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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    If it was a turn-based RPG, that wouldn't be Sonic enough, but Sonic Frontiers looks like a nice RPG-esque action game, so we'll check that box soon too.
  2. RikohZX


    I mean, Chronicles was turn-based, so even that is Sonic even if people want to forget it existed.
  3. We WERE talking about Frontiers. A lot of expressing their thoughts about the new tracks we just got.

    But since this is Retro, we have to have other people tell us about much they hate the 2000's games and hate it when anything from Frontiers reminds them of it. Juuuust in case we didn't get the memo about what the preferences on this site are.

    Look, I try not to be bothered by this stuff most of the time. But some of you guys are kind of asking for a response with types of comments lol.

    Its literally and unironically the meme "stop liking what I don't like" whether you realize it or not.
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    I'd argue this topic is related though. It's a direct continuation of Frontiers having a larger emphasis on story than most games of the Meta Era and if that's a good thing, or if Sonic should even have these sort of storyline at all.

    While I think they do have a place in Sonic, if done well, it's fine if others don't want that. I wouldn't mind a BOTW approach to the story , where it's limited except in certain places on the map that are lore heavy, either.

    I just don't feel the argument the series can't be serious because it's about a blue hedgehog is a good one or fair to the people who like these things in a Sonic game.
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    I honestly can't nail down any preference on Retro. It used to be that people had a preference for the classics around here, but as time has gone on there are fans of every variety, and more often than not I find that those who prefer the classics are now the minority.
  6. Just wanted to say just in case people aren't feeling comfortable in expressing their thoughts.

    I don't really care if you hate the 2000's games, Shadow or whoever. I really don't. But you can express those feelings with talking down to the people who do in fact like them very much.

    @Josh is pretty vocal about not liking that direction but nobody ever gives him shit over it (on this site at least) because he at least respects that his preferences are just different, and that's fine. Its ok to like different things, its not ok to make someone else feel bad for liking something different than you.

    Ita one thing when this is unintentional and people say things like "I'm glad these games are like this, and not those shitty games" when someone might like those shitty games.

    But when you intentionally make comments like "how can anyone like these shit games, their brains must be broken" you are provoking someone even if you think you aren't.

    Its all about language; read back some of the words and then ask yourself "would I want someone to talk to me like this if I was in the opposite position".......oh wait, there are a lot of Europeans and Americans on this site... oh....ahh, I see... I'm starting to understand now lol.

    That's kind of what happens when a fandom grows and older people leave it.

    But you know, this is still Sonic RETRO, so its not hard to see where and who this site is geared towards.
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    I just don't buy that logic, it's just a name. There is no test. I generally feel like I'm in the minority around here for preferring the classics. For that matter, "retro" is a subjective label, it's meaning anything before what is contemporary or current. I feel like most of the people on Retro don't prefer the classics, those people are generally now in our mid-30s, 40s, and beyond, with careers, families, and houses in disrepair. We aren't one of the couple dozen who live on here and take up 90% of the comments. Most of the people on Retro appear to be fans of Adventure to Generations; these are still "retro" by definition.
  8. MH MD

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    Frontiers may as well be an RPG :V
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    This is a nicely written and informative post. Although I don't think ambition and potential are things in themselves which are worth much if anything. It's a view which is fundamental to the way I see stories.

    To talk about something from your post which is especially relevant in relation to the topic of Frontiers...

    In regards to the characters, I just don't think they have ever been rich enough to carry the narrative. On the whole, Sonic isn't like, say, Persona, which also has a silly melodramatic plot but it's carried by the weight of its characters. I just don't think the character profiles, or crucially, the quality of the writing in character interactions, is up to par. If anything, I'd say Boom probably has some of the best character writing in the series because the characters speak to each other like people and have genuine chemistry. Character interactions have always been weak in Sonic and I think it's often overlooked.

    The best written Sonic story is easily Gamma in SA1, but that's a pretty funny example because it's exactly the opposite of what fans want in the stories. Minimalist, very light on dialogue, and mostly a lonely and solo affair with very few primary characters.

    I think the best written Sonic story along the lines of what fans want is probably SA2. Shadow is the closest the series has ever gotten to a character who is genuinely well fleshed out. He's the focus of the game, has a well-defined arc, and he serves as a decent contrast to the protagonist. SA2 has a really silly and dumb plot but Shadow is an okay to good character.

