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SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub (PC/Steam)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TimmiT, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. redhotsonic


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    Damn. All I want is SRAM for mods and online multiplayer =P
  2. MartiusR


    True, that's the one thing I'm really missing in case of current MD emulators. I've tried once upon a time one of the MD emulators which is supporting the online multiplayer (probably Gens), but it's far from something which could be considered as comfortable). It's not too probable, that there will be implemented something like that, but hey, who knows...

    Speaking about more games in MD Classic Hub (I definitelly like this idea) - is/would that be hard from "procedural" side to sell again some third-party games released once upon a time on MD/Genesis? I know that in case of GOG they're facing such issues as rights belonging to separate entities (as far as I know it was the issue in case of System Shock 2, where rights to the game itself, to the music etc. belonged to different companies), is that even considerable as probable/possible that it could happen (third-party games on MD for Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub) one day?
  3. Right, these are interesting curiosities and not "free" releases of actual licensed games. I see no harm in them existing on the workshop?
  4. TimmiT


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    Yeah, I don't really have a problem with those aside from that they're bloating the Workshop. Sometimes when I look at the newest submissions on the workshop, half of them are unlicensed games.
  5. Ravenfreak


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    I really hope Sega will make the emulator compatible with Master System games in the future. And when you go to play a Master System game, they could have a power base converter connected to the Genesis/Mega Drive. :P Likewise with the 32x and Sega CD. (But I assume that would be pushing it a bit. :v: ) Hell they could make more money by releasing SMS games, people would buy them up and I could upload more of my hacks. :P Still I'm glad they added support for the PS4 controller, it was a pain in the ass to figure out how the buttons were mapped.
  6. ICEknight


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    The new button config screen is the most awkward thing ever, by the way.
  7. Herm the Germ

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    MIDI-to-SMPS-conversions, mostly. Takin' requests, too.
    Given their track-record of pushing Game Gear versions of games out over the superior Master System versions, I wouldn't hold my breath on the subject (though it would indeed be nice if they surprised us in that regard).
  8. Glaber


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    Well this is a disappointing surprise. 2 unlicensed games have managed to pop up in the popular downloads. That's the kind of stuff you don't want on the genesis workshop front page.

    I sware, one day we're going to loose this thing because it's so visible.
  9. TimmiT


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    Really that's Sega's own fault for relying on enough people reporting that stuff so that it gets automatically removed instead of actually moderating the Workshop.
  10. MartiusR


    Steam's workshop is dealing with some "legally doubtful" content since... Well, It has been so long that I don't even remember since when :P Nevertheless - I don't remember some serious consequences connected with anything published on Steam Workshop (at least for game itself or its features), even when the most overzealous folks* were (potentially) on the trail. I'm guessing that even if some of these things will be left "undetected"/won't be removed, potential impact is rather minimal.

    By the way - I'm really happy that with success of new hub there is some interest of third-party developers to release their old games for Sega's Classics Hub (don't remember where I've read this article, maybe on Sega Nerds?), it's exactly one of three things, which I would like to happen according to this new Hub (two others are support for online multiplayer and support for 32X/Sega CD games).

    *Hello, Nintendo
  11. KingOfBunnies


    Are Captain Bozo and Ranger still active on the forums here? Because I really want Sonic 2 XL on the Steam workshop, and I looked and it's not uploaded. So I was hoping to contact them if I could upload it.
  12. Glaber


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    Most of the legally doubtful content before were still mods and addons. This time its straight up piracy, and Now there's even more on the workshop!
    These were just recently discovered:
  13. RedMetallix


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    What? Don't be silly.
    Well at least half of those are gone now (Only ones of note left are the Barbie game on the bottom and Wily Wars).

    Action 52 though? That's a pretty high case of who cares, pretty sure that wasn't an officially licensed game.
  14. Covarr


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    Licensed or not, it was made by someone, and that someone owns it. I feel that for consistency's sake, it's important not to turn a blind eye to piracy just because the game being pirated is unlicensed.
  15. Glaber


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    It's getting worse. 31 titles were uploaded by this guy (takes up nearly 1.5 pages of workshop):
    as well as a few by some others. (this one also had a dead link to a guide on how to upload other genesis games as mods of golden axe. It was deleted after this post was made)

    Anyone have any contact info for who to contact at SEGA about this?
  16. Glaber


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    The workshop looks like a Lost Cause now. I think it's time we get in contact with sega over this.

    If need be Konami and everyone else who illegally had their game uploaded should be contacted as well.
  17. or you can stop throwing a fit about something that doesn't affect you personally? Like, use the report function for ones that stand out and move on.
  18. Clownacy


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    Don't worry, Glaber, it's been pissing me off too. I know, someone getting mad at something on the internet - what a crime!
  19. TimmiT


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    To be fair, Sega really should moderate the Workshop. They can't just rely on enough people reporting stuff so that it gets automatically deleted, which clearly isn't working. And it does affect people on this site because it causes actual hacks to get less attention.
  20. MartiusR


    On bundlestars has started Sega Genesis Classics Pick&Mix Bundle:

    There are probably all games available for Mega Drive Classics Hub, including Sonic CD (overall 55 games to choose). For 5 games price is 1,79 euros, for 10 games - 3,19; and for 20 - 4,59 euros (it's possible that you will see different currency and prices, depending on region where you live).

    The bundle is available for one week.