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    >>> Blast through powerful air-tubes, >>> around exploding platforms, >>> ride bicycles with anti gravity >>> then get sucked into an empty void and face your enemy!! >>> Have you ever played Sonic The Hedgehog on a different planet?! >>>

    Remember the time that I said to you, that I was done? Well guess what, I lied! The initial plan was to submit something to the homebrew contest, a sort of new homebrew ROM I had been working on through the duration of the year. Unfortunately I had the strong suspicion that I would not have it done before the deadline. So, the last three months of the contest were spent on making a Sonic 1 hack specifically for the contest, since I don't normally submit to the contest I felt the urge and necessity to do so.

    This hack features a new level with three acts. The artwork is 100% original with exception to the obvious Sonic 1 stuff from the original game. The music on the other hand is not, some of the music is SMPS based, some of it is PCM tracker based using a new special sound driver. The thing is though, regardless of how they were made, they all originate from somewhere else. Now, you guys at retro are good at research, you're very good, so good in fact, that I would love to put that to the test! Here is a list:

    Seven tracks, seven origins. Can you work out the origin? I shall donate $10 to the Retro site, for every track identified. Show me how good you are Retro, I challenge you...

    Well done, you guessed 4 of the tracks, and an extra origin. $50 have been donated to SonicRetro.

    And a final note, probably the most important one, the credits (lest we forget):

    • 3rd Act Layout - Gallium Grant.
    • Gameplay Testers - iojnekns, snkenjoi, EditChris
    • Bug finders - DAGarden, qiuu, Selbi, SonicVaan
  2. Ralakimus


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    If you don't want to be spoiled, GO PLAY IT NOW!!

    No really, this is absolutely amazing! I just got to beating it and I am very satisfied with what you had done with this! I LOVE the gimmicks with gravity, the bike, the tubes! The boss impressed me the most with its excellent deformation effects.l! The graphics and sound are astonishing! I also love the transition from title screen to the level, very creative! To top it all off, it was really fun to play!
    This was the first hack that made me smile, not from laughter, but from sheer joy.

    I musn't forget about the others you've worked with! They are all awesome as well and they deserve as much praise as you.

    Well done, Mr. Jester and teammates. You all get a cookie:
    Well, most of it, I kind of took a bite out of it. Sorry. =P
  3. MotorRoach


    Put what you love about the hack in spoilers, mister. You are kind of ruining surprises over here `^´

    But yeah, I love what I went through in here too. I don't even know where to start about it!
  4. Spanner


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    See that badnik? I was supposed to make that. Then shit got in the way and I never got the time to work on it. It sucks, but maybe some other day...

    It's amazing what you can make in just a few months.
  5. Lilly


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    I went into this hack already having fairly high expectations because of your previous work, AND THEN EVEN MY HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS WERE BLOWN AWAY OMG-

    Honestly, this is doing things that I thought only the extra SEGA CD hardware could pull off effectively; clear music samples and all. I'll be playing the rest of this to see what other surprises The Next Level has in store.
  6. Sparks


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    That fucking ending. I knew you would have some kind of twist in the game, but I did not expect that boss.

    Nor what followed after.

    Bravo to everyone, especially the level designers. This was a really fun level to play; it rarely felt cheap and always felt like stuff was flowing smooth.
  7. ICEknight


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    Well, that was fun and epic. Great job!
  8. Strife


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    I'm thoroughly impressed. The level design in this hack is smart and never once felt unfair. The graphics and tiles are gorgeous and all of the unique badniks and gimmicks are well designed. Overall it feels just like something out of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    I'll be surprised if this doesn't win any Hacking Contest awards.
  9. Cinossu


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    I never understood the logic of releasing your own SHC entry early before they all go public, but oh well~ :v:/>

    You'll hear more of my opinion when the rest are all live.
  10. RazoZen


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    I hope the rest of the SHC entries will be as good as this. Excellent job on everything. :)
  11. amphobius


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    This is incredible. Extremely well designed levels, fun, new and innovative mechanics and + - one of the best bosses I've ever seen in a hack.  

    I'm also stunned by the music. Not only are they great choices, some of the FM work is stunning - I was floored when I realised the pluck sounds in the first act were FM.

    In addition to being a technical marvel this is also a solid and fantastic level on its own to play. Stellar work.
  12. I want whatever you guys were on when designing that boss :specialed:

    Great work as always.
  13. Selbi


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    Come on guys, does nobody here even try to find out what music this is? Not even I do, and I've beta tested this thing. I want to know. Go go go!
  14. MarkeyJester


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    Well I'm glad you liked it guys, I am a little disappointed (as Selbi also noticed) that no one's even attempted to work out the origins of the music though =(

    Well, if I cannot update the copy on the SHC site anylonger, then it's pointless waiting one week before releasing it. The build released one week later will end up being 1:1 binary identical. It doesn't change the quality. Some people might release their project last thinking that they have the "edge" of tilting the responses in their favour, there is logic to this, but you know me, I am a man of my word, what you see is what you get, I don't need silly psychological tricks like that to make a product of high standards. I let people make up their own minds as to whether or not they like it, without relying on cheap tricks.

    I'm sorry if I've disappointed you in that regard, but that's just how I feel about it.
  15. amphobius


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    I haven't even attempted as Markey's taste in music is usually obscure 90s dnb and jungle and I'd have no idea where to delve into for that :v:
  16. Ritz


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    He brought Sonic back to life for one afternoon.
  17. LoneDevil


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    Had a real thrill with this one, especially that top notch boss.
  18. RattleMan


    Incredible! I did experience only one bug, and it was during the boss at the end. If you make it there with a shield, this can happen: The shield will always load the wrong sprites. I'm not sure how I did the same thing to the score (I reload a few times trying to recreate it), but I added it for your knowledge. Kega Fusion 3.6, if you're wondering.
  19. Clownacy


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    If we're gonna talk about bugs, the spin dash is easily the most broken thing in this hack.
  20. Beltway


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    I didn't make it past the boss, but MarkeyJester I give all my kudos to you regardless, Next Level is downright sublime. Absolutely love the level gimmicks and the level artwork in particular. Music is great too, especially the quality it's in.

    The whole thing altogether feels like a prototype gaiden sequel that follows on Sonic CD, except without the time-traveling aspect. And in another sense, a spiritual successor of your earlier Pana Der Hejhog.