    Shadow also has some decent interactions with Sonic, even if the dialogue is atrocious. Rouge and Knuckles has a decent dynamic, as do Tails and Eggman. The character relationships are something which SA2 tried to develop, and it was an okay starting point. But it rarely really went anywhere after SA2.

    Frontiers seems to be giving a similar major focus to Sage as an antagonist, which is a promising start. It doesn't seem to be following in the mistakes of having a scattershot ensemble who are poorly developed like in most of the 2000s games. Although who knows. It does bother me that Eggman is also in the game seemingly doing something. It's very possible he could be some secondary antagonist and it's not well fleshed out and only detracts from Sage's story.

    I am also worried that Frontiers is following in the tradition of poor dialogue and character interactions. In the leaked scenes, everyone is speaking in a very functional matter. Sonic saying how he needs to go save people and Sage telling him to go away. Don't really get much personality from her. Pontac and Graff often got criticised (rightly) for melodramatic and cringey character banter. But they at least offered genuine character relationships where they hadn't really existed before but in rare examples. Going from that to stale and void characters is a step back if anything.
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    this except unironically
  11. And what is meant by this…? I genuinely can’t tell.

    I think you should probably take a step back if you’re getting this worked up, dude. No one likes when the things they like get called shit, but it’s not worth blowing up.
  12. I can't help how you feel, but that's the reality of it.

    I'm not aware of who most the old guard of this site were or what happened to them. But I am aware of this site's foundation and have been since when I was younger. Keep in mind I'm 29, not much younger than the demographics you described.

    Like you're technically right that stuff like Sonic Adventure is retro now too though. But most people who couldn't join this site when they were younger are able to now soooo.

    No I wasn't trying to imply anything by that.

    I'm just reminded that what may be considered rude to one person might fine to another. It's not the first time this subject came up is all. So I just had a realization is all.

    Sorry if I came off as more emotional than I intended. I'm just very long winded when I'm in my thoughts.

    That said, I'll step away for a bit. Not because I'm annoyed but I'd rather not derail this topic further.
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    Well let us not forget that Unleashed also had experience points and leveling systems, but everyone just focuses on the raw gameplay there. I think there's always something of a soft-cap to an overall genre being a game element instead of considering something a genre for having elements of it in there.

    I can probably call Frontiers a collectathon, for example, because it's very heavily focused on grabbing items in the open zones as well as accumulating keys from the Cyberspace levels to gradually work up the items to hit the major progression markers. But if the RPG stuff is just levels that rise for doing thing and a skill tree system for unlocking moves and abilities and nothing else beyond that, there is something of a point where one has to wonder if Frontiers can be called an Action RPG?
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    I don't mind the dark tone from the 2000's returning in Frontiers, mainly because that's about the only thing I like in the 2000's. To this day I hate playing SA2 (needless to say anything about Shadow and 06). Colors was what brought me back to the franchise despite the stupid story because I simply enjoy the gameplay.
  15. Ah. I was genuinely confused since your location says NY, so I didn’t expect you to just be shitting on Americans and Europeans lol. Just figured I’d clarify so you don’t end up getting trashed/banned/whatever.
  16. If there's one thing Frontiers makes me weary about. Its the combat.
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    New song is trash, honestly. The other one's better, and it wasn't great to start with.

    Also @Sonic5993 please stop double-posting within minutes of each other.
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    I loved Eggman in the classics because despite his bumbling appearance he was formidable. He was still taken seriously and he could use his oafish appearance to put your guard down for a little. The only thing that really kept me from taking him seriously is that I'm kicking his ass every two or three acts. I hope the antagonist of this game can have good presence without feeling diluted.

    Oh, and since I just got reminded, I like "Vandalize" a lot but don't really like the other song, whose name I can't even remember.
  19. Sorry about that, I'm used to my posts being merged.
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  20. Really? That's all?

    I haven't really been following too closely with Frontiers nor the communities' perception of it, but from what I have seen, it doesn't appear anything has been improved besides some of the animations.

    Movement still looks jank and unnatural. Cyber space level design looks automated and boring. World design is still literally just our world except with rails and other automated gimmicks spammed everywhere, and they're not even arranged in way that looks interesting to engage with. Uninteresting puzzle design. """""Style""""" over substance combat...

    It's the same game from what I have seen. I like the songs though, Vandalize more than the other.
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