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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. McAleeCh


    I'd guess there might be - the PC versions have numerous differences which suggest they were likely based off of more finalised versions of these tracks, including fairly major key/tempo changes in the Act 1 mixes for Carnival Night and Launch Base. Most tellingly, an entire drum track has been added to IceCap Act 1, which lacks all but the most basic percussion in the proto.
  2. SEGACast


    The Tokyo Toy Show build of Sonic the Hedgehog was apparently planned to be included in Sonic Mega Collection, but wasn't due to SEGA losing it at some point.

    I'm wondering if something like this is being planned for the Museum? You'd think that SEGA would still have archives of their work, so it's not entirely impossible.

    Although, considering how a LOT of prototypes of their games have reached the Internet over the past few decades, they might not be as secure as Nintendo has been...

    Then again, the thing that happened almost two years ago with Nintendo certainly hasn't happened to SEGA yet, as far as I know.
  3. Xiao Hayes

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    I may have worded it wrong, I don't prefer the final tracks because I like all of them (I hated CNZ until I got used to it), but because it's a more distinct sound than the generic proto/PC tracks. You say proto CNZ and LBZ sound better for a number of legit reasons, but, in the case of a Sonic game, or those specific zones of a Sonic game (including proto Ice Cap), that music doesn't fit, devaluates the feel of going through those levels, and while I wouldn't mind not hearing the final CNZ music, I do need the feel of scary clowns around, and I do need something martial and industrial in LBZ, with the proto track having only the martial part and the wrong take of it: we're entering an enemy facility, not celebrating the major got a new medal.

    I have a similar feel with the music of Saturn/PC version of S3D: Jacques did a wonderful work, but you get to Spring Stadium and don't get what happened between both acts (we go from a casino to a circus when act 2 starts), and Diamond Dust loses the unique feel it had in MD and becomes generic Christmas snow song. I prefer when they do stuff you don't expect but still fits well if not better than the common thing.
  4. Aesculapius Piranha

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    Sadly in that reality Amy x Tails is more popular than Sonic and Robotnik actually wound up being a historically accurate Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    According to Valleybell, the data for the proto tracks are actually the same key as the PC versions but there's a setting you can change in the songs to transpose them to a new key.

    The PC songs sound different in many ways, some sections do sound more simplistic than the genesis versions, specially HCz1 (which features a different harmony at some point), CNz 2 and LBz2 PC.

    This suggests that the PC songs were based on actual demo tapes and the proto tracks are incomplete reworkings of the original demos to the genesis hardware.
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    Anyone else ever find CNZ.... creepy? Scary? Just me? I always found it a little bit unsettling. Never had a fear of clowns really, but there's something about CNZ and how "empty" it is, especially during the percussion breaks and the long silence after the glass shattering sound.

    it's funny to imagine SEGA losing an important prototype lol. In reality it was probably a pretty tame series of events, but I imagine it playing out like an episode of Drake and Josh.
  7. I find MJ/Brad Buxer's CNZ downright creepy, but for some reason I still like it and prefer it to the other. I do have a fear of clowns that informs the creepiness fwiw.
  8. TheOcelot


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    SEGA Japan have uploaded a highlights video of their recent "Sonic Station Live" stream narrated in English.

    The only interesting thing they mention about Origins is that the coins earned by completing missions unlocks; music, artworks and game design documents from each game.
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  9. McAleeCh


    Oh, that's really interesting - I wasn't aware re: the songs being in the same key and transposed via a setting in the code. I'd always assumed the PC tracks were direct conversions which were either converted incorrectly or simplified manually for whatever reason, but if there's that many small differences it really does sound like they may have been transcribed directly to that format using original demos as reference. If true, I guess that might also explain things like the extra flourish of notes in the final boss theme, and the lack of the Mushroom Hill Act 1 intro - we know from the proto that the latter wasn't in the Mega Drive version originally either, so it may not have been part of the original demo for the track.

    Then again, if the key changes are handled via a setting in the code, I guess an incorrect conversion could theoretically result in them reverting to the key they were originally coded in... That wouldn't explain the other differences, though. What I'd give for an in-depth peek into the development of these games!
  10. Consider my interest piqued-

    Also has it been confirmed yet whether or not Origins runs at 60fps on switch?
  11. McAleeCh


    Not to my knowledge. There's no excuse for the games themselves not to - however, I wouldn't be surprised if the 3D menus are locked at 30fps on Switch.
  12. RetroJordan91


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    They did also mention on that Sonic Station video that Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue worked together on the background music for the Origins animations (presumably the cutscenes in Story Mode)

    I really hope that is not a mistranslation because that alone is also great news.. Tee Lopes and Classic Sonic gel beautifully together and his music is always fantastic
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  13. Hydr0city


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    Oh wow, I don't think they've ever done this, have they? Translate Japanese streams officially like this, that is. Hopefully they do it more in the future, this is fantastic.

    Also "game design documents" oh my fucking god. I eat this shit up so I am SO excited. Guess I have a reason to grind coins now, LMAO
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    That is some banger clown music I don't care what anyone says lol.

    Whenever I play Sonic 3 AIR I make Act 1 the proto track and Act 2 the final track (also since I find most Act 1 proto tracks better than the Act 2 proto tracks)
  15. God, if that's the case, they better put that up on Spotify, because I'm gonna headbang hard (assuming the songs will be longer than 1 minutre, of course lol).
  16. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    I’m actually the opposite, if I ever choose to mix and match when it comes to those 3 zones, I always leave the Act 1 tracks on the MJ/Buxer ones while Act 2 I go with the prototype.. At least the final act 1 MJ/Buxer tracks have all their sounds while act 2 just lazily remove some instruments/noise and call it a day.. plus I prefer proto Act 2 of CNZ and LBZ anyway :V
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  17. nineko


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    Guys, they're going to compromise, by alternating one bar of the proto tracks with one bar of the final tracks.
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    PAL players are left in more pain than you could ever comprehend.
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  20. Blastfrog


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    Game design docs sounds interesting, but I'd bet good money on it just being stuff we already have. Hope I'm wrong, but you can't be disappointed if you keep your expectations low, and SEGA has certainly taught me to do that.
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