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Sonic Boom (Games) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Ya know what I just noticed? Sonic Boom Sonic has no assbrow. Funny considering how assbrow was huge with American Sonic back in the day, was ported to the Japanese design come Adventure, and now the American design got rid of it while the Japanese design still has it. I also find it funny that after all their efforts trying to create series cohesion over the past 10 years, they just flat out gave up and went with Western and Japanese canon split all over again. Yet despite the split still no more Mobius or Robotnik :colbert:

    Ya know somewhere in all of this there is a good combo design for Modern, Classic, and Boom Sonic that'd just work far better than at least Modern and Boom as separate entities. I'm gonna try drawing some.
  2. Hez


    I'm done. I literally am done. Sonic Team has fucked with me for the last time. JUST when I thought Sonic lost world was a step in the right direction. I'm sticking with Doctor Who as my new addiction.
  3. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Cool your jets. Whether you like the look of Boom or not, SEGA have made it clear it's only a side series being developed in the West. Sonic Team are still going to be working on the franchise too with their own games, and Boom doesn't replace anything that already exists in the series.
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    Hez, calm down. Sonic Team has nothing to do with this, its a sub-series not related to the main universe, think Sonic X.

    I just got back from work and this is the best news to hear. :D

    Now I honestly don't give a damn what this series does anymore, Hell lets go with some of some of those rumors and make silver fat and shadow a Hawaii 5-O detective.
  5. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    There how's that for a combo design?


    Should have scrapped all three designs and gone with something along those lines.
  6. synchronizer


    I saw the TV show trailer, and I don't think the animation is very impressive; it's very stiff. The writing seems to be the same Low brand of comedy from Colors that isn't even good enough for kids.

    The game models, as most people agree, are not very attractive. That's a euphemism.

    I'm glad that Sonic Boom isn't replacing the main series.
  7. Blue Emerald

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    As soon as I saw these new designs the first thought that popped into my head was "overdesigned."

    It's like Sonic Team slapped a bunch of character design sheets in front of Tetsuya Nomura and said, "Here, let's see you do better!"

    Jeez, SEGA, for a company whose primary focus and source of revenue has been Sonic for the last several years, you sure don't quite know what to do with it, do you? =P I will admit, on one hand, it is nice to see a company who isn't afraid to do something different and ambitious with their brand; I certainly can't say the same about another big-name company that's equally fond of mascot platformers. But, come on, look at Knuckles! I can't honestly believe somebody at SEGA looked at these designs and basically said, "This is fine." I would've even accepted the crazier Adventure designs over these (They've improved since then). The only design of the bunch that I kind of like is Robotnik; his face reminds me of the old Genesis games, but what the hell's going on with his suit? What was so wrong with giving the high-res CG character models from the games to the animation studio and letting them use those, instead of leaving said studio to make their own? I would've preferred to have seen a CG series that more faithfully followed the games, but maybe they did it this way because such a feat wasn't possible; who knows? Overall, I have very mixed thoughts about this cartoon. The writing seems good, the voice talent is great, it's everything else about it that feels. . . odd.

    It's kinda disappointing that a game based on a cartoon is the only chance we'll have at playing as Tails and Knuckles again. I feel like Nintendo got shortchanged over this exclusivity deal: a rushed platformer, another Mario Olympics game, and a Cartoon Network adaptation. I get that this is a Western-only thing, I understand this will have no effect on the main series, and that this isn't the first Sonic cartoon to get a console game (Spinball, Mean Bean Machine). And a lot of you believe that the studio making this game has a chance to make it a really good one, and if that turns out to be true, then sure, I'll play it. But until then, I'll be approaching it very cautiously.
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    Sped-read that post because of the bulky paragraph structure, but you've kinda summarized and reiterated a lot of peoples' thoughts on the series so far. Nothing to really disagree with.

    Although this game isn't part of the exclusivity deal with Nintendo at all, it's doing its own thing. I think it's great SEGA's throwing so much support at the WiiU, I can think of as many SEGA published games I'd want on that system as I do Nintendo's own games.

    Magnum PI, anyone? :specialed: *bricked* Shadow doing something along those lines would be pretty hilarious.
  9. Captain L

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    Considering the episode synopses are too stupid to not be enjoyable, I'd love to see Detective Shadow. Or hell, make good on that BrainScratch joke and do Inspector Shadow.

    And for good measure, another crossover with the designs.
  10. Knucklez


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    Looks less like redesigns and more like they're all grown up. They're all just taller and Knuckles looks like his ancestors. Big Woop.

    My ONLY complaint at this point, is the stupid fucking Skrillex music in the debut trailer. It just ruined the whole vibe of it as if it was meant to appeal to the current child fan base.

    The fact that it's a side series is retarded too. It's like stealing someone's stuff, taking a steaming hot shit on it, then calling it your own. Not impressed.
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    Much bandage.
    So blue arms.
    Such bullshit.
    Muh childhood.
    Must bone Amy.

    There, I just summed up all the reactions on /co/, /v/, and + - /mlp/ looking for something to watch during the hiatus after season four   .

