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Oct 12, 2010
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Apr 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
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Emerald Hunter, Male, 40, from France

Tech Member
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Jul 17, 2019 at 11:07 PM
    1. thesonicmaster12
      YYou Should Make Sonic CD Heroes..
    2. ChelseaCatGirl
      Re: Why thanks, by the way, Psi and I worked on the Sonic 3 Amy sprites, and the Tornado is from Sonic 3, but you knew that already.
    3. ChelseaCatGirl
      *Replying to Heh thanks; you are slightly late in that I had contacted E-122-Psi earlier and he had sent the sprites to me; but I appreciate the intention.*
      You're welcome, and that's alright. So what do you think of the sprite of Amy in the Tornado? (Not the one I ripped from Amy in Sonic 2, but the Sonic 3 ones)
    4. ChelseaCatGirl
    5. kram1024
      what is this supposed to mean?
      > > >s2.asm(86827) ALIGN(1) CNOP(4) ORG(18) WHILE 128780/1: error: address overflow
      > > > db 0
    6. ChelseaCatGirl
      *Replying to "On my profile page."*
      OK thanks, I hope I can find it there.
    7. ChelseaCatGirl
      *Replying to "That is a good question; I can find no option to disable or enable the button, so it should have been there... "*
    8. ChelseaCatGirl
      Sure thing flamewing, by the way, where's the button on your profile which says I can add you?
    9. Thojoewhit2
      I like your sonic hack but I cant post can you help?
    10. ChelseaCatGirl
      Hi flamewing, I'm Chelsea, and I love your Sonic 2 Heroes hack! I played it, and it's so much fun! Maybe we can be friends?
    11. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      Yes, I want them in bin for the S3K to S1 SMPS Converter.
    12. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      Hey, I see your asm'ed S3D songs with the driver are in asm. Can you make them in bin? I might need them for something I'm testing out.
    13. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      Yes it is.
    14. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      Well, I get an error like D.A. Garden, but it's that it can't read the ASM song file's commands.
    15. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      S3 Complete, and all I get is the assembly terminated error when I try to replacing a song with the new song asm file. Did I do anything wrong?
    16. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      In a S3&K disassembly, I meant.
    17. Karate Cat
      Karate Cat
      Hi, I'm here to ask. How do you get the SMPS2ASM and improved S&K Driver working in a disassembly, I did everything that it said in the topic, and I get errors. If you know how, please reply. :)
    18. Ghaleonh41
      Just downloaded the new version of Sonic 2 Heroes and I'm loving the changes. Unfortunately, I ran into 2 glitches while using the Super Sonic cheat:
      1. Near the end of Emerald Hill Act 2, Sonic keeps moving in a slant instead of along the ground.
      2. Somehow I got stuck in one of the slot machines in Casino Night.
      Finally, do you plan on adding the ability ...
    19. DualKeyblade
      Hey man, I downloaded the last release of your Sonic 2 Heroes, and I saw in your current projects that you are making the Sonic 3&K Heroes, I hope that game to be as great as Sonic 2 Heroes ;D
      PD: Sorry if I have bad english, I'm Spanish -.-
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    Apr 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
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    I am a Brazilian guy with a masters degree in Physics and working on a Computer Science degree. I have been programming in one way or another since I was 12, back in the old DOS days.<br />
    <br />
    I am incapable of doing something unless I can do it well -- I either start obsessing about it and waste a lot of time becoming good at it, or I drop it altogether and move on to something else.

    In no order: physics, computers and computer programming, reverse engineering, Ultima, Sonic, TASes, atheism, skepticism