Complimenting Sonic and the Black Knight

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    I hear people say that. For some reason people seem to love the story
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    I believe it's actually the "turning Super Sonic" motion. :V

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    I don't necessarily love it, but it was the first time in a game that it shackled Sonic to a sensei type character and it was a dynamic that I think worked really well for him. Most of his interactions with the sword are just like a smart-ass kid talking back to teacher and it was a lot more endearing than the "okay buddy!" way he usually talks to everyone.
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    I think the Black Knight looks cool, even though he doesn't fit at all in a Sonic game. The whole art style has this kind of pseudo Final Fantasy thing going on and I find it really funny, but it is kind of charming. I even like the look of Merlina, as dumb as she is as a character. To be fair, I think Secret Rings had a good artsyle too, even if it was completely out of left field.

    A lot of people nowadays rage on about the story: even someone like @Boxer Hockey can see some praise in it! But while I do accept that Sonic is a bit more chilled out and likable in it than he sometimes can be more recently, I don't think he's a very interesting character either. He's basically just this cliche hero. He's annoying in Colors and Lost World, but at least he has more to his character.

    And the actual plot I think is just really dumb, but I have to admit it's a been over a decade since I played or watched it. I just remember the game fake ending halfway through and then having a hilarious plot twist with Merlina turning into a villain out of nowhere. It says a lot about how bad Sonic stories are that people can think a game with such a dumb plot with hardly any foreshadowing is a highlight.

    I think the plot twist in Secret Rings was a lot more believable in terms of Shahra betraying Sonic at the end to get back with Erazor Djin, even if it also came out of nowhere. At least that was something relatable. Merlina trying to end the ruin of her kingdom is just faintly convoluted and ridiculous to me, because if I remember correctly she only mentions she sees disaster awaiting the kingdom upon betraying you. But I get people have different perspectives on this kind of thing.

    But while I think the story is really bad, I do think it's really funny in a kind of Sonic Forces way, which is better than the boredom of, say, the stories of Generations or Lost World.