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Sonic Prime (Netflix Animated Series)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Dec 10, 2020.

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    Yea but that one mostly took place in like Chris's world. This is one actually has zones and such.

    But ova eh kinda yea.
  2. The setting was Station Square to be fair.
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    Deven Mack isn't someone I'm all too familiar with, but looking up his roles, I realized he played Wyston on Bakugan Battle Planet and Rockoon from TOME. I do remember liking Rockoon quite a bit, so that's a plus. 'Sides the running, I do think the animation looks fine. Sonic having another voice actor is gonna take some time to adjust, but at least they do something similar to his past and current voices.

    I get the feeling Brian Drummond is gonna voice Shadow. I know most are gonna think of Ocean Group's Vegeta, but I'm thinking more Tiger from Monster Rancher.

    Hoping this turns out good.
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    Jack shit.
    Only after they MOVED there right before the Sonic Adventure adaption.
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    My reaction:

    *footage begins playing*
    Me: Awesome, Green Hill's first appearance in a cartoon!
    Sonic: I know what you're thinking. I'm gooood! And powerful, apparently. Jealous?
    Me: Great. The show hasn't even started and I already want Sonic to shut up.

    "Nice" to see that adaptations are keeping the Pontac/Graff era characterizations alive. I need cringe in my life :V

    Sonic X had all the SA1 adventure fields and some game stages like Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, Lost World, City Escape...

    Nope, they were in Station Square since the first ep. You're thinking of the SA2 adaptation, in which they moved to Central City.
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    Was it called Station Square before the SA adaptation? It’s been almost 2 decades since I’ve seen it so I’m probably wrong but I remember the connections to the human world of the Adventure games only popping up like 26 episodes in once they realized they had to make more episodes and decided to make it a prequel all along and adapt SA1/2.
  7. Wildcat


    Happy to finally see something. It’s not much but it looks good.

    They must be excited about it because they purposely put it at the end of the trailer. As in...oh ya, also this *big reveal*.
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    Honestly, it looks pretty good! I hope they adapt more game locations into the show than just Green Hill and Chemical Plant, the top 2 zones SEGA seems to constantly revisit. It'll take a bit for me to get used to the voice actor, but he sounds pretty good from the one line we've heard. I'm a fan of the figure 8, although it looks kinda weird on modern Sonic. I guess I'll probably get used to that with time, too.

    The one thing that kinda puzzles me is the dark / purply sky over Green Hill. Not sure if that's plot related, or if maybe that's just how it's always going to look in the show? It strikes me as a really strange decision, especially when Green Hill has always been depicted as a bright, blue-skied paradise. It looks a bit too mellow, a bit too lifeless to me. But again, it could be a nighttime shot or a plot-related thing.

    Now for the bad? Not having Mike Pollock is a crime. Everyone else has switched VA's numerous times, and there are absolutely numerous voice actors who can learn to do the Sonic role well enough. But Pollock's Eggman is so iconic and so unique that I have a feeling I'm just going to be disappointed with the new VA right off the bat. I feel bad that someone has to step into a role like that, because they are almost guaranteed to get a ton of criticisms (and possibly a fair amount of hate from terrible people on the internet) when the bar is so high. I'm not going to jinx it though. I got used to Jim Carrey, although that's slightly easier for me because the movies feel like a separate universe. But here's hoping.
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    For whatever reason, having seen little/next to no Mega Man animations, I've always envisioned Mike's voice for Dr. Wily. Go figure.

    I'm really interested in hearing what Prime Eggman sounds like and hope he goes full on ham. That's one thing I've never quite gotten from Mike, despite his clear love and effort he gives to the role, compared to every other Eggman voice.
  10. Linkabel


    Tbh I feel we have never had a bad Eggman/Robotnik so I'm not worried about who's going to voice him in this.
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    Just watched the teaser dropped by the Sonic Twitter

    Personally, something about the running animation looks very... off.... I guess I'm just not used to seeing the peel-out in 3D. The end, though, looks pretty nice.

    Still on the fence about this I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    The new guy's Sonic voice is at the very least better than RCS, so I'm really interested in hearing the rest of the cast now. Especially Eggman, of course. I don't think Mike has ever been the "best" English voice for the character, that would be his predecessor. So I hope his voice in Prime channels a similar energy to Deem Bristow.
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    Certainly looks nice. But i'm gonna wait till we have a trailer to form a more concrete opinion of it.
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    I'm sure I'll get used to his voice on the show because I have no choice but I don't get the point of getting him to sound like Roger if you didn't get Roger.

    I understand Canada has its laws regarding needing a full Canadian staff for tax breaks but if you couldn't get Roger I was hoping for a new interpretation of the character to go with it. Not a diet version of his performance.

    I am curious about how RCS feels about this too, he got shafted in the movie version and now this show and I'm sure he has a few opinions on this, especially with Tails VA getting to be in the movies.
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    Before anybody really said anything about who it was going to be he seemed to indicate he'd at least known who it was, and kind of vaguely congratulated them, before also telling anybody to remember to untag him in any conversations about comparisons. I think Devon might've consulted him.

    Roger seems fine with other people sharing the role but does take issue with actually seeing comments regarding different voices (who wouldn't), and might have some fear for being "replaced", but I think he understands it's not really anything against him.

    Devon, in his little introduction, seemed to indicate he had some amount of control where he went with his voice. I think there's going to be more to the voice than being supposedly indistinguishable from Roger.
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    I have to wonder if switching all the VAs was even a creative decision to begin with, or if perhaps it was just a logistics issue that wasn't really within their control. I'm sure Roger understands either way, especially since it's the ENTIRE cast that's getting new VAs, not just Sonic.
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    Well, WildBrain appears to be Canadian company so it was probably a mix of logistics and money. Why they couldn't have simply done recording with the game cast via a more conveniently located contact is not something I can begin to speculate on but, while on principle I am against such recasts, it'll hopefully afford new talent the opportunity to shine, and we may find ourselves ending up with new fan-celebrated and definitive voices for these characters.
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    Wildbrain gets huge tax breaks on all their productions because they're produced in Canada will a full Canadian cast. If even one person isn't a Canadian citizen they don't get them.

    Its solely and purely a decision made with money in mind.
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  20. Snowbound


    Given this I think we can probably eliminate the possibility of past versions of Sonic from other tv shows/comics/games reappearing. I mean they COULD recast the Satam or X cast but I feel like they’d really risk alienating the old fans doing this.

    Honestly it’s probably best that Prime builds it’s own thing. Past versions of Sonic seems like more of a Season 2 idea anyhow. Heck, maybe the 1st season will be so successful that wildbrain would be willing to lose the tax break and have non-Canadian guest stars... but I’m getting way ahead of myself here aren’t I?