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Sonic Adventure DX: Fixed Edition

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by SF94, May 19, 2011.

  1. muteKi


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    Would there be any way to fix that bit near the start of Lost World 2, where the dark room is? The background transition occurs just a little bit too late and IIRC the darkness isn't a strong enough effect compared to the DC version.
  2. SF94


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    I thought I'd release a small update since there hasn't been much going on with this lately.

    Full package:
    Download for SADX PC 2004
    Download for SADX PC 2010

    Patch to upgrade 6/10/2010 version:
    Download for SADX PC 2004
    Download for SADX PC 2010

    If there are any issues with the changes I made, or anything else you spot that you think should be fixed, let me know!

    A bit late to respond, but I'm not sure. I'll have to look into it (and by look into it, I mean go ask MainMemory how to do it, lol).
  3. PimpUigi


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    Does this fix the analog issues of controllers?
    Is there any plan to use the Dreamcast textures for the characters instead of the high gloss textures?
  4. Graxer


    For trying the patch my Steam copy, I replaced the files in the "system" folder with the new ones in the 2010 patch. However, when I ran the game most of the changes I expected hadn't happemed. For instance panel 4 in the Windy Valley tornado still allows you to see through the platform, and the water in Emerald Coast still shows the original texture from the PC copy. Also, there seems to be an unusual new bug in the menu in that the currently highlighted selection doesn't show the text.

    I would also like to say that the analogue controller issue would be good to see fixed in the 2010 version. The 360 version allows analogue movement with the control pad, but the PC 2010 version, which is meant to be the same, only allows for movement in 8 directions despite using a 360 controller.
  5. SF94


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    There's a link to MainMemory's patcher on the main page for the controller issue, although I admit that doesn't fix the issue, just makes controllers with this issue at least usable in SADX.
    As for the textures, the textures have little to do with it. In fact, Sonic's textures (at least the blue parts) are almost all solid colors aside from some basic shading specifically for the bottom of his spines. It's more of a lighting thing, from my understanding.

    Make sure to download the full package 2010 version if you didn't have a previous version of SADX:FE already. And the see-through platform issue in Windy Valley can't be fixed yet in SADX PC 2010—or rather, it can, providing we figure out where the new addresses for all the level models and things are (and once SADXLVL is compatible with it, because I'd really have little-to-no idea how to fix it via hex editor). And the text highlight issue is an interesting one... Not sure what's causing it, I'll take a look.

    Edit, re: analog issue @ Graxer:
    That's interesting, I never noticed myself (most likely because I've only played the demo version on the 360 once or twice, though). Not sure how to go about fixing it, however...
  6. BlazeHedgehog


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    Yay, I was worried I'd have to hand-fix the Z-buffer with every release.
  7. Graxer


    That was the problem, thanks for the reply!

    As for the text issue, having reset the game twice it seems to have sorted itself out. (I went to take a screenshot of the issue and it seemed to be back to normal.) This may be due to the fact that, to take a screenshot, I stopped my desktop going across 2 monitors.

    It seems I may have been wrong and the 8 directional situation is on the 360 version too... I just remember finding it so much harder to control with the PC version than the 360 despite using the same pad.
  8. SF94


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    Hm, odd. Oh well.

    By the way, for those of you using the Dreamcast Collection/Steam version of SADX PC (2010), please note the following:

    The fixes I made to the capsule icons to align them in SADX PC 2004 ended up doing the opposite for SADX PC 2010. Basically, they're now screwed up in the 2010 version because of the fix for the 2004 version. I recall saying at some point (maybe not on this forum) that I was going to make a PVM specifically for SADX PC 2010 to address this, but didn't end up doing it (I didn't write it down, so I forgot pretty quickly, lol). Next time I release a patch, however, there will be a specific version (because I wrote it down this time!).
  9. I'm very surprised that you can fix Z-buffer, draw and fog distances already... O_o
    But, unfortunately, without fixing a "with joystick camera looks up" glitch it all doesn't make sense to me. :)
    Let me list fixes I'd like to see:
    1)joystick fix
    2)"lipsync" in cutscenes
    3)EggCarrier2 cutscene - no shooting effect, and strange white light from the ground
    4)on-the-fly mipmap generation
    5)transparency glitches, like sharp dots on a border of opaque part of transparent object, when it's over some other transparent object. Alphablend glitches.
    6)infinite view range
    7)re-render all MPGs using mipmaps lol
  10. SF94


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    Well, with the 360 controller patch, it fixes this issue, albeit not entirely. You can no longer look around with the analog stick, but it keeps your camera from going insane. It also doesn't fix the issue when free camera is used, but to get around that, I usually just hold both of my camera rotation buttons; seems more convenient than pausing, changing the option, and unpausing anyway.
  11. RetroKoH


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    So I have a problem... All the BGMs in my SADX are the exact same song, I looked, and they all have different filenames as they should... but they are all duplicates!!!! Any ideas on where to find the actual ones that I ma y place in?
  12. Sik


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    Not going to happen without a major engine rewrite. Fixing this requires completely changing how SADX handles translucent objects.

    EDIT: and just realized it's an old post. Oh well, point stands.
  13. MainMemory


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    I would recommend finding an actual disc instead of downloading a cracked copy off the Internet.
  14. RetroKoH


    Project Sonic 8x16
    Kinda hard when you are working abroad in China and there is no actual discs to obtain... If someone can help me find a dl link to the music files, that would be helpful...A dsic rip, perhaps??? I've been looking all day and cant find anything.
  15. Steam is your friend. It's cheap on there. .. Great way to buy PC games digitally, totally legal and you never have to worry about discs in other locations.
  16. DustArma


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    The SADX version on Steam is the Dreamcast Collection version however.
  17. SF94


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    It's been a while since I last worked on this, so I decided to do the thing I put off the most from the to-do list.
    ... Then I realized, I really don't feel like doing what I had originally planned. I'm talking about the 1-Up capsule icon inconsistencies (Pictures of SA1 models for the 1ups). I came up with the following:

    I'm not totally sure if I should go ahead and stick with this for the other characters as well, so I wanted to get some input. What do you guys think? I can either do this ("this" being use the SA1 character art), or I can go rip all the characters' heads, take screenshots of them, and modify them to look similar to the original capsule icons.
  18. Lanzer


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    Depends on what you want to do really. those old 1-up icons are kind of dated in my opinion they show off the dreamcast version's model head instead of a current one. if you can make the screenshot ones look close to the official 1-up icons then I'd say go for it. Otherwise, just stick to the character art at least its from adventure itself.
  19. Clutch


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    Well if you used the models, logically the same thing should be done for the "How to Play" screens, options menu, and endings.

    ...Though that would require quite a bit of modeling work or some damn good editing.
  20. Graxer


    As far as I'm aware you can get it seperately. Also, the game is currently 75% off on Steam. (It's on offer along with pretty much all Sega games)