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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    Now that we know One Ok Rock is doing the ending theme, I'm starting to think they're doing the main theme too. The more I listen to their music, the more I hear their vocals in this clip.
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    I've come to realize that I don't really like a lot of Crush 40's stuff as music instead of soundtrack. It kinda started when I was listening to their part of Sonic Symphony and I was thinking "When do we get to something that's not this?"

    Maybe the reason for the distinct "feeling" is that they tend to go way closer to Pop music than anything else, so this is the first time in a long time that they've had a video track that dipped into a genre that loves to convey... emotions.

    If "Who I Am" or even "Broken" actually made it onto Shadow, they'd both be very out of place compared to everything else- even Never Turn Back feels vague in that Poppy way. That's not to say the other songs aren't good, just that there's a clear difference in what the music values.

    (which way would people consider Infinite to lean in?)
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    They're definitely trying to popularize Sonic in japan with One Ok Rock doing the ending theme and Korone becoming a brand ambassador.

    I doubt it'll work though, especially after Sonic 2's abhorrent performance in japanese theatres.
  4. MH MD

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    cause releasing a movie theatrically very late after it's been available everywhere is a good idea :V
    any movie would suffer the same fate to be fair
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    Japan has pretty strict and enforced piracy laws though to be fair. People gets years in prison for just downloading a cam rip and not just the outliers like in the US, several people.

    I think Japanese audiences just weren't interested.
  6. Josh


    I feel ya, dude. That's kind of why I've decided it's probably about time to bounce on Frontiers discourse, until the game comes out and I've formed my own opinions on it.

    When I first heard the song yesterday, my initial reaction was just, "Meh." But when I saw the response, and read a hundred variations on, "Finally, they're doing [thing I wish they wouldn't do] again! No more stinky awful [thing I like when Sonic games do] anymore, the REAL Sonic is back!" I found I was a lot more sour on it.

    This has happened repeatedly throughout Frontiers' marketing push. Games, and elements of games, that I really love keep getting dragged through the mud in order to praise Frontiers for not being like them. This, I notice, makes me feel unfair resentment toward Frontiers, and that's not how I wanna feel. And I probably wouldn't notice most of this if the people who were excited about these changes weren't driving that comparison.

    I'm not faulting anyone for it, I know it was just as off-putting for you guys when games like Colors or Mania came out, and we all did the exact same thing ("Finally, Sonic is Sonic again!" we said, describing the very thing that isn't Sonic to some of you.) It's a vindicating feeling when you feel like you're finally being heard! But it's also a very partisan split out there, and I don't want to be affected by negative partisanship.

    While I'm at least happy some of you guys are getting to experience what it's like to get what you want, I just don't think consuming either side of The Discourse is gonna do any good for my perspective on this game that I'm looking forward to. I've finally gotten to a point where I'm both excited for and optimistic about Frontiers, and I want to keep it that way.

    That, plus I'd just really rather not know anything else about the game if I can help it. So, I'm outta this topic 'til then. Shine on!
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    I feel like Hollywood doesn't really do well over in Japan anymore. I mean, God knows that the industry is a vile talent-free hellhole that nobody in the West is overly interested in anymore, with America's media power fading fast. I can't see why any Hollywood movie would do well in Japan these days, especially when they produce so much entertainment of their own.

    I mean it probably didn't help that it was a franchise that's always kinda struggled to pick up steam in Japan, with a myriad of crappy game releases associated with it. They barely even have Sonic in their big arcade set-ups except for some legacy areas that never got renovated.

    I feel like most of the good will for the first movie came from fans feeling heard when they changed the design from Ugly Sonic, but at the end of the day it was kind of just another generic Hollywood script-by-numbers.

    Sonic 2's success probably mostly depended on whether people were into the first movie. I don't think many people who didn't see Sonic 1 went to see Sonic 2.
  8. I have to say, while I like what I can hear of the main theme there, having the actual word “frontier(s)” be in the song is quite a turnoff to me for some reason lol.
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    Conversely, western games are doing really well in Japan.
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  10. I think it has a little more "feeling" than something like Fist Bump. And personally, I actually like how the guy's voice sounds in the chorus of Infinite's theme...

