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Do you think a Sonic Adventure Remake is a good idea?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Snub-n0zeMunkey, Oct 11, 2019.

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    I'm on the opposite end of it. Getting into the special stage was usually a good test of level knowledge and while I don't like every special stage Sonic Mania and Sonic 3 had pretty satisfying arcade style bonus games that felt like you could master them in the same way you could the base gameplay. When the series dropped the entire mechanical side of things, even the alternate dimension angle and just made them like every other macguffin they felt a lot more disposable. You might as well actually just throw the dragon balls in there.

    I'm not a huge advocate for your access to the last chapter being tied to minigames, fun as I think it is, but associating them with some kind of challenge is better than doing nothing imo.
  2. Mr. Cornholio

    Mr. Cornholio

    I didn't exactly mind the Emeralds being 'out in the open' in Adventure 1's case. It was the series' first (successfully released) fully 3D foray and the emphasis on story/lite RPG elements probably made them difficult to squeeze in. Chaos also plays a pretty integral role in the story and a lot of the story centers around Chaos grabbing the Emeralds before the heroes, which ends up giving Chaos some sort of cool transformation.

    From a gameplay standpoint, this transformation usually results in a pretty fun boss fight that feels completely mechanically different from the previous Chaos form before it (and some are exclusive to a particular character's route). It's also a more visually interesting payoff slowly watching Chaos physically alter into larger forms and become less human-esque in design, whereas the later 3D titles that rely on the Emeralds to drive the narrative don't have such a 'visual payoff'. The Eclipse Cannon in Adventure 2 is essentially useless until the villains obtain all 7 Emeralds. While the Eclipse Cannon is briefly used prior to this, the threat that provides is...pretty quickly downplayed (and essentially non-existent on the Dark Route - the game just kinda jumps to Eggman pounding on a computer with some exposition explaining why he's upset).

    Assuming they ever did do an Adventure remake, I'd go the full re-imagining route just because I think tweaking the script could allow for a 'Chaos 3' or maybe the potential for the story scripts to slightly divert depending on player action, which might drive up replay value on the shorter campaigns perhaps. Something like a silly dialog tree and that determining who fights who in something like the leadup to Chaos 4 might be fun, but that's me just kinda spitballing ideas and less 'Would this actually be fun in execution'.

    I'd argue doing all the Stories was sort of the 'challenge' Sonic Team had in mind in Adventure 1 and 2's case. You have to master a new gameplay style in the former, at least. Adventure 2 I guess doesn't really force you to master a new gameplay style, but rather asks you participate in all of the regular gameplay stages before it let's you see the real finale.
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    That sounds really rough, I'm so sorry you went through that! I wish more devs would make it a priority to include photosensitivity options in their games.
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    I actually do agree with you in regards to the dimension angle. I absolutely love how there were these weird places that are connected to the emeralds, it's so distinct. Maybe there can be a nice middle ground, like the characters travelling to the strange dimensions to further the story, instead of being optional minigames. No limits for level gimmicks, too.
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    i saw soned2 supports chaotix five minutes ago
    Thank you! but for what its worth, its been happening long enough that its just sadly something i accept being the case a lot of the time. i am just at least glad that on pc a lot of the time i can refund a game if it's something i can't play (and seemingly can do that on xbox too).

    i also have a blue lighter filter on my glasses which helps, and i try to be in a well lit room + adjust the brightness and contrast on my tv and monitor to be much lower, so that i can handle things. it's manageable, but unfortunately if i'm hit with something really bad visually, it's enough to take me out for the entire day with the world's worst migraine or even worse.

    i also try to avoid interacting with any possibly visually intense media (video games, shows/movies) if i'm feeling really tired as that greatly puts me at far more risk. if i have a migraine, or if im sleepy but still want to do something before going to bed, i'll usually just read on my kindle instead (e-ink really is amazing for when you have a migraine).

    it'd be nice to see more publishers push for better qol and photosensitivity features in gaming (microsoft and nintendo are both really good at it, fwiw), and it is good to see that sega are at least making changes to the gamegear games in Origins Plus and i hope they continue to do more.
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    I'm all for accessibility options for photosensitive people, but please make them optional. What Sega did with the Game Gear games is not the way to go.
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    i saw soned2 supports chaotix five minutes ago
    Yeah what I’m calling for is 100% optional ways to make the game more bearable but also allowing the original game to be present too.