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Why hasn't SA2 been released for the PC or 360?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by flarn2006, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Tyty


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    600 dollar computer to start, with a 200 dollar graphics card later. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, 2.8 GHz

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    I've never had any problem with PSO Episode 3, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Colours (playable, but drops occasionally but I didn't enable Accurate VBeam Emulation) on this PC:

    ATI Radeon HD 6770
    AMD Phenom II X4 B60 (560 BE unlocked) @ 3.5Ghz
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    Windows 7 x64

    $500 was spent on that PC and that's what I got. Saved money by purchasing it built without a copy of Windows 7 x64 from a PC shop, I was originally planning to build my own but this deal was pretty damn good.
  3. Hodgy


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    my pc is a bit old now but I struggle when emulating colours:

    q6600 @ 3ghz
    4GB DDR2 ram

  4. I've started to play through SA2B again after I saw this thread. I use Dolphin 3.0-325 and get a constant 60fps, even wtih a gajillion BG tasks and when playing on a 2nd monitor and having hints n faqs on the first.

    My setup:

    ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO (EUR 39.00)
    AMD Phenom II X4 B50 (unlocked X2 550) 3.1GHZ (EUR 59.00)
    8GB of Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1333 (EUR 49.00 + EUR 19.00 (I accidentally bought one 4GB stick locally when it was really expensive... :( ) )
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 (EUR 127.99)

    I simply fackin love this game. It's so much fun to play it all over again :D Gotta find all the powerups for all characters though >.>

    BTW: Am I the only one who thinks that the Hero story is much harder than the Dark one? I mean seriously, crazy gadget is a bitch X_X
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    Sorry, but a Phenom II x6 1090T Black edition is about 180 dollars, a good mobo... ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 for example, is 90 dollars. That's about 270 dollars. Add a few DDR3 Ram sticks (about 50 dollars), a good PSU... Antec TP550 should be enough, for 100 dollars. And we're missing the GPU...for example, a HD6850 1GB should be more than enough, for about 150 dollars.

    That that's a 600 dollars rig that runs 90% of new games at max graphics/resolution at fullspeed. You can add a few more stuff like a Antec case or Coolermaster CPU cooler too.

    No need to spend 900 dollars at all my friend :P

    Well, if it helps at all, Colours is one of the most cpu-eater games that Dolphin runs. It makes sense that the old q6600 is starting to struggle. Btw, your 560ti is gonna be bottlenecked by that CPU. Maybe you should sell your 775 mobo and cpu and try getting an AMD setup? Or if you're an intel fan, save to get an i5, those are pretty much beastly even if they are expensive like hell.
  6. @Elratauru: you're missing HDDs and optical drives.
  7. Lanzer


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    Yeah maybe it shouldn't, but whos to say that theres isn't a real want for it? if the want is great enough SEGA will look into it as we have seen with Sonic 4 (And boy did we make a mistake with that one) and Sonic CD for example wants can pretty much void any techinal problems even if it means rebuilding the codebase altogether with something new.

    Besides, I doubt SEGA is going to say "Hurrrr use an emulator we don't wanna" as an awnser for people who are clamoring for a SA2/B port.

    Way I see it, if a few smart and tech savvy people with free time on thier hands can make a properly running wii and gamecube emulator and not getting a dime out of it then SEGA with its 1000s of employess a quarter of them being techinal engineeers with college degrees and such can look into this legacy codebase and see what they can do with it even if its old and outdated. come to think of it, wouldn't it being old and outdated actually benefit instead of being a problem?
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    While an HDD is needed, that's cheaper than anything else there. Plus, you don't really need an optical drive at all. I don't have one in my rig actually. I just buy games from Steam, download everything else :v:
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    Lets go through these one by one:

    * The want for it is there to some degree. Is it there to a degree where it is worth putting the effort in to port from a decade-old codebase - arguable. To put the effort into coding it entirely from scratch (like Sonic CD was)? HELL no. This would be a cheap budget release, that sure as hell isn't going to happen.

