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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Can't argue with that. MMZ is fun from start to finish. Music probably has a lot to do with it it though, because it's just so bloody sexy.
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    Same on both fronts. Metallic Madness and Oil Ocean are in my top three and top five zones in this game, respectively; in the original games... Well, I didn't hate either of them, but I'd still call Metallic Madness Act 2 my least favorite part of Sonic CD, and I never cared even an ounce for Oil Ocean.

    Honestly, I'd put Stardust Speedway in a similar camp as those two. I think the two CD zones in Mania fare incredibly well because they maintain the identity, aesthetics, and notable setpieces/gimmicks of both zones while giving them level design that flows better, setpiece use that's more memorable, and gimmicks that are programmed better. (Anyone remember how wonky the tube sections in the original Stardust Speedway felt? It was really... not good!!)
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    Try to split the opinions between classic and modern Sonic fans and you may get some useful feedback.

    EDIT: Just in case that whatever Plus is includes level fixes, here's a mistake that was made in Green Hill when revising the "behind waterfall" tiles:
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    Yeah this is notable and interesting. I've mentioned it previously in this thread, but basically both Taxman and Stealth went unusually quiet around late October time when Taxman stated (in that Rolling Stone interview) he had upcoming "discussions with Sega" scheduled for around then and Stealth seemed to be focusing on his original game (as seen via late October updates to his Patreon) and then both of them went silent and not a peep from them both since. Stealth even stopped updating his Patreon as though he was (presumably) busy working on something else. If we go with the simplest explanation it's very likely they're both working on Sonic Mania Plus and thus can't speak out about anything just yet.

    SXSW is rapidly approaching (2.5 weeks away) and if the silence is going to break it'll be there where we'll hopefully get a Sonic Mania Plus announcement.

    EDIT: Appreciate your appearance in the thread Slingerland! Your level design work on Mania was fucking exceptional and awesome. Excellent work man.
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    I thought most of the level designs were pretty mediocre personally, with only Lava Reef being a standout (but what a standout it was). I'd hope a sequel isn't as automated.
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    Has Project+ been scheduled to be officially announced? I can't wait :)
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    Nothing's been officially confirmed or scheduled yet - the project's existence hasn't even been acknowledged outside of the development branch leak on Steam. That said SXSW is 2 weeks away now on March 16 and we've been promised world-exclusive announcements and a look at what's next for Sonic, at a dedicated game show meaning game announcements, so if Project Plus is going to be announced anywhere it's going to be there. Taxman had those discussions with Sega in October where presumably Sonic Mania and its success were conversed about and then rather tellingly him and Stealth both went dark around late October time with not a peep since with Stealth even halting work on his own original project so everything lines up with them working on Project Plus for the last ~5 months with an announcement very probably coming at SXSW.

    This is all speculation until we hear otherwise but I'd say there's a good chance Project Plus (and Sumo's Sonic racer) will be revealed at the show. Here's hoping.
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    It's worth noting that, while there wasn't any acknowledgment or confirmation, there was no denial either. And Sega (and the devs) were quick to refute any fake or hoax info in the past.
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    Yeah this is super important and I'm glad you mentioned it. Aaron has been super quick to shoot down fake rumours and projects that don't exist - most recently the Sonic Heroes remake and a new Racing Transformed game, whilst Taxman usually speaks out (on Sonic Retro even) to say if something is fake. I remember when fake screenshots were posted of Mania before release and he was very swift and at liberty to shoot them down indicating he has the same refutation power Aaron has. So this is important - both Sega and the devs would have shot this down by now if it didn't exist - and it's really telling and promising that they haven't. To be perfectly honest, the Steam branch leak is near-confirmation that this is actually a thing and does exist. We're just in the dark as to how extensive it's going to be.

    SXSW can't come soon enough. I'm really looking forward to it. An enhanced version of Mania with potentially new levels and a new Sonic Racer from the gods at Sumo sounds fucking fantastic.
  10. Following on from this, something Stealth said when he initially got the Mania contract, when asked if his big secret contract project was a S3K remaster:
    They're not allowed to lie and deny rumours of things that are actually true, so the silence is indeed telling.
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    Happy 3rd anniversary Sonic Mania. Thank you for bringing us what a Sonic game really is ⭐
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    If you'll indulge me, I'd like to reminisce.

