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Why won't Sonic Worlds work?

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Blastfrog, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Blastfrog


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    So, what am I doing wrong exactly? And please don't tell me not to use Sonic Worlds, I'm not even going to be using it for a Sonic game, I'm going to heavily modify it for an entirely unrelated game, as a proof-of-concept for it, since I can't properly program for shit.
  2. snow toilet

    snow toilet

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    Sonic Grand Prix??
    Did you pay for MMF2?
    If you didn't then it won't work.
  3. Blastfrog


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    Damn, intentional anti-piracy measures? I'd buy it, but I'm on a really tight budget (read: close to nothing).

    Any way I can get around this? I CANNOT be spending over 300 dollars just to get MMF2. I miss when their products were actually affordable. Strangely enough, it actually used to work under the pirated version for me, I don't know why it doesn't now.

    Lastly, are there any good generic platforming engines for MMF2 that will work for me? Would and older version of Sonic Worlds work?
  4. Techokami


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    No, just a reliance on updated versions of the software.
  5. Blastfrog


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    I found an older version on the SFGHQ forums, but the idiots decided to require registration just to download files. Waiting for an admin or something to approve my account so I can download it, but until then, is there a way to update my copy of MMF2?
  6. LakeFeperd


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    I don't think an older version of sonic worlds would fix it
    0.5 the one that most works, it even works with the demo version of MMF2, I think.
    and just one thing that I had issues with: MMF2 DRAINS your virtual memory
  7. DimensionWarped


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    It's the default setting of the forum software. I'm going to go ahead and approve you, but I have to say I was pretty tempted to just silently reject your application upon reading this.

    And for the record, no, you don't need a legit version of MMF2 to use any existing version of Worlds, you just need one that's around r250 or so. Finding that pirated is actually a pretty trivial task.
  8. BlazeHedgehog


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    I can't say that I've ever personally come across a version of Sonic Worlds that did not work in the version of Multimedia Fusion I was using at the time, unless only recently did they try and use features from more recent releases.
  9. Azu


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    I may know why. Do you have OGG Vorbis codec installed? If now, that's may be the reason why. If you don't have the a codec to play OGG files, MMF2 will crash. Happened to me when I first started using Sonic Worlds.
  10. Blastfrog


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    I've updated my version of MMF2 to work with 0.5, so it works now. One thing though, I notice that it's pretty hard to jump underwater (as in, it plays the jumping sound, but keeps the player stuck to the ground). What's causing this?

    I apologize, I should've held my snarkiness back.

  11. LakeFeperd


    Spark the electric jester
    Set the jump strength while underwater to -5
    well, that is how I've fixed it