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Favorite Sonic game, and why?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by nullaccnt, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Mobiethian


    I believe that I said this before, but the time is right to say it again; All of the S2 emeralds can be collected by the end of EHZ Act 2 if you master each one without losing any (and finding all of the lamposts). It's nice to have Super Sonic in EHZ without doing the cheats. (yay 300th post!)
  2. Vendettagainst


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    That's only in S2K, because in normal Sonic 2 after 3 lampposts the rest stop working (Or, it's happened to me.)
  3. OSM


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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Pure, simple, platforming speedy fun, and it has yet to wear away or age horribly. It's still fresh after all these years, and it's always going to be my absolute favorite game ever.
  4. Malpass


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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis). The music is bloody awesome, the level layouts are fantastic and the bosses are interesting. Still not reached either Super Sonic or Death Egg yet though.
  5. Overlord


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    No. There's a trick to it - there's a set order for the lamp posts that if you go out of step with, it activates others previously in the sequence... look, it's easier to explain in diagram form:


    4 star posts. If you activate them in numerical order, you get 4 chances at the special stage. If on the other hand, you activate post 1, then 2, then 4 and miss 3, 3 becomes activated by default and you're unable to use it. Get it?
  6. Vendettagainst


    Apparently shooting kills things Member
    Oh. That makes sense. I guess I never figured that one out, my bad.
  7. Mobiethian


    Exactly. And there's two right next to each other at the end of EHZ Act 2, the next to the last one is tricky, since it is above ground on a platform. You have to put maneuvers into play to reach it. Otherwise it will become activated as soon as you touch the lamppost before Robotnik.
  8. Yash


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    Well, you can miss one of them. There are eight goal posts between EHZ 1 and 2.
  9. Mobiethian


    Eight? I never knew that.. must be one somewhere that I haven't found before.

    EDIT: There is 8 wow. Found one more way high up in Act 2 that I never found in the past.
  10. Nik Jam

    Nik Jam

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    I love Sonic CD, the music, the time travel concept, the story... but S3&K has the better gameplay, the better special stages and the better bosses. So it's a tossup.
  11. Ravenfreak


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    Hmm my favorite sonic game would have to be S3K. Why? Because the soundtrack, the graphics are much better than the S1 and S2 graphics, and the storyline. Plus the ability to become Hyper Sonic, and the glitches. xP
  12. muteKi


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    Basically this. However, I still think that overall I would have to say I generally preferred Sonic 3K. Sometimes I like its art better, and it's kinda nice to play the game without OMG PRECISION breathing down your neck, the pressure to run through the stage perfectly in time attack. However, I like the idea of having a bunch of shorter levels that CAN be replayed like that with an aim on precision in general. Trying to time attack a stage is more fun if you have to reset because you choke at the end of what's at most a 2-3 minute level rather than a 5-10 minute one.

    I guess the difference between the two is that in Sonic CD I am unabashedly playing a video game (because the layouts don't really feel tied into the environments the way that S3K's are in my opinion) that sees itself as a game with no other pretensions; by comparison, with Sonic 3K, I am exploring a large continent and in the process going from one place to another. I think the second one gives more immediate replay value, but THAT RUN OF PALMTREE PANIC COULD BE .20 SECONDS FASTER I MUST TRY TO GET THE TOP TIME ON IT comes to mind for me for Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure having played both as extensively. Which one's going to be more rewarding to play through at this point? Sonic CD. Which one has been consistently more fun up until recent time, where I've found nearly everything and there's not a lot to make playing the game a new experience, which is its main draw? Sonic 3K.

    I should Sonic 3K has those nice, simple, and fast 2-player stages to tickle that sort of fancy. A fun thing to quickly time attack, though I can't get under 18 seconds for Azure Lake or 28 seconds for Desert Palace. Yet. I WILL SOMEDAY SUCCEED (and this is where replay value comes in).

    Sonic 2 has wonderfully cheap traps in the later levels (the mantis blades in Metropolis particularly come to mind), while the earlier ones are too dull and beaten far too quickly; perhaps this is because I've played them too many times but they just don't interest me much and are too short without rewarding precision the way Sonic CD's levels do. In addition, the method to reaching the special stages -- as I try to get the emeralds as fast as possible -- is particularly awkward since you can't hold onto your rings in the normal version of the game (lock-on version is, of course, better in this regard). Everything that Sonic 2 did, Sonic 3K improved on, except perhaps maintaining as strong a basis in the artistic styles that influenced Sonic's original design. EHZ feels awkwardly proportioned when not played in 2-P interlaced mode; it seems designed with it in mind. Oh, and my version of Sonic 2 has that godawful Super Sonic glitch, which I always end up triggering because I guess I'm an idiot who doesn't learn these things. Still, annoying.

    I still enjoy Sonic 1 because there are traps that require skill like good control and timing (over trap memorization in some of the later parts of S2), which is probably due to the fact that I didn't play it as much as the other games when I was younger and thus have fewer ingrained memories of it. I suspect that if I continued to do so I'd get bored of it. In any case I can usually get through the game with all the emeralds at this point so there's not a lot new to me. Since a couple of the levels are fairly linear (Labyrinth and Marble, you do a good job of testing skill but there is very little to do when playing either of you to try to mix it up with). I have to say I prefer Sonic CD over Sonic 1 because it also requests precision on the part of the player frequently, while still producing speed in nearly every level, and offering a general improvement over the original's art stylings while still basically maintaining the core elements of its style. Both Sonic 1 and Sonic CD have larger, more detailed background elements than the other two, something I like.

    (Oh, and by the way, Sonic 3D's version of that special stage would have been good if Sonic didn't control like shit.)
  13. Iceguy


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    Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive
    I heaps love this game. It's got awesome, fitting music which is great to listen to even outside the game, the level designs are very good, and the gameplay style speaks for itself. And the Special Stages are fun. Heaps fun.

    Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies' Island for the SEGASATURN SHIRO!!!11
    You collect Flickies while running through wonderful, fun zones and listening to great music. And on top of all, it's Sonic. What more can you wish for?

    Knuckles' Chaotix for the Extremely popular Sega 32X
    I don't see why are people hating this game so much. Each character has their own ability, the "use your partner" gameplay is innovative and fun, and the Special Stages provide heaps of fun while pushing the console's capabilities to the max.

    Sonic Adventure DX for the Almighty Personal Computer
    Some of the levels' designs are simply genius, since multiple characters are using them, and they don't get repetitive. Six characters with their own gameplay style adds much variety to this game. And the Chao Garden provides endless fun and replay value to this game. And I love the music. The only faults of this game are the horrible voice acting of the English cast, and the sometimes wonky camera.

    Sonic Heroes for the PC
    While this isn't the best game in the history of video game industry, I still love it because of the music and slightly wonky gameplay. And maybe the fact that it resembles Sonic 2 so much got me hooked to this game so much. The flaws of this game are mostly the voice acting and a few bugs.

    Sonic Advance 3 for the Game Boy Advance
    I just love this game. The "use your partner" gameplay style returns (although in a different way than in Chaotix), giving the game quite some replay value, considering that there are 20 possible combinations of characters, and every combo has their own moves/abilities.

    ...perhaps I've got too many favourites.
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