    * They won't officially, no. They'll say "play SA2:B on a Wii".

    * You're asking Sega, who can barely slap a Mega Drive emulator together, never mind a Dreamcast or GameCube one, to make one for 360 or PS3 (As there's no point on Wii)? You've really not thought about this, have you...

    You're deluding yourself if you really think this could happen. Sorry.
  10. I'm wondering at this point if SEGA will just slap an emulated SA2:B onto the Wii U Virtual Console and call it a day.
  11. Falk


    I feel that the entire Dreamcast era is caught right smack of a really awkward period of video gaming history (as of today, at least) where it's just old enough that the gameplay involved is somewhat dated/mundane and even at times a chore to get through yet not old/simplistic enough to have the retro appeal that Sonic CD does. SEGA has also taken somewhat drastic measures to 'uphold the quality of the brand' with regards to PS3/XBOX digital content.

    I'd also go out on a limb and say the cross section of people who have never played SA2 who want to purchase a legal copy is hilariously small, only slightly smaller than the cross section that already had it (or SA2B) and would double dip again years later just to have it on PC, where Dolphin already does a good enough job recreating the experience with higher resolution/widescreen/etc.
  12. Lanzer


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    Alright I can play the breakdown game too:

    ~Ok I can believe that. it wouldn't be redone from scratch they didn't even do that for SADX.

    ~Thats the thing though, they can't say to buy a game that theres no easy way to get. remember that game companies like SEGA don't support used game sales because it doesn't bring them any profit they only support official venues that would bring them money. unless they have a plan to re-release it as a gamecube classic for the wii or something (Which I doubt since the new wii's don't have any gamecube support whatsoever.) or they have an official store they still sell SA2B, they gotta offer another venue for people to play SA2/B. its too big of an entry to just forget after all.

    ~Yeah you got a point there. SEGA Themselves now a days doesn't do a good job emulating or porting I don't know what I was thinking. But Thats why SEGA also lends out their IPs to outsourcing companys who do better jobs. remember that they didn't even port Generations themselves they asked Devil's Details to do so and Sumo Digital handled S&SASR's PC port not sure about the previous sonic PC ports. Nothing would be stopping SEGA from asking a previous outsourcing company they have dealt with to handle SA2's PC port once they initially converted SA2 to PC.

    Yeah well delusion is apart of this fanbase too. 99% we just get disappointment but that 1% does happen every once in a blue moon.

    I don't know Falk I really doubt that. This is the same fanbase who bought Sonic 4 on multiple formats just to get their names said on some contest. You really doubt that a PC port of SA2 wouldn't sell well enough? and like it was discussed before you gotta have a pretty good computer to run dolphin at decent settings and a damned great one to handle dolphin's full settings its a taxing emulator but it is a good one once you can get it fully set up. I doubt a PC port of SA2 would be as taxing as trying to get dolphin to run at its best settings. plus theres the issue of piracy and all (unless you run off a cd)...
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    They still sell the original-flavor Wiis alongside the "Family Edition" ones without Gamecube support. Nintendo of Japan doesn't even sell the Family Edition model at all.

    May vary by location, but I also regularly see Sonic Adventure 2: Battle in the pre-owned Gamecube section of various Gamestops, whereas I've never seen SADX PC in a brick-n-mortar store here even around the time of release.
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    I don't get why people say you must have a beast of a computer to run Dolphin. The PC I built for my grandmother runs it fine.
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    I'm using a Core i5 2500k overclocked to 4.3GHz and a GTX260 with Dolphin x64 version which runs almost full speed on all games. Before that I had a Core i3 2100 which only got 80% on speed for Sonic Colours but ran most Sonic GC games fine except for Shadow TH.
  16. Lanzer


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    Well a beast is reccomended but you don't really need a beast to run dolphin at good settings. the only reason I'm on the PC side is because I want to see what this community will do with it (HAXXXX!!) and that more sonic titles need PC love that way it can live on forever on the PC offical and legally instead of dying out with the console it was made for. I'm on the console side of things since it needs a modern re-release.