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Sonic Adventure DX: Fixed Edition

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by SF94, May 19, 2011.

  1. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I see. I would personally have kept the original fix until I implemented the new one, but hey, your mod your choices :)

    Alright, here are most of them:

    • The horizon in some areas with sea is misaligned in relation to the background, as noted here:
      The most offensive example is probably Mystic Ruins:
    • Sand Hill seems to use an incorrect spawn point. If you play it in adventure mode (after beating it for the first time), you spawn next to the echidna temple upon beating it, rather than the Sand Hill entrance. Exiting Sand Hill without beating it spawns you in the right place instead.
    • Chao Races: When swimming, Chao have a second shadow placed on the water surface and it looks awful:
    • The shadow models in this part of SS are really messed up:
      They're misplaced so they're floating slightly above the floor, and they overlap each other in some parts.
    • The minecart that takes you to the MR Chao Garden vanishes when you're in the garden. This doesn't happen in the Dreamcast version.
    • This is an obvious one and I'm sure you're aware of it, but the game has scaling issues with the hud and various screens, such as the character select screen, options screen, pause screen, mission list, map, etc. They're always rendered at the same size regardless of resolution, so they look really tiny and awkward on high resolutions. It looks especially bad for graphics that are supposed to cover the whole screen, as is the case of the mission list; it ends up looking like a tiny borderless window:
      The title screen doesn't suffer from this. I wonder if it would be possible to make it so that the other screens get properly resized too?
      The mod loader has an experimental option to upscale the hud, but it doesn't fix any of the other cases as of now.
    • Part of the beach in the SS entrance to Emerald Coast isn't solid, so there's an invisible hole there:
      It may look like you wouldn't be able to get to that part and notice the hole without debug or cheats thanks to the teleporter to EC being around that area, but it's actually rather easy to get to it and fall down the hole as the screen turns blacks with a well-aimed spindash:
      I do it every time I enter EC out of habit :v:
    • The solidity in this part of the MR entrance to the bridge to Final Egg is off:
    • The feature to have the camera closely follow your character while holding E doesn't seem to have a gamepad equivalent
    • When using the keyboard, you can't jump while holding left+up or left+down, which is especially bad for a 3d game
    • The jungle maze looks ridiculous when seen from above in the PC version, as the textures above the paths look lighter. Here's a comparison:
    • Near the entrance to IceCap, there are bits of scenery that aren't properly covered by the ice layer and stick out:
    • These bizarre lines in the sky of last Windy Valley section:
      They don't look anywhere near as bad in the DC and GC versions, as they aren't that noticeable there.

    While not necessarily issues, the following are regressions from previous SA(DX) versions that may be fixable:
    • The Party Race mode in which you can have your Chao compete with each other was removed from the race menu in the PC version of SADX (and SA2). The DC and GC versions had it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it still exists in the PC version despite being inaccessible, as you can still access it in SA2PC from the multiplayer menu.
    • The X+Y for clean pause trick from the DC version doesn't work in any of the DX releases

    Edit: Added a few more
  2. SF94


    Tech Member
    Well, I can actually explain a few of these.

    I believe this is due to the way the game adjusts skybox scale and offset based on the clip distance setting. Certainly fixable.

    I think that's actually intentional. In the story, Tails pretty much just warps right back near his workshop because story/cutscenes/etc. During the story though, Tails meets Tikal and then travels back forward in time or whatever (why do we have to have time travel in my sonic). The location he meets her is right at the foot of the temple thing, so although a little disjointed, I think that was their intention. It could even be a left over from back when Sonic went there (presumably as part of his story) before it was cut.

    The reason for this is that as far as shadows are concerned, they have a couple options: Subdivide the model itself and use vertex colors and/or materials to darken the area, or overlay a simple lower poly mesh on top. For one reason or another, they chose the latter. However, they can't actually place it directly on the surface, because it would cause z-fighting. It of course doesn't help that they have backface culling globally disabled, but it allows you to see the shadow mesh from the wrong side which is probably contributing to the overlapping you mentioned. Whether or not it's worth trying to fix though... hard to say. Maybe we should just remove all those shadows and implement shadow maps :v:

    Yeah, I've been working on the hud scaling. Been slowly trying to figure out the menus because it's super annoying when playing even at 1600x900 in a window, not to mention 1080p! Recently I figured out where the characters are scaled, so that's been corrected to at least match the menu--as tiny as it is--with widescreen resolutions, but that's as far as that's gotten. It's an ongoing thing though. I will fix it, mark my words! :argh:

    Believe it or not, that's your keyboard. Mine does the same. All it means is we both have bad keyboards. :flunked:

    This is a mix of bad UV mapping and inferior texture quality causing a much more noticeable effect. The Dreamcast has the highest quality textures, followed by GameCube. PC though, uses re-compressed versions of the GameCube textures (they converted from PVR to GVR back to PVR again wtf), so color banding and other such compression artifacts are a lot more visible. I'd like to tackle this at some point.

    Long-term goal, although maybe not part of Fixed Edition.

    oh boy oh boy do I have the mod for you!
  3. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Good observation, I hadn't thought of it. It's probably due to the story events as you say.

    I wonder if it would be possible to change the spawn point post-story without breaking the story sequence?

    Hmmmm... wouldn't adjusting the shadows' positions so that they're as close to the floor as possible without causing z-fighting, and perhaps editing the shadow meshes with a 3d modeling program to better match the floor shape, be enough in this case?

    You sure about that? SADX is the only game with that issue for me.

