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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mana, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. Mana


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    I love this game so much for so many reasons but I have some complaints

    - Level selection could have been better. Not enough of Sonic's tropes are explored. Would have loved Egg Fleet as Heroes representation instead of another Green Hill trope (ironic though considering Seaside Hiil is my favorite level in the game)

    - More representation level wise from games like the Storybook series and the Spinoffs would have been cool

    - DLC would have been really easy to think up yet it never happened, Casino Night should have been an actual stage

    Those are mine
  2. Beamer the Meep

    Beamer the Meep

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    Really only have a few complaints about Generations.

    - More coherent story
    - More Classic Sonic bosses, he's totally forgotten after 2 bosses...
    - Portable version should have had stages from the portable titles

    Otherwise, I don't really have any gripes about how the game turned out.
  3. CHAnga


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    Even at 60fps, there's a bit too much delay in the controls for my liking, and I seem to just barely be able to make a lot of jumps as Classic Sonic. Granted, a lot of those jumps lead to alternate higher routes, but still.
  4. Wildcat


    Should have included more from Sonic’s past. Characters, Stages etc...could have been a really epic tribute to the entire franchise.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good game. Just a lot more they could have used. Imagine if they included a Sonic Xtreme stage as a secret level? They could have portrayed it as a lost memory in time.
  5. Linkabel


    The only level I have a problem is Seaside Hill. I know people complain there were too many city levels but I feel like Speed Highway, City Escape, Crisis City and Rooftop Run all had their own identity and ideas.

    But Seaside Hill is just too linked to the Green Hill trope and didn't use it's water element to its full potential.

    At the same time though, I really like the level design for Act 2, but it could've worked with Hang Castle, Rail Canyon, Frog Forest or Egg Fleet.

    The other gripe I have with the game is the story. It could've been so much more and sometimes it feels like a lot of it was cut. For example, how did Classic Tails even end up in White Space?

    I also wasn't a big fan of "this place feels familiar" thing they had at the beginning. Bruh, it's Green Hill and Chemical Plant.

    There were so many ways they could've gone with the "mystery of what was going" without having to resort to that.

    The DLC was also really lacking for this game, but I'll argue that's been a problem with every Sonic game after Unleashed. Well, minus Lost World since I actually liked the Nights, Yoshi and Zelda DLC.
  6. Josh



    Any criticism I could offer would be the nittiest of picks.

    It's a good indication for the general consensus of this game that most of the bashing complaints so far boil down to "I wish there was more of it." And that's pretty much all I've got, too. Sonic Team had lightning in a bottle with this game, and I just wish this specific dev team could've done even more with it. That was the biggest reason I was so optimistic coming out of Generations, in fact. It felt like we finally had a super-solid gameplay foundation to build from and iterate on, and whether that meant EXPANDING on Generations (more playable characters! better stories!) or more games LIKE Generations (another round of re-imagined stages and bosses! maybe a Mario Galaxy 2-style sequel?), I just knew the "Sonic Cycle" was broken, and the future was gonna be great.

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  7. SuperSnoopy


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    Sonic Generations is a game with wide and open levels that reward exploration...and a character that controls like absolute garbage.

    That's why I always preferred Unleashed: yeah the levels are ultra linear, but they worked with the way Sonic controlled.
    The alternate paths tested your split second reflexes more than anything else; they were accessed by jumping into a rainbow ring or doing a side step while your were running trough the main path.
    Generations, on the other hand, constantly ask you to do tight platforming and maneuver around cramped areas, and it just doesn't work imo because Sonic controls like ass. The alternate pathways feel more like a chore than a reward. And that's not when the main path itself is annoying (hello Sky Sanctuary).
    For all the shit I said about Colours, at least the game was smart enough to change the way Sonic controlled compared to Unleashed and even gave us a double jump.
    Gens on the other hand was directly built on top of Unleashed and Sonic control just as poorly.

    TLDR; Great level design that isn't fun to explore because Sonic feels really, REALLY bad to control.
  8. DigitalDuck


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    I don't like the forced platforming sections. They don't work with the boost style gameplay. Unleashed did it better.

    Classic Sonic is mediocre.

    Levels need more variety.

