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Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Lapper, May 19, 2018.

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    (if you release a demo, people could make those levels for you ;))
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    I think a post-release community map pack would be win/win, as well! One less pre-release burden on Lapper, and curated community-made stages that showcase what others can genuinely do with the editor. :)

    Mario Maker did this with the mindset that new users would be overwhelmed with choice paralysis, by giving them all the tools and gimmicks up-front. While keeping it simple this does let the casual user start off readily, it needlessly puts stumbling blocks in-front of everyone else. It's not a popular design choice by any measure.

    And, if your UI design is good enough, you shouldn't need to hide most of your UI and tools from a new user. Doing this in the software space is heavily criticized, and the most compelling component of this game is on its software side.

    Hiding content makes this ill assumptions about a wide swath of users that may not be applicable in reality. It's more likely to confuse people as they look up tutorials, who then can't find the relevant UI elements/tools as described/shown.

    Users coming from prior versions of games/software simply want to get busy with the new tools in the new version, as well; not be forced to interact with content they would have liked to try out later, on their own terms. Working adults with limited free-time have also grown to loathe unlockable QoL content in games in general; even more-so with fighting games, and now ROM hacks/mods.
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