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Why hasn't SA2 been released for the PC or 360?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by flarn2006, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    They could, they should, but they won't. The fans would have to do something like that. I know what you mean, though. Sonic Adventure looks amazing with the Unleashed models.
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    Not necessarily. Seems those previous DC releases didn't do too well. Not only that but after Sonic CD, Sega knows that ports with care work. We may see a new era of ports now.

    Plus changing models isn't the biggest change ever. After all, SADX had new models compared to SA (Granted there was a big time gap), but now there is an even bigger time gap here, more then 10 years now. They have to do at least something to make it look nicer, or else it's just going to fall flat on it's face. And if SADX is any indication, changing the character models is at least the minimum they'll do for a port.

    This isn't a huge list of changes I want. I mean, If I wanted to I would want SA2 redone until its hardly the same game anymore save for the story and level environments. I'd have Sonic and Shadow's levels completely redone, Tails taken out of the mech, have Eggman fly instead of walk, and add an option for a mode where you could play through levels as other characters in one player mode (Play as Metal Sonic freely for example, or play as Knuckles in a Rouge level). I'm just asking for some aesthetic changes and a couple of better looking textures.

    Hell they even have new models for most of the SA2 GUN enemies now thanks to generations, so why not use them?
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    I think the reason we haven't seen it yet is because sega knows they're sitting on a gem. They're not going to go down that road unless they need to, say a particularly bad fiscal year or other financial disaster. Like an ace-in-the-hole.
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    I think we're all over-estimating how decent a game SA2 is - it's not exactly the second coming of Jesus. =P For the work it would take to do vs the sales they'd get, they'd net a profit from it, but I'm not so sure it would be THAT huge. On the whole SA1 is better regarded than the second, a fair amount of people view SA2 as the point where the franchise began to slide.
  5. LockOnRommy11


    The actual Dreamcast game was highly praised, and it was only when the same game with a few extra features was released on the Gamecube a year later that the reviews became less positive, purely as no issues had been fixed, because some people didn't like the camera, and I must say in the last 3 years or so it has begun to age.

    Still an awesomegame though.
  6. It's not reviews at the time that OL is talking about, I think, but more the current reflection on the game by the gaming community. The structure (forcing you to Shoot/Hunt when you want to just play as Sonic) in particular hasn't aged well. SA1 managed to avoid that, at least somewhat.

    How well did SADX sell on Steam/XBLA? That could be a good indicator of why they didn't bother with a port - they already had a PC version of SA1, which was easily adapted to the XBox. Putting SA2 out onto PC/etc. would require more effort, and therefore they wouldn't do it unless there were signs that people would be willing to pay for it.
  7. DustArma


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    Not sure about how did it sell, but critically SA2010 did very poorly, metascore of 48 on 360 and 50 on PS3, the rereleases of SA1 and SA2 on the Gamecube also did much more poorly than the originals, a 73 for SA2:B compared to 89 for SA2 and a 57 for SADX (SA1 wasn't listed on Metacritic)

    Re-relasing SA2 without major improvements at this point would be a bad move on Sega's part.
  8. BlazeHedgehog


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    If rumors are to be believed they're taking a step back and trying to avoid the mistakes they made with SA1/Crazy Taxi. That is also apparently the reason Space Channel 5 and Sega Bass Fishing took an additional 3 months to come out on XBLA vs. the versions on the Dreamcast Collection disc.

    I believe the same rumor also stated SA2 and Jet Set Radio were being "considered" for the next round but that nothing was set in stone.
  9. Sir_mihael


    Who knows. If Sega start re-releasing their older games, fixed up for new generation systems. Maybe we'll eventually get that fixed, fully tested version of Sonic '06 on the Xbox 720. ;)
    ...Or not.

    Still, with Generations having come and gone, and all of Sonic's adventures from 1 up to SA1 available for everyone to download and see exactly where their favourite Generations levels come from, it would make sense to make SA2 the next big back-catalogue release. (unless they decide releasing Knuckles' Chaotix on the Taxman engine is higher priority.)

    If the game plays like SA2:Battle, with widescreen support and high-def, that's all I'd be asking for. It doesn't have to magically fix every niggling issue from the previous releases (well, maybe if there were any glaring bugs from SA2:B I'm forgetting), it just has to not make them worse like the SA1 port did.