    Oh, you already made a mod that restores the single most important feature of Sonic Adventure? Awesome! Now I can finally stop resenting Sonic Team for removing it :)

    As for the rest of your post, it's reassuring to hear that the other problems are being/will be addressed. Your efforts are very much appreciated :)

    One more report. At the beginning of Big's Hot Shelter, the camera has a tendency to dig into the floor:
    I didn't even mess with the camera or do any funny movements as Big; it just gets like that as I'm walking from the first shield item box to the next section of the stage. It seems to happen 50% of the time.

    Edit - More reports:

    The texture in part of the hotel wall in SS is warped:
    Compare the part marked with red (warped) with the one marked with green (right). In the former, the lines that should be vertical are leaning to the left. For comparison, they're perfectly vertical in the other part.

    The markings on the SS streets overlap the shadows of the player characters and cars:
  4. SF94


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    This has been overdue for an update...

    Today I'm releasing version 1.0.1. This version merges the individual mod components (ADX audio aside) into a single updatable mod. This should make it easier to manage with other mods that change levels, textures, etc. The changes are overall fairly minor, but I plan to release another update soon. The mod manager's new update system should make it a lot easier for me to manage.

    The code-based fixes are now open source on GitHub. Since it has an issue tracker, I suggest reporting bugs there, even if they're not code related!

    Migrating from the old version to this one will take a few steps, but it's fairly simple:
    • Uninstall all currently installed Fixed Edition mods. (Except the green ocean; that's probably fine)
    • Download and extract this dummy mod to your mods folder.
    • Open the mod manager (or press refresh), and you should see "SADX:FE UPDATE ME".
    • Right click on the mod and click "Check for updates" and it will prompt you to download all the files for the mod.

    Once I get around to implementing mod installation from URL, the dummy mod won't be necessary. It just makes things convenient for the time being. From this point on, updates will be distributed via the mod manager's update system, and it will provide you with a changelog.

    Here's the changelog for this version:
    • Implemented code to restore the characters' "SEGA" and "Sonic Team" clips on startup.
    • Re-implemented Casinopolis spawn point fix.
    • Dropped mipmaps. Mod Loader generates them automatically.
    • Partially fixed Leons not appearing.
    • Re-implemented item capsule rotation.
    • Enabled lighting on item capsules (matches the Dreamcast).
    • Fixed Rhino Tank tread animation by removing the UV clamp flags from its tread materials.
    • Fixed various screwups with Eggman's model (incorrect textures, lighting) - PkR (see: this and this)
    • Fixed lighting on E-101 Beta - PkR
    • Fixed lighting on Zero while holding Amy - PkR
    • Fixed lighting on Tikal - PkR
    • Fixed Twinkle Park barrel model to look less awful (inconsistent UVs, bomb texture floating noticeably above surface of barrel) (replaced with Dreamcast version) - PkR

    Emerald Coast 2 (Sonic):
    • Fixed flipped water plane. This allows Super Sonic and Gamma to properly hover above the surface.

    Windy Valley 1 (Sonic):
    • Fixed misrotated 1up after the bridge right before the tornado.

    Red Mountain 3 (Knuckles):
    • Fixed misrotated capsule near the top of the "volcano" spire. Thanks CheatFreak!

    Speed Highway 1:
    • Fixed a rendering bug with the red moving platform by removing an erroneous material flag (NJD_FLAG_USE_ALPHA). Thanks PkR!
  5. Turbohog


    Looks like I'm the first to comment on this here! Looks great Morph! If I'm remembering right, this is the first release that's compatible with the mod loader. I'm very excited about that!
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    The last release actually was, as well.
  7. I'm still waiting for that water misalignment to be fixed :v:

    In all seriousness, great release. SA has more bugs in it than Swiss Cheese has holes.
  8. Turbohog


    Oops. :specialed: Still a great update!
  9. Clownacy


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    I'm getting an error while trying to 'update' the mod using the dummy. The non-dummy mod.ini has the UpdateUrl wrong. It should have been '', but it was '', causing the file size and checksum to mismatch.
  10. SF94


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    Should be fixed.

    I changed the URL but forgot to update the size/checksum of mod.ini in the manifest.
  11. azureinferno


    I'm right-clicking SADXFE in the mod manager and selecting check for updates, but it keeps telling me that it's up to date and refuses to replace the dummy mod with the real deal. Should I be attempting this before putting other mods into the mods folder? The url in mod.ini seems to be the correct one.

    edit: reinstalling SADX 2004 and then reapplying the mods seems to have fixed the problem. Sorry.
  12. SF94


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    Actually, I believe that was because my host was down temporarily. The mod manager should have shown an error though, so thanks for letting me know.
  13. SF94


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    I've pushed an update with a plethora of fixes by PkR, and I've touched some of them up as well.

    Of note, Sky Chase should now be consistently playable at any resolution. I based my work off of PkR's excellent initial fix. If everyone could give it a shot and let me know if anything is off, I'd appreciate it. Once it's determined to be consistent and stable, it will likely be added into the mod loader directly.

    Also of note is the Leon. It can now attack when the game is running at 60FPS. Note that the fix makes approximately no sense, but that's OK because it works at all framerates (seemingly).

    And lastly, I've disabled item capsule rotation. It's not clear if the collision works correctly when the capsules are rotated, so I'd like to better understand entity collision before I re-enable this functionality. j/k I forgot to do that

    Additional notes on individual changes is in the changelog linked in the OP (and also displayed in the mod loader).