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Sonic 2 HD

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Canned Karma, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Lapper


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    I would be very happy if you did this, even with watermarks. It would be even better to see things animated if at all possible.
  2. Black Squirrel

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    I just want to throw this out there

    releasing assets =/= using assets. Good chunks of it would be re-done to address all the gradient complaints anyway

    but it does help others learn.
    a bit like this

    though I imagine Flare had some plans for his work, even if it was just demonstrating leet skilz on the net. This is opposed to leaving them to rot on a hard drive somewhere for nobody to benefit from.

    if I fell down a hole I would learn something. Mostly, that there's a hole there. If someone told me there was a hole, I'd be less likely to fall down, yet still learn the hole existed.

    as a side, I'm against watermarking. I try to have more faith in the human race.
  3. SANiK


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    I apologize for reading as if I was personally attacking Volpino. I just wanted to better relate the idea being discussed.

    scanline99, interesting read, but:

    Sonic 2 HD started as a goal to make Sonic 2 in HD because of a photo that someone posted as a concept.

    The goal was to make it happen, even if it looked like it was held together by glue.

    * * *
    But then LOst came in worrying about pixel perfection in his engine,
    arguing that OpenGL is bad because the standard does not guarenttee pixel perfection across platforms,
    so he secluded himself to DirectX and Windows only.

    * * *
    Then you guys came in worrying about matching art styles and pixel perfection,
    making it a closed community project so that the style was easier to control and define,
    all while missing out on:

    Making it happen.

    * * *
    "But we released an Alpha!"
    Sure you made it happen, somewhat, just like how a dead pilot who crashed his plane into the ground might say, "I landed!"

    And now you have a chance to let the community continue off where you left,
    but, you don't want to.

    Because to you it's no longer about making it happen.
    To you, it's about keeping some aesthetic style pure, and preventing it from being mixed with other styles,

    to the point that having a community (who just wants to make it happen) redo probably 80% of non-level art which you guys have already done, sounds sane.

    * * *
    If the project was still community including the assets - any bump in the road would present itself as a pause,
    and not a project death.

    * * *
    If the project was still community, and the guy who did 99% of the Sonic sprite set decided to quit,
    the sane choice would be to have another guy finish the 1%,
    and not have him redo the 100%,
    because making it happen is priority number one.

    * * *
    But, I understand your point.
  4. Endgame


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    I don't know if it's been asked already, but does anyone know if you can record or take screenshots with FRAPS on S2HD?
  5. Volpino


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    You can, people already have. o.o
  6. Vincent


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    Sonic 2 HD
    Speaking in name of Team S2HD,
    We are very proud hearing back so much appreciation and positive feedback to our art work -It really pays off all the hardships we went through to create a dream game "from fans to fans".
    Yes, S2HD could had been much more, yet an unreliable programmer and our lives getting busier in these 4 years won't allow us to, especially when we have to feed our families with work.

    It's simply not realistic to even consider to reprise the community work a-la- Hill Top Tree, which took months to end up with nothing done. Not only I am betting by experience it will just end up in an endless nitpick cycle; there will be fights for a cohesive vision until it hits the end of the road, and I lack the time to look after that process.
    Everything you see in Alpha Release is entirely made by a strict production chain exploiting years of experience and combined strengths of 2-3 artists.
    Study, experiment and find what works best for your art team and you'll achieve incredible results. A set mind and a burning heart with passion can create -literally anything!

    You don't need to reverse engineer Alpha Release to save S2HD. As said earlier, If you really wish to prove a point that the community is able to "help S2HD" beside words, jump on the challenge and create an engine supporting HD and 4X graphics of the original Sonic 2. By that time, I'll be glad to evaluate the possibility to promote this new engine by transferring S2HD art pack into that.
    Until and IF that happen, please stop begging for art for the sake of continuing S2HD in some hypothetical circumstance.
  7. Volpino


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    How come you haven't replied to AesosolSP or Sonica about their requests?
  8. Guess Who

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    WHAT. DID. I. SAY?
  9. Cinossu


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    Right guys and girls, it's been coming to this for a while, and now it's been requested. The "give us the assets" thing has become old real quick. Either some of you didn't see the request of a mod to knock it off, on pain of suspension, or you are just ignoring it. Either way, it's time to put it to rest, it's time for this topic to be locked.

    The programmer has a nap. Hold out, programmer!
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