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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Sure, but it's somewhat redundant to go GAME SUCKS BECAUSE OF THIS when it's entirely possible that issue has already been fixed and it just can't be specifically talked about yet. I don't see harm in bug lists AFTER the patch lands, but not before.

    And there's no reason to believe the existent PC patch is going to be exactly the same as the console ones, either - it's a lot easier to put a PC patch out, they might well put another out at the same time.
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    Just making sure this doesn't get lost in the thread.
  3. To throw my piece in about the level design, yes you can go fast in basically all of them and yes sometimes the platforming is lite, but I think the beauty of this is that they make every zone feel unique not necessarily through solely platforming or strictly platforming related gimmicks, but through a smorgasbord of zone-specific gimmicks that give each level its own flavor and stop it from being bland or reductive IMO. I don't get this "Whole game feels the same" complaint at all because it really doesn't, the only shared gimmick each zone has is loops and Sonic's momentum, but otherwise they're vastly different in terms of structure and how you traverse it.

    Let's take Studiopolis for instance, it's a level that rewards smart learning of the physics engine masterfully with lots of bumpers and big ramps that you can use your movepool to climb and scale the level in new ways. Contrast that to say, Press Garden, where it's a lot about elemental shields both breaking blocks and then melting ice/changing how you travel through the level. Mirage Saloon Act 2 (and 1 with Knuckles) is a lot like the pinball areas in the older Sonic games with more added risk, less gambling, and more focus on learning the pinball mechanics to shoot yourself higher. I could go on but I think my point's pretty clear =P.

    S3K is an amazing game, but it has moments where you just stop to an outright halt after going fast without any kind of climax or cool feeling to it, and for its credit I believe the S&K half of the game does this a lot less.. Other times the game just throws you into crushing hazards that, depending on your RNG with how the cycles work, will kill you or not, i.e. Flying Battery corkscrew in the hallway (lol), the crusher spike thingsi n Marble Garden, literally everything in Sandopolis, you name it, it's probably there in some capacity. And while some like this, I'm not a big fan when it happens.

    Ultimately it all boils down to what you want in a Sonic game, but I think Mania blended 2 and CD so well that I've learned it is exactly what I want, perhaps with more improvements in a sequel naturally, nothing's perfect, but it has really shown me the strengths of CD's level design without bringing in the unrelenting waves of CD's level design issues.

    Also I know no wishlisting and all that but I think it's both cool and unfortunate that Sonic CD mode is the only mode where you get the wavy legs run cycle. I love it soooo much I wish I could have it as the default haha! It's a nice touch regardless.
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    Same here, I've always loved the "figure 8" running animation and never really liked the "swirly legs" effect (and apparently neither did Sonic Team, since they removed it from the Sonic 2 prototypes).

    But again, it's a celebration game, so that's just another harmless reference to prototype finds.
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    I got Bean, on one play through, and Nack/Fang on the next, and they were both Sonic and Tails runs.
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    So, after playing for about a week ... I want more of the special stages! if there are any plans for DLC, why not make it a mini game? Just a thought.

    Oh, and it also inspired me to draw some fan art. Enjoy!

    Sonic Mania - Speed art!
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    It seems to be random. I got Bean the first time, Bark the second, and Bean again on the third. I was playing as Sonic by himself all three times.
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    I get Bark a lot idk why.
  9. +1 swirly legs - tried to do that in running races when I was a kid, ended up just looking like an idiot.

    Prototype secrets found thanks to you ICEknigjht, retro legend in my eyes - how are you finding Mania?
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    I think it's really great, even if I don't love everything about it.

    I'd give it a 9/10, would buy again (whenever/if I get a Switch).
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    I loved the game on my Switch and I'm willing to buy it on PC as long as Denuvo is removed. Heck I would end up buying it sooner or later on the PS4 and Xbone but my I want to make it my next version be the PC one. When SEGA decides to finally remove Denuvo from Mania I will go ASAP to buy it on PC.
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    Oh my god you guys I just remembered something I found while scavenging through this thread. All that time wasted was actually for something! Basically: I found this tweet by Lola Shiraishi, the producer, all the way back in NOVEMBER 18 2016

    Spoiler Alert:

    It's the Chibi Egg Mobile-D from the Metallic Madness boss! They really planned that one boss really far ahead! And I love how someone brought it up in this thread and everyone thought it would be a Badnik at most before suddenly ignoring it...Wow, they literally just tweeted a sprite of the penultimate boss of the game almost a whole year before its release if you think about it
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    ^That is super neat, CSketch--nice catch!

