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    Oh, that was one of the first things I thought about while typing up my post. :)

    However, that was a very unique time. Back then, you could just put someone's fan game on your official site and call it a day. Most consumers expect more than that in this modern PC landscape, with the Steam client and its many imitators. "No Steam, no buy" wasn't always said as a joke! :V

    I don't know if a major publisher could do that again, not without a barrage of console and OS port begging. (Even I've had my share of Switch port beggars, and I'm appealing to a far smaller fandom than Sonic Studio is.) We never hear the end of it in fan game circles, let alone the fire hose of constant feedback that publishers get- good or bad :psyduck:

    And I imagine most fan game creators don't want that scope of public pressure. Lapper clearly doesn't any more than I do.
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    Yes, I have the planned zones locked down, it's *at least* one zone from each classic game. If I added more zones, it'd be post release!

    Many many objects from zones not even present are also included so it's not so strict a limit based on those zones, however.
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