    I think the song is garbage personally.
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    why is sonic having to fuck the pain away
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    because his bed is in ruins
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    Fuck answer:
    Running around nude with a bunch of furry girls all the time can get you very pent up.

    The Pain answer:
    Running around for so long with no protection from chafing gives you one hell of a rash
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  14. You'll find that you'll enjoy this series a lot more when you stop caring about what Sonic Reddit or Twitter thinks :V

    I haven't given a fuck about them in years and I found that I actually don't mind a lot of these games when divorced from their constant bickering. It's a good feeling to just enjoy things without some idiot screaming in your ear about how much it sucks and ruined the series. Whether its Mania or Sonic Adventure 2.
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  15. Lol

    You know, I don't really pay attention to lyrics in Sonic music as much as I do the feel and sound of the song. Actually, outside of looking at the lyrics to make sure they're not saying anything crazy, I don't do that for most songs I listen to.

    I think growing up mostly listening to Crush 40 and other Sonic vocal themes when on my own did that to me. I mean, I would not exactly say that the writing was ever why I enjoyed that stuff, so i tend to care about it a bit less.
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    Nice Ending theme.
    I hope they get Crush40 to do at least one song in the game, a boss theme or something. Like, come on Sega... Johnny and Jun were there always for us. Give us a chance to be happy.

  17. No matter how much I enjoy this new song, that line will always only be associated with this song for me.

    I’m not really the target of this comment, except for the fact that I enjoy the song, but Colors and Mania are not comparable in terms of quality, tone, gameplay… Sonic 1-3K and Mania don’t spend the entire playtime saying, “Hey, we know this game you enjoy is just a silly fucking joke, *wink* *wink*.”

    I like Colors for the most part, but I skip every cutscene and just play the levels. I LOVE the classic series and Mania, and I spend countless hours reading about their development and backstories because the people who made them intended for us to take it seriously.
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    The day people get Sonic games are a collection of different genres and sub-genres based on its background concept, with nothing being core besides Sonic running on screen, the better.

    Everyone wants more entries of their favourite Sonic genres, and hate when that doesn't happen, but that doesn't mean those are the wrong games to release. How they're developed (or not developed enough) is a much better reason to complain about their games, because shit is big in Sonic's game history; yet, while it's quite natural the better made games give a sense of superiority to their fans, that's not excuse to act like those were the only good games made, because there are more factors involved that have little to do with game code or objective criteria.

    Why am I stating such obvious things? Well, I don't know what for, but all that talk about the toxicity of the community and how off some parts of the fandom feel about stuff other parts of said fandom find themselves at home with has given me the urge to write this all.

    Also lol, that's so true... But then he dresses a bit and... Boom!
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    Yeah I get that, it just feels corny. I have felt that with a few other recent Sonic songs, plus some of the Adventure era stuff. They find a way to force character names or game names or other stuff into the song and it sounds really cheap imo.

    The absolute corniness of some of these songs is what turns me away from them, and I honestly do not understand how people like them. I am coming to terms with the fact that I probably only like "We Can" from Heroes because of nostalgia. It literally name drops 4-5 different characters and goes off about the power of friendship. I agree with the sentiment, but at the same time... if I wasn't a kid when I fell in love with it, I would probably just think it's cringe like Infinite or Fist Bump.

    I also agree with what someone said earlier, that part of me wants to be able to listen to these songs in public. And it's easier when it is a real song and not "sonic and tails go fist bump sonic heeeeeroes let's stop that eggman power of friendshiiiip". I've played Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs in the car for my 58-year-old father, he loved it, had no idea it was all Sonic songs. But on the other hand, I think it's kinda sad that we generally think it's socially unacceptable to listen to corny video game music in public. Legalize corny video game music!!
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    The main theme is here, folks.

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