    Still, if we're talking about any additions for a new port... Online Multiplayer? The 2P Race scene would be at it's most vicious yet...
  10. Epsilonsama


    SA2 isnt that great but having played them both recently its better in most part than SA1. The only down side of SA2 is Knuckles/Rouge stages that were to long anything else was better than SA1. Granted that today 3D Sonic is better than both games.
  11. LockOnRommy11


    Let's just say SA2 is a good game. Not perfect, but good. And remember, at the time it had ground breaking graphics, awesome sound, it was long and difficult, had a lot of replay value and homages to previous games, and really ended SEGA's home console Sonic's with a bang. It's aged a bit since the new Sonic's (Unleashed, Colours, Generations) made their debut, mostly because it's difficult to go back to having to control a camera whilst playing at the same time, but it's still a brilliant game.

    It is also 10 years old now, that's pretty old for a game, considering 3D games never age as well as 2D ones, which seem to be universal.

    I think a lot of negativity was due to the fact that it momentarily steered Sonic in to a Sci-fi style game in the latter half, and was a lot more serious in tone to previous games. The negativity has also greatened since Sonic 2006, so I'm thinking that perhaps people blame SA2 for the direction that took, even though Sonic Heroes was a Retro as you could get.
  12. I would love to see a port of SA2 on PSN/360/Steam. The part that confuses me is that it's quite easily playable and almost glitch free in real widescreen 720/1080p on Dreamcast and Gamecube emulators. Would it be so hard to transfer this mechanic to a system specific runtime attached to the game's bootfile?

    I bought SADX again for the PS3 when it came out on PSN and I was less than impressed. It may not have aged well, but they could have at least allowed you to make the thing fullscreen. Playing in tunnelvision is not my idea of fun.

    I much prefer SA2 to SA1 - to me, every aspect of every stage is more fun. Maybe there was some sort of exclusivity agreement when they made SA2:Battle for the Gamecube?

    EDIT: Forgot to add; what I want first is S3&K on PSN. Aside from SA2, it's the only main Sonic Title you can't get on the PS3. Annoying. Sonic Heroes doesn't count. :P
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    So I've been pondering the release of this since they announced the DC digital titles. Recently I've come to conclusions that they're using SA2:B and for one, they need to remove the Nintendo content. Like the Gamecube and Memory Cards in the data select menu at the beginning of the game. Shouldn't be that hard to take care of though. Maybe it's taking awhile for the reason we're all hoping for. Proper porting. Who knows, Sega's in a decent spot right now, so here's hoping to a good port of SA2 if/when it comes.

    And I second this.
  14. Mad Echidna

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    Just buy the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and run it in Dolphin. Works fine with the widescreen hack.
  15. Kogen


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    Probably because the quality is something better than Sonic 06 but worse than Sonic Adventure DX. A solid 4/10 type of situation. This of course does not explain why we still have Riders, Heroes, and 3D Blast, but oh well! I suppose crap just gets flung randomly by the chimps over at Sonic Team.
  16. Metal Man88

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    I figure they're looking for the best way to monetize it. Maybe even tie it in with something else. So like with most of their back-catalogue re-releases... who knows?
  17. Lanzer


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    Not everybody can run that emulator but everybody practically does have a modern console. and SA2B isn't exactly an easy thing to find now a days in a decent enough condition yeah ebay has pretty dirt cheap deals but in what quality? and is the seller telling the truth? who knows unless you know the seller by heart.
  18. Tyty


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    You can't really run SA2B very well in dolphin unless you have a powerful single-core comp, or do some finagling to get working. It doesn't really play nice with multi-core rendering, at least in my experience.

    But hey, all computers are different so *shrug*

    EDIT: I'd personally imagine it's mostly the Chao garden holding them back. The reason they ported SA and SADX was because SONIC'S FIRST 3D LOL IMPORTANT. It'd be silly to have a Chao Garden now lacking the transport features, especially with how big they were in SA2/B
  19. BlazeHedgehog


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    Sure, just let me spend $900 to build a PC that can run Dolphin.

    And $200 for a Wii. And then a copy of Lego Indiana Jones so I can soft mod it. Oh, and I'll need storage to rip games to. Because, you know, Gamecube discs are a proprietary format, meaning you can't just put the disc in to your computer's DVD drive and rip it that way.

    And it's not like pirating an ISO eliminates the most expensive part of this process, either!
  20. Metal Man88

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    To be honest, SA2:B on the Wii looks pretty great as-is, especially with progressive scan mode on.

    Which is much cheaper and more legal than running it in Dolphin.

    For those who require next gen kicks though... yeah, it's probably gonna be a while.

    I'd hope they add something to it, too, since otherwise there's little purpose. It's late in the game and people seem to want to forget the era where Sonic started to slide downhill—even if SA2 was sort of part of the peak to begin with...