    Barely any story.
  9. James Smith

    James Smith

    The only problems I have with Gens is
    -The Lackluster typical Pontac and Graff writing (though admittingly out of the games they wrote this was the least offensive)
    -Modern's stiff controls when not boosting
    -Modern should have strictly been in 3D instead of the hybrid
    -Classic's physics could have been more closer to the mega drive games (though after playing Forces, Gens is now a godsend in regards to that)
    -Should have had more levels and slightly better level variety (It should have been 5 levels for each Era)
    -For the DS version it should have been levels strictly from the handheld games (Game Gear, Advance, Rush and Colors DS)

    Other than those..... As time goes on for sonic, the more i am appreciating the actual quality this game has. Hell as much as I hate Neo Classic Sonic, This game has some legit amazing moments that capture what made classic sonic special to me. Him speeding off straight to Eggman while modern sonic just stands behind in confusion is so in character with sonic. His rival fight with Metal Sonic is honestly my all time favorite iteration of the fight and song. I know I'm suppose to be bashing the game but man...... Sonic Team had something and than they gave us Lost World.
  10. kyasarintsu


    I didn't really like the controls or the level design much. The non-story annoyed me with its lack of substance or even good callbacks or anything. And I'm not sure if anyone else feels it, but I always felt a strange thing about the scaling of the world, with Sonic feeling strangely small next to things like springs and monitors.
  11. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

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    Alrighty, I love Generations, but I've got my fair share of gripes.
    • Quartz Quadrant, Levitated Ruin, and Shrouded Forest should've been stages.
    • Modern Super Sonic... isn't the best. He feels too much like "push this button to win" and not like a genuine bonus.
    • I feel like bosses after every stage would've been nice. Also most of the bosses that ARE in the game are ridiculously easy.
    • The 3DS version... wow. It could've been brilliant. I was itching to see the likes of Sunset Park, Music Plant, Sky Babylon, and more. But sadly, no. The 3DS version has better Classic physics though.
    • Some of NicoCW's remixes (like this one) are better than the actual game's.
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  12. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox

    After having played Generations and not-Generations (Forces) back-to-back I've noticed a pretty obvious flaw with the former.

    In Generations the game tells you to go back and replay previous levels in order to proceed to the next world while in Forces you just keep playing and the optional missions are indeed 100% optional. Yes, both games feature roughly the same amount of copypasta, Forces is just smart about it, where Generations would have you re-run Chemical Plant for a boss key Forces just weaves it into the main story, e.g. we need to go back to Chemical Plant to install hax on Eggman's PC or some shit, there's unique recorded dialog and stuff so it feels much less of a chore. And the level layouts in Forces aren't structured so rigidly (as in 1 classic, 1 modern, 2 acts etc), they flow much smoother and it doesn't feel like you're checking off a list. I don't even know how many times I've had to re-run GHZ and CPZ in Forces because they're spaced out across the story far enough apart to not bother you.

    Generations is ultimately still a better game but Sega definitely learned a few things in Forces.
  13. BadBehavior


    I will say, the gulf of quality between Generations and Forces is like the Grand Canyon of quality just stretching into the horizon, like, you can't even see the edge, the gap is that big. Were they just allergic to their own engine or something? Any reason they couldn't just make another game with it rather than the Lost World one? I genuinely believe it's more probable for lightning to strike twice (as the idiom goes) than for Sonic Team to make two good consecutive games.

    I guess my bashing is that it was so good that they literally had no excuse to screw it up. If they go to Boost again after this, I will be surprised. And a bit pissed. "Adventure didn't get a do-over after 06, why should Boost get a do-over after Forces?"
  14. raphael_fc


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    I love Generations but I hate the final boss.
  15. Overlord


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    3DS version needed a little more dev time and Game Gear levels instead of Mega Drive ones.

    That's about it.
  16. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

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    Oh, another nitpick:

    There wasn't a Wii version.
  17. Mana


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    Hard disagree because I don't think this game could have ran well on Wii and a DIMPS version like they did with Unleashed would have been as boring as that was.
  18. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Previously TheOneAndOnlyJoebro64 Member
    ? They could've just used the Colors engine. The lack of a Wii version of Generations was something I always found really confusing.
  19. raphael_fc


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    Oh and I remember screaming in anger trying to beat that tennis match against Vector.
  20. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    And Advance levels instead of Adventure ones.
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