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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Ashura96


    Majority of games still get released on Tuesdays all these years later.
  2. Xilla


    I was actually thinking this was the original order earlier, especially given how Mirage Saloon is so short for a zone late in the game. Guessing they wanted to spread the new zones out a bit and the Oil Ocean Act 2 boss would be a bit of a sudden difficulty spike at that point in the game. Plus the machine Robotnik uses at the end of Press Garden would fit in nicely with the whole Lava Reef takeover thing he's got going on.
  3. Popping into say that the keyboard controls are pretty smooth, and also that it is incredibly satisfying how smooth the mouse is too.
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    Hello. My name is Jacob. I recently purchased Sonic Mania for the Switch and played through it with my Pro Controller. I sat on the couch for five hours just enjoying the game in it's entirety. My sister sat down and watched my marvel at Metallic Madness's background gimmick and shriek with delight at the return of the shrink ray. Sonic Mania was an absolute joy from start to finish and I am thankful for its existence. Sonic Mania is now one of my favorite games.

    I played as Sonic alone, because I like the feeling of a lone wanderer running through these robot-ruled environments. It's not really an "isolated" feeling, but it's something close, especially in the more industrial levels (like Metallic Madness and Titanic Monarch). Did / does anyone else feel this way and choose purposefully to play without Tails?
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    I'm so used to Tails I actually feel kinda lonely when I play Sonic 1 :D

    That's one of the things I like about 2d sonic, I really can't think of another game serie that have another character with you at all time (except coop games, of course)
  6. I came in here to post the Christian Whitehead tweet confirming this. I know it's sexy to say you have one button gameplay, but a separate button for super is not a bad thing. I'm glad they made the change
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    So I'm reading the Reddit thread, and apparently there's always-online required? Is that what this delay was for?
  8. Blue Blood

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    This is kind of absolute bullshit. What the fuck, SEGA?
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    Played for about 40 minutes on my GPD Win (yup, Switch is NOT only way to play in Mania on the go, in your face, Nintendo!), I'm pleasantly surprised, how fluently it's working (what is more - playing mentioned 40 minutes ate about 7% power on my battery - neat!). Although I admit that first moments were a bit disappointing - partially "recycled" intro, then again Green Hill Zone, then again recycled Chemical Plant Zone (second level have terrible design, it's mix of chaotic moments and simplified moments). It's getting better though with Studiopolis - and have hope that it'll be only better (I'm planning to play a bit more later). It's nice that additional modes are relatively simple to unlock (first two "coins" are unlocking them), but the fact that competetive mode is local only (no online mode) is disappointing, especially on PC. Overall - so far not bad, but can't say that I'm charmed (except the graphical impression, game looks really nice and fluent).
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    Well, got my PC version...But I can't play it in offline mode.

    Sigh, Sega, why you have to be that way.
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    I think that it requires to be in online mode only during first launch, later you should be able to go into offline and play freely.

    edit: Nevermind, I've just checked and it's true, after next launch there is error "Steam user must be logged in to play this game", what's wrong with you, Sega?
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    My USB Saturn pad isn't recognized. I'll figure something else out, but it's kinda disappointing given that Generations picks it up no problem.
  13. So Mania uses Denuvo. It's funny how often that was shot down and yet here we are
  14. Very important: Aaron has Tweeted: /

    "Happy Mania PC launch day! If you have feedback, please do share it so the right people can hear it:
    In particular, please do share your feedback on DRM or any issues you're having at the link above. Make your voices heard."
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    "In particular, please do share your feedback on DRM or any issues you're having at the link above. Make your voices heard."

    One gets the feeling they didn't want this and are trying to unleash some fan wrath. Please, feel free to do so =P
  16. Mania dev team is telling y'all to bombard SEGA and get them to axe it. Now's as good a time as any to unify and bombard em, then! I'll pop in my petition.
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    Well, speaking of petitions, you know that I closed my own one since I felt it wasn't going anywhere, but feel free to link to that as well if you want.

    I'd still like to be able to insert a CD in my computer and play Mania without Steam.
  18. I don't get Studiopolis' act 1 boss... What am I supposed to do?
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    Roll into or jump on the blue missiles.
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    Avoid: Red missiles
    Attack: Blue missiles

    They're slow moving, bandaged and look conspicuous. I thought it was kinda obvious, since deflecting "bad ammo" isn't uncommon in boss battles, and I'm pretty sure Sonic has done it before. But a few people have been stumped by it in videos I've watched. I think the GHZ2 boss is more confusing, personally. He only opens himself open for a safe attack if you stay close to him. But even then, I don't think that jumping on his arms is that obvious unless you're especially familiar with the Death Egg Robo in Generations. If you stay far away, like you think you would want to for a chase battle, he only hurls bombs. And eventually you'll hit a cliff and die.