Retro-bit announce new/official Sega controllers

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    I'm also interested in this. If I want a 6 button usb MD pad, should I get the Retro-bit ones or get a Jap/Asian MD mini for the included pads (or are they all the same?)
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    I don't know about Mega Drive Mini but I certainly wouldn't recommend their USB offerings until they fix the firmware on them, which clearly isn't in their interest.

    They forced Switch macros which make button combinations like A+Start undoable. I was in email contact with someone there and they said developers were on the case but it doesn't appear they have released any firmware specific to the wired controllers yet.

    So earlier in the year I sold my six button Mega Drive controller on eBay and later on was lucky enough to get a Saturn SLS USB controller at a really good price, very close to what I paid for the MD USB controller.

    So yeah, if you want a USB controller for PC, I'd certainly recommend keeping an eye out on good prices for SLS controllers. Not all sellers are offering them at expensive prices now.
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    Massive bump, but they actually released an update regarding the Analog Saturn/Dreamcast controllers last month.

    They've been delayed due to "various factors such as manufacturing shortages such as IC chips". Unfortunate, but to be expected considering how there's a shortage all around with components it seems.
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    Delayed is better than cancelled. If they space the sticks out more on the Saturn one so they don't clack together when you push them both inward, it'll be probably my favorite controller ever. Dreamcast one is a little weird, the improvements they've made to it are probably gonna leave it feeling kind of like a mix between the actual controller and the vastly superior Saturn 3D pad, which I wish they were remaking instead lol
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    So... What's the button order in those?
  6. How do you find out the button order? I have both the original USB SLS pad and the wireless (not Bluetooth) Retrobit Saturn pad and can check. I’ll even check the Virtua Stick (which is almost definitely the same as the SLS pad).


    Somebody already answered for the SLS controller, so I'll do the Retrobit:

    A = 3
    B = 2
    C = 8
    X = 4
    Y = 1
    Z = 7
    L = 5
    R = 6
    Home = 13
    Select = 9
    Start = 10
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    Looking at the game controller properties in Windows:
    A = 1
    B = 2
    C = 3
    X = 4
    Y = 5
    Z = 6
    Rewind = 7
    Fast Ford = 8
    Start = 9

    I don't own the Retro-bit pad any more, this is only the button order for the USB SLS pad, so can't help with that.