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Sonic 3 HD

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Relick, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Mike Arcade

    Mike Arcade

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    The graphics look...okay, but nothing on the level of S2HD. I don't mind the idea of HD Remakes, after all SSF2THD was pretty damn good from what I heard and S2HD is looking to turn out wonderful!

    Personally I think it's too soon to have a Sonic 3 HD game anytime soon, but I suppose with a lot more pollish and editing the sprites more it will turn out a lot better.
  2. GerbilSoft


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    Consider implementing a screenshot function within the game. That way, you can have a hotkey assigned that takes the screenshot and saves it to a file directly, instead of having to take a screenshot of the window, then editing it in Paint to remove the window borders, then saving it.
  3. It gained nothing from the HD graphics, that's for sure. It was the balancing and speed tweaks that made it better. Otherwise it looked like really pretty cardboard cutouts fighting. Needed more frames of animation. Like this does.
  4. Tried the demo, it's kinda cool! Pretty much an echo of what everyone said though, fixing the engine up a bit, throw in some widescreen, more frames of animation, etc.

    I can understand why people are upset with this and Sonic 2 HD though, especially on Retro. I can't really speak for Sonic 2 HD, what I've seen on it looks neat, and so does this project. Just sayin' from an outside looking in perspective.
  5. TheKazeblade


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    Graphically, there's a few issues as I see. However, I'm sure that since this is just the beta that a lot of this will be remedied.

    •The grass (or moss?) is looking much more dull next to the original, primarily because of the less-saturated tones you used. I don't mind the color, but you just have light and dark, and I think it would do well to have a highlight color added.

    •I really like the background, specifically the smaller trees. However, the tall ones with the gradient seem out of place. Also, the blur on the furthest layer of trees seems very immediate and sort of cheap... I would advise removing it, or making it a little less obvious.

    •There's no parallax scrolling in the background. This really sticks out and I think that the overall presentation would be extremely improved if it becomes utilized.

    •The flippy-vines. They just look cheaply made with gradients, and I echo the previous statement of switching up the original art style of them and going with a look that's different. It would really help!

    •Sonic's model. Like the grass (and everything else here, for that matter) could use highlights. You have the regular color and the shadows, but no highlights and for sake of contrast, it would improve the look overall.

    Generally, I would say you should avoid gradients, but there are ways to make them work. They're not really working here, and I would encourage you to look into alternate shading techniques and come back to gradients if no others suit your needs. The way they're being utilized is a bit blatant and it sticks out like a sore thumb, undermining the up-scaling you've done in general.

    In summary, less gradients, more highlights, nix or reduce the distance blur. Additionally, hoping the framerate will be improved, and more frames added to Sonic's animation. I'll keep an eye on this, as I'll be curious to see how this shapes up.
  6. SF94


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    To be honest, this seems like "Gradients Everywhere: The Game", and I really dislike most of what I've seen so far. Sonic's sprites in particular are very awkward looking. Surely it has some sort of potential, but at the moment, it's not very good looking. I can't say much about the engine at the moment though, as this clearly won't run on an iPad. =S
  7. Sparks


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    Wow, from what I've been seeing, this was way too much of a WIP to have been publicly released yet. It could use a lot more polish.

    It doesn't seem like there's enough contrast on.. just about anything. HD doesn't equal to gradients either. I think the problem is you guys are trying to recreate S3K based on what the sprites and tiles appeared to be, rather than what they actually were. I also stand by the other critique that's already been mentioned (repetitive tiles, non-HD tiles, making an HD Sonic fan game in your own stylized appearance, etc.).

    I also don't see the point of yet another HD remake when said resources could go to something.. more original. Considering the work ethic being shown here, I think you guys might be better off doing that.
  8. RetroKoH


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    It looks nice, but to be honest... I'm not really a fan of any HD project unless it's done in 3d (or 2.5D as it were...) I'd like to see BlobVanDam's video brought to a full project... I liked what I did see though, I gave it a chance, at least... but I don't think I'll be following this too closely. Nice work though! :)
  9. Vinchenz


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    I echo what others say and think HD Remakes are a waste of time.

    But really, if this were a finished product, I wouldn't mind playing it. :P

    It's looking OK. I know you guys only had 3 months to work on it which is not too shabby. Give it a year now and lets see what its like!
  10. Relick


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    Well, we've taken all your advice and are going to scrap all the work we've done and start again.

    So, how's this for a better Sonic? We haven't tried the 3D capture yet but this is the direction we are heading if the 3D thing fails:

    I shouldn't really be posting every single frame we do but you guys seemed quite bothered with Sonic's colours and shading, and he's pretty important :P
  11. TheKazeblade


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    Can't really say I think this works... again, there's no highlights, and the shadows are looking a little muddy. Something about the eyes seems a bit derpy...? I'm no sprite artist, but it seems a bit off. I would definitely darken the shadows a bit, though.
  12. dsrb


    Someone already mentioned this on the Sonic picture on Facebook, but: he looks too happy, having been redesigned to look meaner in S3&K. And I'm not sure about the eyes. The colouring and shading aren't bad, though.

    You scrapped everything? Maybe that's a bit of a dramatic reaction, but it depends. What sort of look (levels, not Sonic obviously) are you going for now? Flat 2D, 2.5D, renders?
  13. Miles Prower

    Miles Prower

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    Bleh, .Net and XNA. Might take a while before I find something that could run this crap, and then try out your efforts.
  14. winterhell


    We didnt exactly scrap the whole art, but are taking notes and will see what we can improve and will likely increase the resolution of the stuff as most of it is vectorized anyway.
    We are unlikely to transition this project to 3D graphics as it may have similar requirements to Fan Remix or Generations and a lot of people wont be able to play smoothly.
  15. ICEknight


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    ...That sprite looks way too off-model. I'd try redoing it while paying attention at the original artwork, if you guys don't want to pull an Earthworm Jim HD.
  16. Relick


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    We decided to replace most because we want it to be good. There's no point posting it up, and ignoring everyone's views. Besides, we've got a good few ideas from what you guys were saying so the next version should be much better.

    ICEknight can you point out which bits are off-model? It would definitely help in making it right.
  17. ICEknight


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    ...Most of his head. Only the back of his spines seems on-model.
  18. jasonchrist


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    Making a HD copy of Sonic 3s sprite doesn't really work for one very good reason... it looks like shit. It bears very little resemblance to the official artwork around at that time, which the Sonic 1/2/CD sprites kinda did. The MASSIVE fists and feet, along with the spastic face go beyond ridiculous.

    What you could do is base your sprite on the classic artwork, forget about the Sonic 3 look and work to recreate the Sonic 3 poses. Kinda like what Generations did with Sonic's waiting sprite which incorporated the waiting animations from all the classics.
  19. Selbi


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    Isn't it funny how a community project that started a couple of years ago doesn't get shit done (Sonic 2 HD), while something like this takes about half a year and already has so much appealing progress? Good job, looking forward to it!
  20. Relick


    C++/DX10 Engine (not sonic related)
    I'm sure they are getting tons of stuff done, just behind the scenes.

    EDIT: In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were almost finished with the game.