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Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project v1.0 Available

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Dario FF, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    We'll add any mirrors if you want, but at the moment I'm out of hosting solutions. The torrent seems really healthy though to me, but I understand some ISPs throttle P2P.
  2. Infiniti


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    I thought there might be a prize for finding thisWentos guy, but as I was coming here to post I noticed P3DR0 found him in Cool Edge. So I feel cheated somehow XD
    Anyway I got through all the stages (at last). The amount of water running annoyed the hell out of me but I guess that's normal for Unleashed.
    Also, quick question, Is the first stage playable as Classic Sonic? Near the start there's a spring, in the middle of a ditch that I can't reach by jumping. Maybe I just suck I dunno...
  3. Endgame


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  4. Tiller


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    Huh. Maybe I never noticed before, but is there a reason the white world looks worse AA wise than in stage?

    Anyway this has been fantastic. You guys really outdid yourself in some of the added content like the costumes on the eggpawns and the red rings. The Rankings are much less forgiving and its great to have challenge to S rank again. You can't just avoid dying and move at a pace a little faster than a snail to grab a high rank anymore. I've gotten my first D after trying to explore Jungle Joyride and ending in many deaths. Good thing the lives are handed out like candy.
  5. Ell678


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    I didn't try it on Surround before, but I booted it up and took some extra large shots for you! On three monitors the performance was hit bad, but I was still getting around 30fps, which is of course close the console version. I have another 80 or so shots, but Steam is being really finicky about uploading them, they'l appear soon as.
  6. BlazeHedgehog


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    Holy shit my computer cannot handle the Jungle bit of Jungle Joyride. Besides that, good work - I'm really impressed how professional this feels. The hub especially is great, and I just about lost it when I saw the Ice Cream man at the skill shop.

    Small issues:

    • Scoring's a bit strict. I ran in to this a bit with the Dragon Road demo, too - I'd accomplish what felt like to me a "perfect run" and only get like, an A or even a B Rank. I've memorized these stages front to back and can still S-Rank everything on the Xbox 360 version, but those requirements are quite a bit steeper here.
    • I feel like in general there are changes made to some levels just to make them very slightly harder (a couple more enemies in the docks section of Jungle Joyride at the start).
    • I understand it was probably a bitch to get it working as well as it does, but I really do not like the way the sled feels in Cool Edge. It feels specifically engineered to make me lose my rings and I cannot get a handle on it at all.
    • Ice also feels weird, but that's probably a porting limitation more than anything.
    • Understandably the parts I don't like are the parts that had to be interpreted rather than ported. I also feel like some important lightdash strings were missed, and in general I miss being able to lightdash everything. I do like some of it, though - I feel like Skyscraper Scamper was ported extremely well. I love dodging the cars, though some of them can be a little hard to see because of their colors.
  7. Falk


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    (sub-2min is very possible)

    edit: wtf link parsing


    wtf parax
  8. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    • This is a fair point, the problem is the Generations ranking system is very simplistic compared to Unleashed, which would actually acknowledge all of your "cool" runs, so to speak. The ranking system is just based on 2 factors here, "Time" and a "100 Ring" bonus(which is 5000 points if I understand it correctly). The only variables to control it therefore is just two limits. One time value for S rank, and one for D rank.

      So with this it was a matter of deciding whether to be lenient on the ranks and go for the default "optimal route", or go for pushing it to the limit of optimization and do speedrunning(with a 5 or so second window of course). I realize this might not be the best solution compared to the Unleashed's Rankings, but it's more of a limitation of the game if anything. In the end, I think people will get more replayability of trying to S-Rank these limits instead.

    The rest of your assumptions are pretty accurate though. We've worked pretty much with limitations and some lucky engine left-overs (like ice physics!),
  9. Guess Who

    Guess Who

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    The problem, really, is that I don't think most people will replay these and get S-ranks, I think most people will play and play and never get S-ranks. I'm with Blaze, I know these stages pretty well, but I feel like unless I'm Kakipi or Paraxade I'm never S-ranking these things. I get an A-rank and see the huge jump in time required to get an S-rank and just go "nope, never pulling that off", even stages I S-ranked in the original game.
  10. 1stKirbyever


    S-Ranking is indeed much harder in Generations than it is in Unleashed. I'm no Paraxade (I've done a couple runs here and there but I"m no where near as amazing as he is) and S-Ranking without skills just requires you to zoom through the stage with just enough rings. I literally have yet to get it where I get an S-Rank with just time alone. It's not impossible or insanely ungodly hard. It just really takes time.
  11. Willie


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    So I mentioned the loss of Eggmanland in the other thread, but what was the reason behind its exclusion in this mod? That was one of the stages I was looking forward to playing the most.

    I was surprised by how badly my computer ran that stage as well, especially because runs vanilla Sonic Generations runs very well for me. Oh well. Years from now when I upgrade my machine, I bet this mod will run fantastic.


    Just looked at the Read Me and it answered my question. Still, any chance you guys will consider porting Eggmanland? You could always include a message saying some changes needed to be made because of the engine.
  12. Falk


    I'm all for keeping S-Ranks as they are now just to see how things develop over the course of a few months.
  13. Paraxade


    Dario set the S-rank cutoffs to be about a really good run without skills, I believe? So have you guys tried playing with skills? Should make it a bit easier to S-rank. I definitely recommend you get all the red star rings in Windmill Isle to unlock Acceleration as it makes Sonic move much much faster.
  14. Jason


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    Found a Wentos in Empire City. Shady character, that Wentos.
  15. BlazeHedgehog


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    I'm also not a fan of recommending fxpipeline. It's a nice toy to play with but I think the cons outweigh the pros, with the way motion blur is rendered on Sonic himself and how it completely breaks letterbox mode, and 3D, etc. I think more work should've been put in to fully supporting the default renderer rather than something that isn't all there.
  16. synchronizer


    Does Windmill Isle Act 2 have draw-distance/pop-in issues? I seem to notice something awry in the far background during the tri-rail grinding section.
  17. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    The motion blur is only bugged if you can't keep a stable framerate. To be honest, fixing this kind of stuff for the general renderer is a bit beyond my level of skill... it requires disassembling and reading a lot of HLSL ASM shaders, and we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of files here. The only way would've been sacrificing material effects everywhere... which would've killed a lot of the visual appeal.

    Not to mention Korama's not around, and can't really test my theory I have for actually fixing most of those issues!

    All the issues are mentioned in the updated news post, and I understand why people would not want to use it if one of the issues affect them. Doing separate support for the regular renderer would require even a fourth mod, and that's very hard to support/keep synchronized between different builds.

    EDIT: PS, We got mirrored over at Atomic Gamer. Added link to OP.
  18. Azu


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    Highest I got was A-Rank on Savanna Citadel. I was off by 11.53 seconds on getting a S. <_<
  19. For those of you that still don't have Sonic Generations on PC, you now have no reason not to buy it.

    Steam has it for 50% off today, of all days. Go nuts.
  20. Josh


    In contrast to what some were saying, I definitely agree with what you guys did about the S-ranks. I know I'm speaking as someone who very much prefers speedrunning to anything else, but I feel like an S-rank SHOULD be reserved for an absolutely near-flawless and efficient run. It's as high as the ranking system goes, and should be very difficult to attain.

    Also reporting in that the game runs nearly perfect on my computer, and sticking with the Unleashed renderer, while regrettable for lower-end stuff, was probably the right decision in order to pump out graphics as good as they could be.