    Personally, I wouldn't have minded the tape so much if it wasn't on Sonic's and Tails's shoes. At this point all I'm hoping or asking for is that it'll be better than Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Rabbids Invasion. I'd like for this series to be the top of this trifecta of video game inspired programmes we've been getting.
  12. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    WTF does that mean? Also how is this a bad thing? It brings something new to series yet still gives people the option to play one if they don't prefer the other. It's the route I wanted them to take after Generations but instead they're doing it with this and Modern so close enough I guess. What would you have preferred them to scrap Modern and just say "It's Boom now only fuck you"

    This is just like Sonic X only with a video game involved, a different art style, and murica
  13. Molotok


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    First off, check your privilege for not being creative enough to criticize a decision using another word other than "retarded". Yes, I'm anal. Shaddup.

    Secondly, yes, it is geared towards children. Shadow the Hedgehog's WWE's Attitude Era transitioned to Sonic Boom's current era.

    Lastly, "stealing someone's stuff"? I'm fairly certain someone signed off on this. No, if you're going to complain, this would be more like Picasso taking one of his paintings off the wall and + - taking a huge monster dump all over it, then cut his taint and letting it leak on top of that.   . They'd call it his Brown Period.
  14. Jason


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    So now that we have generally settled a bit:

    This is a cool thing for Sega to be doing. I know, so brave. A spinoff series for Sonic is nothing new. Sonic Riders, anyone? This is a bit more liberal with the franchise than that, but that's awesome. The core doesn't go away, and we can see experimentation with the characters and settings the reign-holders would have otherwise been too frightened to tamper with (we weren't too calm about even changing the 100 rings = 1 life deal in Lost World).

    More importantly, giving the West a chance to try their hands at the series' platforming stylings is a big leap for Sega. For the first time since at the latest Sonic Rivals, and at the earliest Sonic Spinball, people from the main markets for Sonic games are making Sonic games in a quasi-platforming manner. And with the potential I expect from former Naughty Dog staff, there's a reasonable chance this will be decent. Sonic isn't going anywhere. He's being multiversed.
  15. P3DR0


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    They remind me of those 3D MMOs. Where they are big and sort of cool from afar, but as you get close you can't get too much detail into them so you end up with blown out textures and little to none geometry. Compared to Generations it looks like a graphical step back, since that game had a ton of details everywhere and welp, Wii U hardware is suposed to be somewhat like 360/PS3's so I don't see why they are so cheap with geometry and details or even higher resolution textures. I mean I get that the idea is having somewhat of a wasteland, but I don't see why more detail couldn't be put into it, for example, games like Borderlands or Prince of Persia '08. Which manages to give the wasteland feel and still make everything generous in the detail department and make each area look pretty unique.

    Other than that, I appreciate the surreal vibe they're giving.

    Also, I'm very positive with this new direction Sonic is heading. Yeah, there are some problems with the redesigns especially Sonic's and Knuckles', but it's cool seeing them trying something new. It's a reboot, so it's an opportunity to change things that are bad or outdated, a chance to introduce new ideas and mechanics without harming the series itself and stepping out of the Classic Sonic shadow for a while.

    I love classic Sonic as much as the next guy, but those games are the reason Sonic is in such a bad state. You can't try something new because "it isn't what the series used to be" and whatever. With a reboot even if non-canon they are able to use some new ideas, make something new. Mario stepped into new venues many times, had gimmick based games, had different play stiles and whatever. But Sonic never could, because everytime it stepped out from the shadow of what it used to be, it got crushed by the fans for not being the classic momentum-based Sonic. So the series never had a chance to evolve. To adequate.

    Can't wait for Sonic Boom. Just hope someone manages to crack the WiiU by the time it releases so we can, at least, make some modifications to the models.
  16. NomadTW


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    You know what, I'll give them credit where credit is due, this is pretty ballsy on Sega's part. Especially considering how "safe" they've been playing Sonic lately.

    I think what we'll get is "okay" and "watchable" at worst. Seems to be Modern Sonic's theme, doesn't it?

    The blue arms...I dunno, my inner fan wants me to rage but, eh. I'm gettin' too old for this shit. I'll live. :v:
  17. Bobinator


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    Well, it can't be worse than Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

    ...Can it? :ohdear:

    At the very least, I can promise you all that it'll probably be leagues beyond Sonic Underground.
  18. Tiller


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    The change to Lost World's rings was more baffling from a design prospective. In Unleashed he didn't get 1ups from rings because the game handed them out like candy and it charged the boost. Lost World had more bullshit in the business of ending hedgehog lives and had entire routes dedicated to ring collection, yet the rings served absolutely no purpose at all.

    I'll agree. I actually was hoping something like this would have happened for a different spin on the franchise, though I was hoping it would have landed more in the comic direction. These new designs are just the biggest hurdles. I'm much more interested how someone other than Sonic Team makes a Sonic game. From what we've seen, I'm cautiously optimistic with their direction of multiple characters and wider game worlds to roam.

    It's just Sonic and Knuckles are hard to look at.
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    A few leaked character designs. Includes enemies, and some new characters:
    The Dinosaur robot we see Amy fighting:
    Gameplay screenshot including the HUD. If I were to hazard a guess, the gauge in the top left is for the EtherBeam (or whatever it's called), not health.
  20. LordOfSquad


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    After watching the game trailer with audio on after getting home from work I got thinking about what the music in this game is gonna be like and who's gonna compose it. It would be cool to see Richard Jacques get back into the main series.

    Or maybe they'll get Skrillex! I'm only half-joking. As long as you kept him away from his vocal samples and wobble bass patches I legitimately think he'd crank out a great soundtrack for a Sonic game.