    Just want to say: is the full digital soundtrack really still not available on Bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon? I've been ready to give you my money for this incredible soundtrack for months, Sega! (Hopefully Tee/Falk get a nice cut, too!)

    It's kind of a shame that the only way to listen to the soundtrack is to boot up the game and use the sound test or select levels and then idle, or to rely on the various uploads to Youtube (all of varying quality, and maxed at 165 kbps lossy) if you just want to listen on a compy. None of us have heard this soundtrack in its absolute best glory yet! (In a way that is kind of exciting to think about it, but good lord I just want to be able to listen to this marvelous masterpiece again and again in high quality with my best Sennheisers/JVCs.)

    If y'all are interested in what the best quality uploads of the music have been so far, here's the YT channels I recommend the most, starting with the best:

    1) Official Sonic Youtube Channel--8 songs uploaded so far, all in great quality.

    2) Better Cause Sauce YT Channel--only 7 songs uploaded, but these are the best quality versions of these songs that have been posted so far. "Mirage Saloon Act 1 (Knuckles)" is a god damn masterpiece.

    3) Symphonies RG YT Channel--for any songs not available on the official Sonic YT channel or the ones on Better Cause Sauce's, this one has the best quality.

    4) Vector Harber YT Channel--the sound quality on this channel is incredibly close to Symphonies RG, just *slightly* worse to my ears. But this is the only one so far with the "Mean Bean" rendition and "Eggman Boss 2," which are both great. This one has *all* the music/sounds from the game posted. But yeah basically only use it for anything not on the first three channels I listed.

    Please, Sega, release the full OST! Don't make us all navigate multiple YT channels to find the best quality versions of the songs for much longer. And I definitely want to emphasize again: none of these channels have the music in that high of quality--these are all 126-165 kbps. If it gets released on iTunes and Amazon we'll have 256 kbps AAC/256 kbps MP3, and releasing the soundtrack on Bandcamp and/or Steam would allow FLAC lossless to be sold. Let's hope they get everything in order and release the soundtrack soon!

    Oh yeah, and of course the vinyl's still available from Data Discs. 16 songs (which you can download digitally lossless or lossy); orders don't ship until October if you're getting it now. And apparently the vinyl will be sold on Amazon, but not until Nov. 17th. In any case, we still need that sweet sweet full digital OST release, Sega--please!
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    Just to clarify, they ship out out next week for the people that ordered it in July and got the first batch.

    The second batch/August 15 people don't get theirs till October.
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    Good call Casshern--edited my post to make that clearer.

    I won't go into detail, but so far my favorite tracks are: "Mirage Saloon Act 1 (Knuckles)," "Press Garden Act 1," "Metallic Madness Act 2," "Stardust Speedway Act 1," "Lava Reef Act 2," and "Eggman Boss 2." Tee Lopes knocked it out of the park. Best soundtrack of the year so far for me ("Nier: Automata" is second and "Mario Odyssey" will likely be third).
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    Sonic Mania's Steam Spy page is a thing of beauty. I know there's lag on the page updating (three day delay?) but so far Mania's sales have climbed to almost 100K. The graph shows sales on an exponentially increasing trajectory rising with every day that passes. So it looks like the last minute delay, the Denuvo situation, the review-bombing - none of this has managed to hamper sales on Steam.

    Bodes well for the future of this kind of game and with it doing equally well or even better on consoles, I think we will see a Sonic Mania 2.

    The game's a critical and commercial success. Signs are looking promising for a sequel.
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    Hopefully a sequel without Denuvo.
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    Doubtful, maybe if the PC version of Sonic Forces doesn't have it then there's a good shot Mania 2 won't. I wouldn't bet money on that though.
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    Okay so I just played that Metal Sonic boss as Sonic and Tails, and it was the most frustrating 7 minutes of my life.

    Not only is it entirely random when Silver Sonic decides to curl up in to a ball, but it's also random whether he decides to jump. It's also hard to hit him at a point where he's given a decent trajectory and Tails keeps hitting him off course as well.

    Luckily I've beaten the game as everyone with all Emeralds now so technically I'll never have to play that terrible part again. :colbert:/>
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    You know you can just spindash right into him as soon as he starts spindashing for an easy hit.