    I took the day off, my plan was to wake up at 9AM, start the download, go back to bed until noon (don't judge me), then play. What actually happened was I woke up at 9AM, started the download, laid down for 5 minutes, went "I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!" and played. And I'm glad no one was home because when the game shouted "SEGAAAAAA!" I literally squealed with excitement.

    3 years already...
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    At the time I didn’t have any of the current-gen consoles so my only choice was to play on my aging laptop that I had at the time. I made a Steam account just to play it. Having always wanted a proper follow-up to S3&K, this was a dream come true.

    Why hasn’t there been a sequel made? Is SEGA ashamed that an outside development team made a better-received game than theirs?
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    I mean they might be working on something, it'd be stupid for them not to. But we currently have no clue what they're working on.

    Better be good though. I was just thinking today that when the next title likely comes out, Sonic 06 will be half of Sonic's life time ago, and they're still afraid to let you play as not Sonic in 3D. And it'd mark 23 years of dicking around with 3D game play. Just get it right please.
  15. SuperSonicRider


    Was gonna post this in the Other Knowledge thread but since this one's back for the anniversary...!

    Y'all I absolutely cannot believe I just noticed this, but I think each Special Stage color scheme is somewhat derived from the first 7 zones of the game! (Just like Sonic 3!) Compare:

    Green Hill:
    Chemical Plant:
    Flying Battery:
    Press Garden:
    Stardust Speedway:

    I was doing a playthrough where I got one Emerald in every zone. Press Garden was where I picked up on it like "huh. this might be a thing" and it seems to be! Some are less obvious than others and I probably could've picked better spots to screenshot but hopefully it's clear enough with these!

    anyway happy birthday Mania, thanks Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, PagodaWest Games, & SEGA for making the good video game
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    This is just me theorizing based on comments I saw Taxman and Steath make on here before Mania released but it might just be from lack of interest on their parts. They both are working on personal projects right now that they've wanted to for a long time and don't want to be tied down as "Neo-Sonic Team" as most of their released professional works have been in the Sonic franchise.

    I'm sure SEGA hit them up immediately after Mania Plus was done about a sequel but are being decent enough to wait until they're ready to return. This is all speculation though.
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    I was (am still) hoping that we will get a Sonic 5 in 2021 as a sequel to Mania.
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    Happy three years, Sonic Mania.

    If you don't well up hearing Time Trials by Hyper Potions, you're not a Sonic fan.
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    It *still* gets me every time.

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  20. MH MD

    MH MD

    I would like to reminisce as well.

    I was so excited for the game, in a way i rarely do, not everyday you get to experience the sequel of one of your all-time favourites from childhood, so i was eager to get to play the game on 15th August.

    Then SEGA at the very last moment,decided to delay the PC version! i was frustrated at the time, not cause the delay itself, but how they did it last minute with no convincing reason whatsoever, and they delayed it to the worst time for me, you see at the time of the release i was only having my laptop as a way to play games, i own a ps4 but it was not at my possession at the moment cause i was in another country, and the day i get to return to my home and my ps4, was the exact same day as the PC release! so not do i not get to play it at release date, but the day i get to play it was the same day i can play it on my ps4 anyway! it was kind of frustrating and the bad communication they had with fans , and offering Sonic 1 as an apology!

    Normally i wouldn't mind any delays at all, in fact Mania was already delayed at the time, but i would like to be informed of such things in advance, if they also decided to delay PC version in the end but informed us like 1 or 2 months ahead of time i wouldn't mind at all even if my circumstances was still the same, but the way they handled it and doing it at the absolute last moment left a sour taste in my mouth.

    But anyway when i got to play the game it was everything i have wished and more! the experience was magical, it was like i am a kid again, all the references, all the zones i know from my childhood but with a lot of twists, all the callbacks to the sonic series in general even obscure things, this game was a gift from heavens, and celebrating everything i love about the series, it is the real Generations 2 but focus on classic games, i loved it the same way i loved generations but it was special in how it handled my nostalgia of the classic games from my childhood, a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

    And unpopular opinion but i would actually be fine with no Mania 2, the kind of experience it provided was not something you could replicate anyday.

    wouldn't mind a new classic game with all new zones tho, maybe that what people mean when they say they want Mania 2 anyway