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Sonic 2 HD

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Canned Karma, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Knucklez


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    If someone like LOst would intentionally tarnish his own reputation or image in the Sonic community, if he truly had one, I wouldn't understand why.

    If you were in charge of a project praised by a community to the highest magnitude and everyone counted on you to make it happen, why would you fuck up this badly? ..on purpose?
  2. steveswede


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    There are many reasons why the main runners of this fan project closed to the community but none were related to LOst because his status was always the sole programmer. It became closed because people were submitting stuff that didn't need to be done, arguments on how the art should be done, single things like Hill Top Zone tree taking far too long to do because everyone had their own idea what it should look like and clashing art. Personally the art team is fine with the members it has they only need a programmer to get the project moving again.
  3. Flare


    My point, I doubt someone would go to these lengths to deploy some malware, that said he hasn't said anything regarding the situation (which he must have been aware of since I doubt his own anti virus software didn't pick this up at some point) but he hasn't which confuses me because if it was all innocent then wouldn't he have said it or at least explained the situation to avoid this whole ordeal.

    I don't hate LOst but it makes me sore in the head to not see him do anything about it. Which he must have known before it went public, someone on the team must have asked or questioned the anti virus alert, I mean it hasn't just happened to a couple members of the public.
  4. CyberKitsune


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    My response to S2HD currently:

    "The programmer has a nap. Hold out! Programmer!"
  5. Rolken


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    This is absolutely 100% the way to make overtures to any actual developers who happen to have fond memories of Sonic. Anyone who gives a shit about this project should reread this post until they understand it viscerally, and then execute it to the letter.

    If you do not heed his post, and you (as a community) find yourself bemoaning a lack of programmers, it is completely your own goddamn faults. There are tons of 20-something programmers who love the old Sonic games, we just have better shit to do than put up with your drama and call it a hobby.
  6. Clutch


    It was a dark and stormy night... Member
    This is sort of how I feel about all this. Lack of malicious intent or not, I think it's more than a little silly for the sole programmer to leave the rest of his team to handle damage control and field questions they can't possibly answer.
  7. Vincent


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    Sonic 2 HD
    That front page headline is just plain terrorism and speculation.
    I keep asking myself why it wasn't adequately tested before by a coordinated programmer group (which already exposed what it is a DInput bug), as there's no evidence of data being uploaded to label S2HD as scam of the worst league.
    Unfortunately for us the damage is done and misinformation keeps spreading. I'm hereby asking Sonic Retro to amend that headline as soon as possible.
  8. Stealth


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    Without having completely read through five more full pages of comments, I don't know with absolute certainty that this has been addressed, but I did search for the words "Taxman", "Retro", and "CD" and found nothing, so, I'd like to address this:

    The implication in what you're saying is entirely incorrect. Not only did Taxman go to Sega himself, but he also went to the fans, who shoved him down Sega's throat, and this was in direct response to Sega already publicly advertising that they were revisiting old properties on the mobile market with carbon-copy re-releases. That's a far cry from them suddenly becoming interested enough in Sonic 2 HD to, of their own accord, go out of their way to ask a group of random people if they can pay them money to do something that's not even a unique idea

    It may be that this was an unexpected move (one I personally don't know anything about), but I don't see how it's relevant enough to bring up sarcastically in a point being made about an entirely separate company. If you want to set precedent, let's talk about all the other fan projects Sega just up and bought on their own, or the fan developers they personally reached out to regarding the development of a new release, or even responded to with regard to anything of this sort. I'll list the ones I know of:
  9. VizardJeffhog


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    So what Guess Who said is just about the whole 9 yards of what the situation really is then. Right? I can at least try to mend a few misconceptions over on TSS.
  10. Apparently a keylogger that doesn't phone home is now a virus? Dicks. Can LOst provide some input on this? A reason? Seriously, staying quiet as a fix isn't doing him any good. Damage control? :|
  11. Elratauru


    Little Shiny Emurralds Member
    lolwut. :v:

    Edit; nah, seriously, if a keylogger was inside, that's bad enough. But if it was a directinput careless, well, I don't get it. I mean, there are tons of programs/emulators that do Off-focus key-handling without triggering a tonshit of AV software :V

  12. You can change it to any button you want. Or like, run Fraps only when you intend to record. :v:
  13. HeartAttack


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    I've been getting an earful on another forum due to this whole debacle. If any of you recall, I posted something similar a couple weeks ago about the initial antivirus popup warning due to utilization of obfuscated code. *sigh* At least I've been able to prove them wrong about the keylogger and such. Still, though, this projects reputation is in the gutter and likely irreparably damaged for good. I will continue to support the project in whatever capacity I can, although it will be difficult from this point on :-/

    Also, it doesn't help that the official word from the Sonic Retro site is that people should uninstall the program because it's supposedly a keylogger. Talk about jumping the f*cking gun. The amount of FUD this site has spread about the project is insane. Take that warning down because it is f*cking retarded.
  14. jman2050


    Teh Sonik Haker Tech Member
    The one thing I'm taking from all this personally is that Sonic Retro has far more clout than I realized.
  15. SANiK


    Tech Member
    Reposting link to article (Jeff posted it above, but in case people miss it):

    The damage isn't that drastic as people make it out to be. Most blogs have already figured out that ScarredSun's clueless and it's a bug.
    The only people making it bigger than it is, are the Sonic fans, and since you're chatting here, the problem seems huge/deadly.

    1) Get LOst to remove the obfuscation and fix the DirectInput bug.
    2) Write up an article citing incompetence (and malice) on part of SonicRetro's staff member, specifically ScarredSun.

    Let me break her post down:
    "Earlier today, I was contacted by a professional antivirus employee who was interested in why Sonic 2 HD consistently popped up as a threat by multiple antivirus software programs and did some investigation."
    "Professional" - was never verified.

    "His results showed that a keylogger is part of the Sonic 2 HD software."
    A key logger that never wrote a log (or transmitted keys), but just interpreted input.

    "After receiving this notification, we conducted our own independent tests"
    She jumped the gun, and ignored the conclusion of SonicRetro's own technical community; that it was just an input bug.

    "and found that there is indeed a keylogging program as part of the Sonic 2 HD alpha software."
    Sensationalist wording; That's not what was found. No logging or transmission functionality was found.
    Furthermore, she makes it sound as if S2HD installs a separate keylogging program (a payload). The line should be:

    "...and found Sonic 2 HD alpha software monitors input when window is not in focus."
    But obviously she didn't write it like that, cause that is going to expose the post for what it is.

    Furthermore, people say she did a good thing for being cautious. Pfft! She ignored SonicRetro's own technical community.
  16. GamingMisfit


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    So basically you're saying this is just an exaggeration?

    Just checking.
  17. Falk


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  18. jman2050


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    I'm pretty sure LOst is already gone, and I'm getting the feeling that that can be attributed to far more than this current situation.
  19. LordOfSquad


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    Could you elaborate for the rest of us, please?
  20. Blivsey


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    So we were bitching about LOstobfuscatingcode, then we were bitching about Caniad Bachsayingjackshitaboutthesituation, then we bitched about LOst againkeylogging, now we're bitching about ScarredSuninaccuratereporting. EVERYONE IS A KEYLOGGER DELETE DELETE :argh:
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