), while still evoking the same feelings. If I found anything to critique about it, I guess it’s always sounded a bit more like Mega Man to me than Sonic, but I’m not against experimenting with different sounds for the series.
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    One major issue with that theory is that Jam uses prerecorded versions, instead of emulation.
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  7. RikohZX


    I love her songs too and regularly run them in AIR. But my only complaint would probably be that you'd have to use the whole soundtrack and not just parts of it, because the sound environment for the new songs are way, way more complex than anything you'd hear on the Sega Genesis, even beyond Dynamite Headdy or Ristar, and Sonic 3&K and even 3D Blast's soundtracks sound absolutely barren in comparison.

    And I think Sonic 3's non-MJ music that is there is too iconic for a partial swap-n-drop. So I'd totally pick up a soundtrack mod of the alternatives, but I can't agree on a partial solution being official. But, I wouldn't object to Leila or Lopes or others composing entirely new things to fit in either as noted before.
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  10. I think this time they should show Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  11. RetroJordan91


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    It’s about time we get a full fledged gameplay reveal.. I predict it will be something related to Story Mode but it will likely just be one of the games in Anniversary Mode.

    If they actually show off Sonic 3 this time, I will be quite pleased.. but of course I’m not expecting CNZ, ICZ, or LBZ either :V
  12. Dark Sonic

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    I had a dream last night where I was playing this and it used the proto tracks.

    If that happens I'm a witch


    That's another thing...

    Say they do use the proto tracks, or even keep the OG music and use the protos as a bonus of some kind. Will they be exactly as they were in the beta, or get a brand new, more updated mix?
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  14. TheOcelot


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    If the proto tracks are included I doubt they'll be altered, perhaps just remastered.

    Hopefully Friday's stream will show-off all the different modes in Origins.
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  15. big smile

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    I bet if they show CNZ, ICZ, or LBZ it'll be the boss bits that use the S&K music!

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really hope they show some split-screen. Even just a still screenshot dropped into the stream would be enough (so long as it shows something that wasn't in the MD originals).
  16. nineko


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    I'll bite: they're going to add a S2-style versus mode for all the zones of all the games, since the Retro engine doesn't need to use weird 8×8 or 8×16 tiles this isn't going to be a problem.
  17. E-122-Psi


    I feel like that would be difficult for S3K's level design due to the excess transitions and character specific routes in nearly every zone, most of which aren't even optional like in Mania where they were at least able to cherry pick a reasonable amount of acts.

    It would be neat for 1 and CD though, which feel more compatible with that setup and don't have a multiplayer mode in the first place (also would be a neat call back since 1 WAS going to have a race mode originally).

    If so here's hoping for a Mania Plus style expansion which also adds 3-4 player. :D
  18. Yeah, S3K multiplayer is probably going to be very limited, if existent at all. Talking like:
    - Hydrocity 2 (Starts either after the wall chase or without a wall chase, ends before the Knux cutscene)
    - Marble Garden 1 (As a very heavy maybe)
    - Carnival Night 1 (All players start at the Sonic start point)
    - IceCap 2 (All players start at the Sonic start point)
    - Mushroom Hill 1 (All players start at the Sonic start point)
    - Mushroom Hill 2 (All players start at the beginning of the Sonic/Tails path)
    - Flying Battery 1 & 2 (The least problematic by far)

    Every other stage I can think of has some sort of issue:
    - AIZ1 transitions mid-act
    - AIZ2 has water level changes
    - HCZ1 has water level changes
    - MGZ2 has the Eggman encounters which cause screen lock and pathing complications
    - CNZ2 is not only super long, but has water level changes and the Knux path cuts through basically the whole zone
    - ICZ1 transitions mid-act
    - LBZ1 has the tube elevators that could easily become problematic, and also has things which lock off the way back once pressed, potentially softlocking a player
    - LBZ2 also has those softlocking problems
    - SOZ1 is just. Long. I guess you could use it but I’m not sure it would be enjoyable.
    - SOZ2 has the rising sand, which is rather complex overall
    - I highly doubt they’d want to include LRZ and onwards
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  19. They basically should have to re-design the whole stages layout to be compatible with the Sonic 2-race-style.
  20. Blue Spikeball

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    They could just tweak the levels in MP to remove the cutscenes. For example, AIZ1 would be the same except that there would be no intro cutscene and the Flame Mobile wouldn't burn the jungle mid-act. The second half not being in flames wouldn't even make any difference gameplay-wise.