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Can you name these Sega musicians and composers?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by cartridgeculture, Dec 13, 2021.

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    Hello!! I've come across a few group photos of Sega-related composers and musicians for which we still need to identify the individual developers pictured. If you know the name of any of these Sega-related people, please let us know here! Thanks for all your help putting names to our favorite musicians :)

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    KOICHI NAMIKI has a red/black guitar, usually has a mustache, and wears glasses.

    S.S.T. BAND:


    Who is the person to the right of Koichi Namiki?






    Who is the person to the right of Koichi Namiki?
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    First pic (and third) is the line up when they reformed in the 2010s as Blind Spot.

    Top Row: Takeji (Jouji) Iijima - GALAXY (Guitar), Akiji (Shoji) Morito (Keyboard), Hisanori Kumamaru - SPLASH (Drums), Masato Saito - TURBO (Bass)
    Bottom Row: Kimitaka Matsumae - HARRIER (Keyboard), Koichi Namiki - MICKEY/PRETTY K.N (Guitar)

    Morito was a new recruit, taking the place previously filled by Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Hiro) and later Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, and not a part of the original SST lineup.

    Pretty sure it's Mitsuyoshi 4th in line at the back in the 4th pic.
    (In order, Kumamaru, Namiki, Ijima, Mitsuyoshi, Saito, and Matsumae in front)

    In the 8th pic (red jackets) it's probably Shingo Komori (BURNER) on bass, Hiro playing one of the keyboards, and Katsuhiro Hayashi (FUNKY K.H) playing the other (although it might be Matsumae instead of Hayashi - Kinda hard to make out faces on that one with them all wearing shades and being kinda low res).

    Sachio Ogawa also played bass for SST earlier in the band's formation, but as Iijima is on guitar in the pic, that dates it to about 1989 after Ogawa left. That would also mean Takehiko Tanabe was playing drums there, not that you can see.

    (Edit: Just noticed there's a date burned into it, it IS 1989... Doh)
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